Becoming Aware of Healthy Detoxing – Interview with Cristina Azcárate

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publicerad 21 oktober 2021
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Cristina Azcárate

HEALTH & LIFESTYLE. The word “toxic” must surely have jumped the ladder of the most used words in 2021. News about toxicity around the world reaches us on all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual. Who hasn’t heard of a lake full of toxins, or a toxic personality? The other day I even heard someone say that a person had a “toxic relationship with a God”. Search for toxicity and you’ll see that Google presents a multitude of toxicities in our lives.

By Sofia Grönlund

Add the news these days, and the future can seem pretty somber, so when I met Cristina Azcárate, a childhood friend of mine, whom I had not seen for some 30 years she delighted me with the historic perspective and said that it’s never been better in history. Never before have we realized so quickly how a few try to use their power to convince the world about medical decisions. In the end, it’s all about awareness, as it’s the start to do something about it.

Cristina Azcárate steered away from her corporate job as a strategist on the top floors at Telia Mobile and re-schooled. Now she’s an Ayurvedic and Orthomolecular medical practitioner, who together with her partners do workshops and retreats. They started Olive Retreat 2011 in Spain (also see the O•live blog).

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Today they work online and have a very interesting venue in Thailand they call the Oshram. A place that is not an ancient wooden house and not a modern fad either. It’s very pragmatic in that it’s a venue that serves the purpose of living 100% outdoors and minimalistically. It looks more like a… hmm… garage in the middle of the jungle, with wild animals from the neighboring nature reserve roaming freely.

Thailand beach. Foto: Oğuz Şerbetci. Licens:
A Thailand beach. Photo: Oğuz Şerbetci. License:

From there they perform body-mind-soul detoxes and live as integrated with nature as possible, with not even a fingerprint of an environmental load. So when we caught up the other day, I had to ask about the connection between all this current toxicity in the world and the detoxes they perform. Need I say, she took me through the most amazing journey.

Going into the body and the soul, and through the woods to the unknown world of Fungi, which she spoke about as if it was her new love. But before anything I needed to understand what toxic really means.

Cristina, what is toxic for us, at the core level of the word?

From an etymological point of view, the word comes from ancient Greek (τοξικόν (toxikón, “poison for arrows”), from τοξικός (toxikós, “pertaining to bows”), from τόξον (tóxon, “bow”).

Basically, it means an arrow, in the sense that it’s something that harms you. Often the arrows had poison on the edge and from there the word appeared. It came with the awareness of human-produced toxins, hence poison, in the mid-1800s during the industrial revolution.

It was also the time we started dumping it all over the place, “in the name of progress”, and we haven’t stopped. Already back then we saw how indigenous people complained and tried to save their forests, themselves, and their animals. They used herbs and some also used mushrooms to heal.

In Sweden, there is a great herbal heritage from ancient treatments such as the ancient Sami heritage, but it was a bit too cold in Lappland where they lived to find mushrooms. The Vikings lived in the south, but they don’t seem to have been very fond of them, maybe because some of the mushrooms found in the Swedish woods are dangerous, like Gallerina Marginata (gifthätting in Swedish).

Today the word toxic refers to everyone and everything that steals your life force, in Ayurveda this is called Prana, and in Chinese medicine Qi. So the opposite would be anything that gives you a higher life force. A toxic lifestyle could be to do and eat things that do not provide any energy but rather steal energy from you, Cristina explains.

Is it even possible to avoid toxicity in life then? As of today we do seem to have a multidimensional toxic world.

Well, I don’t think we should avoid it. Most of it is produced for a good cause. It’s through toxicity and what we call “bad” that we learn and can change it. It’s the fundamental law of evolution. We are confronted with toxicity in life to evolve. If you identify something that drains your energy you might benefit from limiting it.

Sometimes I tell my students to get off their yoga mats and do something about the problems they face, not just cope with them. Meditation, yoga, and other practices are not the solutions. It’s a great remedy to cope and become aware of it, to not engage in it, but to evolve we need more action.

Take the news for example which brings many down today. If it brings you down you’ll feel it because you are connected to your body, maybe through a practice of yoga and meditation, but it won’t change the news.

My recommendation is to know the signals of your body because many people feel much stronger through action than no action. It’s a cliche to not take action or to “stonewall” all the bad stuff that is going on. That’s stagnation, not evolution. Only oneself can feel their limits and that’s what we teach our clients to do, through marvelous systems to become aware of oneself and to heal.

However here is the key thing – everyone is different.  Therefore we can’t apply one-size-fits-all, we need different detoxes and different limits. In Ayurveda, we use the classifications of the “Doshas” to help.

What is a Dosha?

