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publicerad 12 november 2021
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MRNA VACCINES. “The vaccine rollout for children aged 5-11 has begun, which is equivalent to dragging children and marching them into Holocaust ovens. Dr. Jane Ruby joins the Stew Peters Show to discuss the THREE big CDC lies about the Covid-19 vaccine for children, and how the Covid-19 vaccine now contains Tromethamine to prevent severe adverse reactions in children,” Stew Peters reports.

Interview by Stew Peters (Nov 2021) | Transcript from the interview by NewsVoice

Stew Peters: There are no supply chain issues for Joe Biden when it comes to the shipment of needles, syringes, and little tiny vials meant for your children. The rollout starts this weekend: 5 to 11-years-old. Shipments are going to El Paso and all over the country already. [clip] Here to talk with us more about this is Dr. Jane Ruby. She says that the Pfizer’s vaccine rollout begins today for the 5 to 11-year-olds.

Dr Jane Ruby: Yep, they’re marching children beginning today and this weekend. I’m sorry, Stew. They’re marching them right into the proverbial “vaccine ovens.” They’re marching innocent children, 5 to 11-years-old to permanent disability and early death.

And why? For what? There’s a one in a million chance that children in that age group will die from C- 19. In fact, more children die, and it’s very few, by the way, but more children die from the regular flu every year. These are parents that are just trampling over themselves. You see some of them on social media.

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The FDA came out with a statement that said parents are dying to get back to normality.

Really? How did that normalcy work for all the adults in the last 12 months who have gotten it? And now we’re facing booster shots upon booster shot. The claim is that they are going to shorten or reduce the dosage for children in this age group to one-third of what Comirnaty was approved for, which was 30 mcg.

But really, where is the proof of that? These are companies that have been lying to the world for the last 18 months. They are still under an Emergency Use Authorization. So, by de facto, that means that they can change that formulation, lie about it. They can boost your child to 30 mcg or 100. You don’t know what your child is getting.

I really ask parents to slow down on this. Look, the WHO also came out coincidentally, just to try to buttress this whole thing and say that the pandemic rages on. I really urge all of you to go and look at the definition of pandemic regardless of how the authorities try to play with it. It is an overwhelming infection rate in a country, but also at the same time, among other countries on that continent and across continents. We don’t have that anymore.

Let’s start with the myocarditis risk in the 5 to 11-year-olds that is about to explode before your eyes. And you heard it here first.

Why do I go to that first? Because that’s the area where you are going to see the most child deaths, hospitalizations. Myocarditis puts you at risk, anyone at risk, but children, especially for “sudden cardiac death.”

I want to call everyone’s attention to this graph here. It’s called “Myocarditis Adverse Event Counts by Age Group.” It was published by the Multidisciplinary Publication Institute. They looked at this based on a study from UNC at Chapel Hill in collaboration with other scientists at the University of Jordan, an interesting combination of people. They looked at the age group, case rates of myocarditis after either Pfizer, Moderna, or Jansen.

They are listed here. Pfizer’s in blue, Moderna’s in orange, and Jansen’s in yellow. This graph you don’t even have to study it. It starts at the top with 80-years-old and older, and it goes down to 6-17 at the very bottom. What should catch your eye is that as you go down in age, you go higher in the number of myocarditis cases. Your horizontal line is the number of myocarditis cases. That’s your X line, and then your Y is the vertical line which is your age group.

I’ve been saying it for a long time. It’s not hard to see. You can see it in other types of analysis. As you reduce the age in giving these shots, you are going to see more severe side effects. You’re going to see more severe deadly events. And you’re going to see a higher frequency of them.

But let’s get to the CDC’s three lies. I wanted to share this with everyone today.
Let’s take the first one, Stew. Lie No. 1: This is for everyone, 5-years-old and up, who is eligible. There are no restrictions for immune-compromised children, for children with renal disease – nothing. The shots are for every 5-11-year-old when children have a one in a million death rate, according to the CDC, by the way.

