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How to be Free from Mental Conditioning Caused by Society – Jason Christoff

publicerad 1 oktober 2021
- Aga Wilson
Jason Christoff. Press photo

FREE VOICE INTERVIEW. Jason Christoff is a self-sabotage expert, who also runs an international coaching school that helps people to overcome self-destructive programming. In this interview, Christoff explains many aspects of how we are being manipulated.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice a NewsVoice show | Text by Torbjorn Sassersson

Manipulative psychology, behavior modification, brainwashing, mental conditioning, and mind control are continually weaponized against the public by media and the government to make the public easier to control, govern, lie to, manipulate, coerce and steal from. Jason’s work is dedicated to exploring, discussing, exposing, and offering solutions to these modalities of covert public control.

The interview

As an example of destructive mental conditioning, Christoff mentions the action movie Gone in 60 seconds, a thriller about car thefts, and as the movie rolled out the car thefts went up by 70% in certain towns in the US first days after its premiere.

A positive example is how the TV series The Cosby Show about Bill an African American medical doctor and his wife Claire who played an African American lawyer influenced African Americans to become medical doctors and lawyers. During the 9 year run of the show, the African American enrollment in medical schools and law schools went up 19%. It became known as The [Bill] Cosby effect, Christoff explains.

The subconscious mind controls our behaviors

The core thing to understand is that humans copy what other people are doing and it happens through repetitive content. Jason Christoff says:

“The average person thinks that they get married at a certain age, they get a job instead of starting a business, they drink wine on Friday night, they drink coffee to seat their day. They all believe these are results of organic decisions with their deep intelligence analyzing their various life pathways and they are going to pick this pathway or that pathway.

The people who are in control of the repetitive content in the media laugh at that because psychology is the exact opposite of that. You don’t control your behavior at all.”

“You are an actor. So not only do you not control your behaviors, your subconscious does. It’s worse than that, the subconscious manufactures your behavior through analyzing the repetitive content in your environment. So, in short, the environment controls your behavior”.

The solution for people in order to change their behavior is to know how to hack their subconscious mind and to exchange bad content with healthy content, so it’s mainly all about a repetition fight, Christoff explains. He says it’s important to exclude daily exposure to media and television.

Other topics in the interview

The detrimental effect of caffeine (and chocolate) on the brain, mind, and intelligence (watch: ABC report about caffeine). The weakening of the alpha male, the feminization of men, male birth control using chemicals, secret societies, divide and conquer, fake reasons for warfare, manipulative TV series and repetitive content, and the properties of the true strong male.

In the later part of the interview, Jason Christoff talks about the elements of a free and strong society and how the independence of a person, family, and group is absolutely crucial. He also talks about the current covid crisis and how it’s linked to it all.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice a NewsVoice show | Text by Torbjorn Sassersson

Contact Jason directly at to inquire about his educational programs and school, which teach positive forms of brainwashing, so people can lead happier and more successful lives. Jason Christoff’s website:

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