Alix Mayer: “Covid Shot Regret” – People are Waking Up as Knowledge is Accumulated Worldwide

publicerad 3 september 2021
- av Aga Wilson
Alix Mayer and Aga Wilson, press photos

COVID SHOT REGRET. Alix Mayer from Children's Health Defense says many doctors and private citizens are waking up to the risks with the covid injections. It's called "Covid Shot Regret" a condition that follows serious adverse reactions to the jabs and the assimilation of knowledge about the facts about the "mRNA-vaccines".

Interview by Aga Wilson, Free Voice | Text and video editing by Torbjorn Sassersson | Photo of Alix Mayer in the article and video: Bay Area Lyme Foundation | Please feel free to donate to Aga Wilson's Free Voice and/or NewsVoice

Alix Mayer is the president of the California division of Children's Health Defense (CHD) and also serves on the board of the national CHD group. She describes the New York and California states as the biggest battlegrounds in their work for children's medical safety.

In this interview with Aga Wilson from NewsVoice, the subject is the adverse reactions of the covid jabs now plaguing the world. Wilsons says we probably never had so many serious adverse reactions to a medical treatment ever before and she adds, the debate about it is almost non-existent, at least in the main society.

Reported Adverse Reactions - The Tip of the Iceberg

Alix Mayer explains the purpose of the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS). By August 20:th over 30,000 Americans either have died or suffered from permanent disabilities due to covid injections and there are a total of 623,343 incidents where people have suffered from adverse reactions. Mayer says probably only 1% of all reactions are documented. It's just the tip of the iceberg that is reported. It can be over 1 million deaths as a result of the mass vaccinations so far, she says.

Mayer points out that VAERS only picks up adverse reactions close in time to the injections and therefore nobody knows the mid-term and long-term effects of the investigational vaccines as the industry calls the injections. In reality, they are experimental.

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When animals were tested with vaccines for SARS and MERS they suffered from severe infections and liver failure when exposed to the viruses they were vaccinated for. Also, kids have died in human studies when they were exposed in the natural environment to the viruses they were previously vaccinated for.

Now we have "vaccines" that are not really vaccines in the first place but investigational i.e. experimental mRNA-jabs that force the body to produce both spike proteins and antibodies for these proteins, Mayer explains.

The consequence of these human trials is two conditions after the injections. They may cause Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and a subsequent cytokine storm, a massive inflammatory condition that may be deadly. The other condition is Pathogenic Priming which is like autoimmune disease and if a person suffers from both ADE and Pathogenic Priming the outcome may be devastating.

Another mid or long-time effect has to do with prions disease an incurable condition that leads to certain death. A person with prions in the brain may be incorrectly diagnosed with early Alzheimer's disease, Mayer says.

She continues to say that many side effects of vaccines in the pre-covid times have been diagnosed with a variety of other non-related diseases such as lupus, allergy, asthma, MS, ALS, or Parkinson's but they might all be vaccine injuries. The scariest things now are reports about blood clotting and heart diseases in young people, Mayer says, and the risks they are taking don't make sense since the risk of dying of Covid-19 is almost zero for kids and teenagers.

"Covid Shot Regret" - Many People and Doctors are Waking Up

Alix Mayer reveals that many doctors are contacting CHD and want to discuss the issues with the kids, that they are waking up to the facts and she says around 50% of the medical staff in many clinics in the San Fransisco area have not taken the jabs. "So they know. They are seeing it." Many people also have what is called "covid shot regret" and they get into this "condition" when they either have an adverse reaction or manage to gather more information and understanding of the risks they are taking.

Mayer says that the covid shots could be regarded as a binary weapon where the second shot is when you get re-exposed and she has already explained the risk of re-exposure. "In my opinion. It can be like a delayed kill cyanide pill". She also says that the spike proteins themselves are poisons.

One problem we still face is denial even though there is an increasing level of covid shot regret as experience is accumulated worldwide. Very few doctors have the ability to change their minds and accept they unknowingly have been part of genocide, Mayer explains.

Interview by Aga Wilson, Free Voice | Text and video editing by Torbjorn Sassersson | Photo of Alix Mayer in the article and video: Bay Area Lyme Foundation | Please feel free to donate to Aga Wilson's Free Voice and/or NewsVoice