Lie No. 2: This vaccine for children 5-11 is over 90% effective. Well, everybody, the past is prolonged. (?) Adults who got three times that dose are now facing booster after booster.

Lie No.3: The safety, the side effects, are normal. They’re going to resolve themselves.
Here is the biggest lie of all. The degree of side effects, intensity, and severity are directly related to how efficiently your body develops immunity. Stew, there is nothing scientifically or medically that justifies that. That is an out-and-out lie.

I’ll tell you that right from my own personal experience over the 20 years in pharmaceutical drug development. I’ll tell you why you’re having these side effects and why they’re different in different people. Different people depending on your age and your general health status, may respond differently.

We know you’re getting different contents and different dosages of whatever is in there. But what is your body’s reacting to when you get these bad side effects? You can’t function for a few days. You have a high fever, your arm hurts.

What you’re witnessing is your body fighting to protect you from an invasion of foreign material. It’s recognizing, and it’s responding with bells and whistles to poisoning essentially. That’s what your body’s replying to – and inflammation.
Serious internal inflammatory processes that, as I’ve said before, will leave you with a lot of internal damage. Fibrosis, malfunctioning of other systems, blocked passageways, whether they are neural or vascular.

This may be true for traditional vaccines but not for these injections. This is your body fighting a toxic invasion. Please don’t get sucked into that narrative.
Then lastly, what a lot of people seem to be talking about Stew is the “introduction.” Actually, it was found on page 14 of the FDA’s briefing document provided by Pfizer. The introduction of a chemical called Tromethamine. I don’t know if you have heard of that yet. But it’s hidden on page 14.

Tromethamine is a medication. It’s not anything new, but it is basically a buffer. In the last day or two, it has been discussed as something that will help 5 to 11-year-olds if they get any cardiac events. Stew, call me crazy, but why don’t we just avoid the cardiac events, to begin with?

Let me just share with folks remember I’m a cardiac nurse practitioner. You end up in a huge imbalance, your pH balance. The side effect of all that reactive inflammatory process and reactive oxygen species results in a much more acidotic environment.

Very often, during codes where I participated hundreds of them years ago, we would inject all kinds of buffers. The most common one is sodium bicarb, which stabilizes the person while we’re also trying to manage and minimize the effects of the heart attack. They’re putting this in preemptively into the 5 to 11-year-old!

Stew Peters: And this is the normalcy that people want to return to. This is what’s normal now. The new normal is just sick kids. We’re going to give them cardiac issues. Still, we’re going to preempt that by giving them this cardiac medicine inside of this thing that could probably cause cardiac issues. I mean, this whole thing is absolutely sick.

We have to get back to this. Just get grounded, people. Get grounded and understand this virus literally virtually affects “0” kids. What are you doing?

Dr Jane Ruby: It’s ridiculous. And Stew, this Tromethamine has not been studied in children. I challenge anybody to show me a peer-reviewed journal article showing a randomized controlled trial with a placebo. You won’t find it, Stew. There’s no safety data. There are no long-term data on this.

I want people to know something, you parents that are rushing in there to get your kids jabbed, the side effects of Tromethamine, and this is just half the list: respiratory depression, tissue inflammation.

Do you know what extravasation is, Stew? It’s bleeding. It’s bleeding out of your orifices, bleeding through your skin. This is what children are going to be subjected to. This is being added! This wasn’t even a part of the nightmare that we’ve been dealing with in the adult doses in the last 12 months— liver damage, huge with Tromethamine.
Where are the tests? Stew, this is out of control. The FDA is gone. There’s no safety oversight.

Stew Peters: I just don’t think that people are ready to see what’s about to happen. You cannot prepare yourself emotionally, mentally for the fallout that we’re about to see with God’s greatest and most precious gift to us, our kids. I have to go. I’m up against a hard break. Dr. Jane Ruby, thank you so much for being here.

Dr Jane Ruby: Thanks, Stew.


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