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Beverly Rubik talks Wireless Radiation and Covid – Energy Medicine


COVID & WIRELESS. Beverly Rubik with a Ph.D. in Biophysics is an expert in energy medicine and wireless pollution. She noticed that some symptoms from wireless radiation are similar to covid symptoms. Many of the most developed wireless 5G areas are also the most heavily “infected” by covid.

Interview by Aga Wilson, Aga Wilson Show

Beverly Rubik is a leading scientist and scholar internationally renowned for her pioneering work in frontier science and medicine. She is the President and Founder of the Institute for Frontier Science and internationally renowned for her research on the biofield, the field of living systems.

Beverly is also a professor at the Energy Medicine University, Faculty member at the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, Saybrook University.

Rubik was awarded Integrity in Science by the Weston A. Price Foundation, 2015, and in 2009 she was awarded Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation in Science.

Text by Torbjorn Sassersson


Hi and welcome to today’s Free Voice Show. I am super honored to have Beverly Rubik on today, Dr. Beverly Rubik. We’re going to be speaking about COVID and wireless radiation so, it’s a very interesting session today. Welcome, Beverly. I’m going to let you introduce yourself.

[BR] Thank you so much, Aga. It’s my pleasure to be here. To give you a little bit about my background, I earned my PhD at the University of California Berkeley – some decades ago. For the last 25 years, I’ve been running my own nonprofit laboratory, Institute for Frontier Science, in the San Francisco Bay area in California. I have been involved in fundamental research on the human energy field and clinical research on energy medicine. Most recently, I’ve been delving into the problem of electropollution—especially wireless communication radiation and its proliferation over the years and how that affects our health.

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When COVID came out, I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between some of my research on the blood and some of the symptomatology of COVID and began to investigate COVID. Actually, relatively new papers were coming out throughout 2020 looking at: What is this new disease? What are its symptoms? How does it come about? And then, I saw a relationship between that and our response to wireless communication radiation that I set about to explore in a very detailed research review.

[AW] That’s super interesting. As you mentioned, you recently published a study. It’s mainly about the linkages between COVID-19 and wireless radiation, including 5G. So, let’s dig deep into that. What are the findings? What did you come across?

[BR] First of all, we noticed that COVID-19 supposedly began in Wuhan, China, where it was one of the model cities in China where 5G had been completely rolled out and illuminated at the end of October 2019. It was just a couple of months after we understood COVID-19 was discovered. Then look where it spread globally to areas such as South Korea, northern Italy, New York City, southern California’s Silicon Valley, Seattle area. These are all areas where 5G had already been partly implemented.

Looking at this, I began to scratch my head and wonder and then look at studies that I did on 4G. Several years ago, back in 2014, I did a study looking for effects on the blood as seen under the microscope of people exposed to a smartphone. These were very short exposures. People came in not having used their cell phones for several hours.

Then I took a baseline blood test, and then I exposed them to a smartphone placed in a backpack, which they wore for just 45 minutes. The phone was turned on as if it were ready to receive a call or a text. But it didn’t receive anything, and they were exposed. I saw changes in the blood in nine out of ten people with sticky red blood cells that formed into clumps and strings we call rouleaux, which is the French word for roles. Basically, rolls of red blood cells that we know cannot travel through the tiniest microcapillaries in the body cannot deliver oxygen or remove waste. Actually, it thwarts blood circulation in all of your organs – results showed just after exposure to a smartphone worn in a backpack

Then I did an additional 45 minutes of their exposure holding the phone, working with it, and making two short phone calls, five minutes each. Some typical behavior you would find say sitting in an airport waiting for your plane. Again, I looked at the blood, and things got worse. I also saw echinocytes, spiky red blood cells, which again cannot travel very well in the tiniest microcapillaries.

Lo and behold, as I started to read the literature now of COVID, I found some of these same blood changes had been found in patients, especially with severe disease. The echinocytes in the rouleaux, these same blood morphologies, which I know also restricts peripheral circulation. Of course, one of the hallmarks of COVID was hypoxia; getting short of breath, it seemed because you’re not delivering oxygen through the body. And then we saw people put on ventilators around the world that weren’t getting any better. Somehow delivering oxygen in this way to the lungs wasn’t bringing them back. So many people died.

What was really going on? It may be that hypoxia was due to blood changes. Again, the blood can’t easily carry oxygen when it’s disturbed by either wireless communication radiation or possibly the spike protein, which seem to have similar effects on the red blood cells in the body, according to the literature.