Ayurveda acknowledges that we are all different and that one-fits-all doesn’t work. We use the system of Doshas to individualize remedies and treatments based on our metabolism and personalities. A good practitioner can determine your Dosha through the pulse and by looking at you.

However, it’s often mistaken by one’s imbalance so make sure you learn more about it before you choose a remedy.

Speaking about imbalance, how do we know when we have “had enough” of something?

The method is to feel. When you can’t take more negative news, you’ve probably already started to breathe in your upper lungs, maybe you feel your gut getting acidic or your shoulders creeping up in protection mode. If so, you first notice it, then you can stop watching the news, or at least limit it to the time of the day you feel stronger.

This goes with relationships too, so if you feel the warning signals in your body you should find friends with whom you don’t feel the same stress. That’s the first way to work with a mental detox, but it’s not the best way as you will always have to monitor yourself, always be alert and sensitive.

That’s why we start with the body detox including the brain, which is where we create and feel the chemistry of stress. The feeling is the alert system, it’s not the problem and our tolerance can be much higher when we have detoxed our body.

So, what is actually a body detox in your perspective?

It’s to understand what our body is – it’s very important – and then give it what it needs to be just that, and to thrive in being it. Needless to say, we aren’t going to recommend petrochemical-derived medication, Cristina says and smiles before she continues. We so gladly seem to put dangerous substances in and on our body without blinking in order to feel, smell or look in a way someone in a marketing department has decided we should smell or look like as humans.

It’s for sure not natural and a good mental exercise is to ask oneself why we as only animals detest fellow humans’ smell and want them to smell of roses? Basically, everything that has been invented and derived from petroleum, which is almost all non-organic chemistry, is foreign to our body and will make our Prana lower.

Nothing that destroys the body, or nature for that matter, could possibly be progress, can it? It’s short-term profiteering by those who entitled themselves to take – bodies, air, water, trees and so – more than they need and some even collect it but never use it. A cotton T-shirt takes 100 liters of water to produce and who doesn’t have too many?

A beef farmer has used 100 times more land to give us 1 kg of protein than the soy or corn the farmer gave it to fatten up. It’s not its natural feed. This is the real problem behind the waste of our environment.

In mental detox, it’s a good exercise to take a month and not buy anything we don’t really need. It fundamentally changes anyone who tries it and we become more insensitive to the facts but more aware of the facts. Eating more plants does too.

Now, having said that, not everything that is natural or organic enhances the life force either. There are plenty of toxic berries and mushrooms in the woods, but far many more toxic substances in a modern lifestyle are man-made, such as household and cosmetic chemicals that we inhale or ingest, even medication is considered healthy yet they come with a huge cost.

Actually, they are the third cause of death in the US and EU, probably higher now with the Covid jab. We’ll see when the real numbers are publicized. In any case, it’s all possible to detox, and the sooner the better using the right mushrooms and herbs for each individual body.

Talking about the new so-called vaccination program, is it even possible to detox mRNA injections and all that we heard might come with it, such as aluminum, lead, and graphene oxide?

It depends on the person, and as long as we don’t know for sure what’s in them we can’t but if the body expresses symptoms we can figure it out. The ingredients are not fully declared as there are what’s called “company secrets”, which authorities allow the companies to not declare.

But my personal belief, based on my and other holistic medical professionals’ experience, I definitely think it’s possible to detox enough to live well. Now, I’m working a lot with people who experience secondary effects. One man is 77 years old and he’s healing a brain tumor that was diagnosed 10 days after the second injection.

His doctors are all surprised that it’s receding, but they don’t ask him what he has done. They only tell him to keep doing it. We have already seen how miraculous the life force is and we are now having many come to us with side effects.

Do you have any particular examples of people who healed the side effects?

Yes, without mentioning any names, we sure have. Some have had severe illnesses and nobody can’t be totally sure to say that it’s because of the injection but they appeared shortly after. In order to heal side effects, we follow the same protocol and it differs from person to person and how the symptoms are.

All have followed our program to the point, probably due to the devastation they feel. It’s like an awakening to realize that they have been medically abused. We noticed a rise in cancer early on and they are all getting better with our protocol. The jab seemed to have triggered a storm of inflammation and as such probably triggered already existing tumors to grow.

Other side effects such as paralysis or myocarditis are also inflammation-based, which is the body’s chemical response to high toxicity, hence unknown substances. That’s why we have to lower inflammation first, both mentally and physically and the fastest way is “to get it”, so that’s a soul detox that will make you appreciate your life and the body it materializes in.

By Sofia Grönlund

In part 2 of this article, Cristina Azcarate will share her secrets about Soul Detox, and you will have a list of references to explore further.  

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