I began to explore anything else that might be going on that suggested a similarity. Of course, there were cytokine storms in severe cases—the hyperimmune activation seen in advanced cases, severe COVID-19. Immune disruption is definitely one of the effects of wireless communication radiation.

Sometimes underactive immune systems or immunity suppression, in which case, a virus might invade you all the way to autoimmunity and hyperimmune responses of the sort that are quite similar to what is reported in the literature with COVID-19. The cytokine storm, the hyperimmunity, can be deadly because organs are attacked and become dysfunctional.

So, those are two of the things. I found actually six overlaps in, shall I say, the pathology of COVID-19 and exposure to wireless communication radiation. But maybe we want to stop and discuss those before discussing all six.

[AW] Yes, absolutely. I think we can do that.

[BR] So, it seemed as though the blood itself and the hypoxia that would be a result of reduced circulation could explain some of the problems with COVID that were not being remedied by ventilation alone.

It was puzzling because many doctors wondered why somebody’s having breathing difficulties when you give them oxygen. But if the red blood cells cannot convey the oxygen to the brain and other organs, people will feel short of breath even when oxygen is pumped into their lungs.

If the blood isn’t carrying it, then there’s a problem. Possibly the problem is blood attacked by the virus or changes in the blood, such as I saw under the microscope with exposure just to 4G, short-term exposure.

Of course, 5G is more frequencies, and it also involves the proliferation of 4G. We need 4G, and we need the proliferation of antennas that deliver 4G to give 5G a basis. 5G involves many more bands starting with the small bands of 8 gigahertz [GHz], etc., up through the 20s, all the way up to about 85 GHz.

Of course, not all of this has been rolled out. Perhaps in China, but not at the time when COVID became the pandemic in the world. I think there was a partial rollout here and there. It’s amazing to look at a map of the rollout of 4G and 5G worldwide and the coincidence with the areas in which the COVID pandemic first began. There is a clear overlap of those areas in the world. You scratch your head and say, is it a coincidence? I think not.

And here’s something else. We’ve been talking endlessly about this virus and now the vaccine for almost two years. But even on the CDC website, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and in the science of epidemiology, it’s well known that there is no single cause of disease, especially something like a pandemic.

It says very clearly on the CDC’s website that there are three factors involved in disease: #1. One is an agent like a virus; #2. Another is the health of the host, such as how strong is the immune system; #3. The third one is the environment.

What are the environmental factors that may have contributed to it? What is very peculiar is that we have not had a scientific discussion about the relative interplay of these factors in this pandemic. It’s been virus, virus, virus, and no discussion. The official word comes from organizations such as the CDC and the World Health Organization, WHO, and a few other organizations, perhaps in each country.

But there is no sensibility to hold a scientific discussion about what really are the causes and what we can do to remove those contributing factors and help mitigate this pandemic as quickly as possible. I find that utterly perplexing why that didn’t happen. Still today, any discussion of the possible relationship of environmental factors is considered unconventional if not outright censored.

I found it extremely difficult uploading my initial paper to what is called a pre-print server. With COVID-19, there were many of these pre-print servers, which are places to quickly put an unrefereed and un-peer reviewed article since the world was suffering from a pandemic. Everybody wanted to start reading these papers even before they were peer-reviewed and officially published.

Naturally, I went to pre-print servers, uploaded, and my paper was rejected based on the title. I was perplexed. They weren’t even reading it, and besides, it wasn’t peer review. This was about a place to post your articles so people could start discussions, start thinking about it, start critically thinking about it. I was rejected from four pre-print servers, much to my amazement.

Let me say that I’ve published some 90 scientific papers in my life. I’ve never seen anything like this.  Then we had a rejection from a journal again based on the title. Finally, we found a journal willing to peer-review it, and they brought forth an extraordinary number of reviewers.

We had some 12 peer reviewers address our paper in three rounds of peer review, I might add, which took months. I worried about the delays because I thought this pandemic may well be over by the time, we get this thing done, and this paper won’t be even important. But of course, the pandemic isn’t yet over, the pater is important, and 5G hasn’t been fully rolled out.

But 12 peer reviewers and three rounds of peer review, and we wrote the better part of some 70 pages of rebuttal for a paper that is about 21 pages long. Again, an unprecedented amount of work. An extraordinary peer review process that I’ve never seen in my life.

But I’m actually grateful for it because it made the paper stronger. We had a lot of deliberation back and forth on various points, on the wording, and in the end, I’m very pleased with this paper. I think it’s very tight. I’m especially grateful to the journal and all of these peer reviewers for their great insights. Only one of 12 peer reviewers said there is no relationship between wireless communication radiation and the virus. I thought that was short-sighted in lieu of the fact that 11 out of 12 looked carefully at our data, worked with us, said clearly there’s something here, and let’s delve into it.

So that’s the background story of this paper, and I have to say I’m not alone in this. I’m a member of Doctors for COVID Ethics, a group of international doctors struggling with the various problems of treating patients appropriately, especially with early COVID and publishing their own scientific papers. Just about all of us have suffered extraordinary hardships, whether people have been removed from their positions or censored from journals, removed from their jobs, etc.

There has been an extraordinary unscientific approach to this whole thing, and the censorship is just uncalled for. I had never seen in my life a time when we were not allowed to have critical thinking and debate about the co-factors that may have contributed to this ongoing pandemic so that we could solve the problem as soon as possible and save lives.

[AW] Exactly. It’s definitely something that people experience worldwide: doctors, scientists. The more we talk to people, the more we realize that there are so many out there, and we’re so grateful for all of you doing this amazing work.

But going back to your study and the correlation between the two. There are, of course, different opinions out there. One is that the virus doesn’t exist and that it’s just 5G that’s actually evoking this in people. Some people say that it exists, and things happen when they co-exist. What is your take on the whole thing with the virus? And how does the wireless radiation come into this?

[BR] First of all, I think viruses exist. I worked in laboratories with viruses. I’m not a virus denier. I would say there’s evidence for the SARS-CoV-2, or whatever you want to call it, for some virus being an agent in COVID-19 and even if it’s not purified and held in a test tube for all to see, which I know is some of the arguments against it.

Many things in science have not been isolated, and we still hold them to be concepts because they fit with a large body of data. I would say we had SARS-CoV-1. We know that flu is passed through respiratory channels but can affect many organs, so it’s all consistent with that.

It may be you can’t isolate it from cells because it’s just too unstable. That doesn’t bother me because there are many concepts in science, where for example, in particle physics, you can’t isolate those particles independent of a system. So what? The gluons in quantum theory play a role, and they fit in with the big picture and various theories, etc. We accept them as the current state of knowledge. Science is not a closed book; it’s always evolving.

At this time, I believe there is a virus as one of the causal agents in COVID-19. I know people who think differently about that, and I respect their opinions, but I certainly think the evidence is strong. For example, people get high fevers with COVID. I’ve never seen high fevers come from, let’s say, exposure to 4G or 5G. Many symptoms overlap, but the high fever, one of the hallmarks of the COVID infection that virtually everyone gets, is not something I’ve seen in response to 4G/5G. It seems to me there is an active infection to a viral agent.

[AW] So, how does the wireless affect the virus? When you say that wireless radiation harms us and we can get certain symptoms, is it just the wireless radiation by itself, or is it in combination with the virus?

[BR] Let me say that I haven’t worked with the virus per se. I’m only reviewing the literature on COVID and wireless. I’ve worked with wireless exposure, of course, and the health effects, but I have not done some of the key experiments that I would like to see done to see a direct interaction.

For example, I proposed a study on humanized mice genetically modified to have certain human features where they could be infected with SARS-CoV-2. We could expose them to 5G frequencies, or 4G and 5G frequencies, and look for effects on the disease itself. Some experiments can be done to really look more deeply.

All I can say is that the health effects of 5G and 4G (that is, 4th and 5th generation wireless communication radiation) produce some of the same symptomatology as COVID-19. This means that if you were sick, we would expect 5G/4G to exacerbate your symptoms to make you feel worse.

I’m even thinking especially about long COVID, the people who seem to have symptoms that go on and on. I looked at the symptomatology of long COVID, and there are a lot of similarities to the health effects of wireless communication radiation that we can’t deny.

What’s really going on here? Because during this pandemic, people were often on lockdown. They were communicating by more wireless communication. More wireless routers were busily working, linking them maybe through systems like zoom and other communications systems to talk to people. They actually had more exposure that might have been exacerbating their illness, too. That is fact-based on my findings.

But besides the blood effects and the immune system effects, there are some other notable effects, and I’d like to mention them.

One is the role of calcium because wireless radiation affects calcium mobility in cells. This virus and many viruses work to influence the calcium efflux from cells. This is another strong indication. The virus seems to require calcium to get into the cell, get mobilized in terms of reproducing itself, and exit the cell to infect other cells. Wireless radiation disrupts calcium influx and efflux into the cells. This is one whole chapter that should be explored more deeply. I think the work of Martin Paul, who explored this role of wireless disrupting calcium in the cells, is another major thing.

We have several overlaps in the physiology of COVID-19 and exposure to wireless that I don’t think can be ignored. They should be looked at more deeply in animal models, and we proposed experiments to do that in our paper.

[AW] Thank you. I was also wondering because right now, there’s so much focus on COVID. When people, for example, get sick from radiation, first of all, it’s not mentioned in mainstream media. I don’t believe the doctors even know about something like that.

How can people know that they have been exposed and are ill? How can they find out? I mean, it must be very hard.

[BR] These PCR tests and other antibody tests for COVID, I must say we have to be concerned because the numbers of iterations done with the PCR test often are so many that they can find anything, and that’s problematic. They need to use a small number of iterations. Offhand, I don’t know that number, but people in that field should be well aware that they are often looking at false positives by ramping up the numbers of iterations. So that’s a concern that I have. The number of cases may be overblown, and we really don’t know.

[AW] If you get sick from radiation, how would you know? When you go to the doctor, they will probably not say that you’ve been exposed to EMF Radiation and you need to do this or that to heal yourself.

[BR] Yes, that’s a problem. I see many people who don’t know that they suffer from excess wireless radiation exposure. Often, they have symptoms like headaches. They have heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats. They have poor memory, concentration difficulties. There are many symptoms that we call electro-hypersensitivity that formulate even to the point of atrial fibrillation of heart arrhythmias that are serious and need medication or even surgery.

People need to take stock of their exposure to wireless. My suggestion is they get a hand-held meter and start measuring it. Start looking at sources in their environment. For example, cordless telephones often sitting on your desk close to your computer are among the biggest sources of exposure to wireless.

Where are you putting your wireless router if you use one? You could switch to wires. It’s funny how the world has moved to wireless when wired is actually more stable and faster when in terms of the internet. Somehow, we were on this track where we were taught that wireless is the way to go.

Certainly, you can run around the house with your tablet or your computer and hook into the internet, and that’s convenient. Most of us sit at a desktop computer to work on the internet. We don’t need all this wireless; we can be wired.

I help people by checking the environments, in their home office, etc., for excess radiation and try to reduce it by returning them to wired whenever possible and removing sources like DECT phones. These wireless phones often just sit on the pedestal on your desk, but you’re not really using them. But they’re radiating all the time.

Really, we don’t know what we’re doing with that kind of radiation coming into our systems. We are guinea pigs for what is the long-term effects of this radiation. But I know that it can cause symptoms such as heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats that can lead to needing surgery or implantation of a heart pacemaker. That’s not a good thing. We should be diminishing our exposure to wireless as much as possible.

[AW] Yes. I had [name] on my show before, and we talked a lot about that. It’s really important because people can’t find that information very easily if you’re only looking at the mainstream.

Is there any way you can detox from radiation if you get sick? Is there any way you can heal? Do you have any good tips?

[BR] I think some people become electro hypersensitive, and they’ve gone through some detox procedures. But it’s hard to say. It seems like a certain number of people are just more sensitive to radiation. Others go through chemical detox because often, these sensitivities go together. Sometimes exposure to chemicals or too much exposure to wireless renders someone electro hypersensitive.

Removing the sources of wireless radiation in your immediate environment, such as your home office, your bedroom, the places where you spend a lot of time, would be very sensible to clean up your environment and see if you can reverse it.

Those symptoms are not pleasant. I know a growing number of people with electro-hypersensitivity, sometimes called electrosensitivity, yet physicians aren’t aware of it. They go to doctors who give them prescriptions just to medicate and cover up the symptoms instead of going to the source to help them recover. That’s problematic. They need to start removing the sources from their immediate environment to lower their exposure. Sometimes the symptomatology will diminish but not always.

[AW] Yes, that’s what I have hard. There are actually people that are getting very sick. Even when I talked to the Swedish Radiation Institution, they say that they have many people reporting this. Again, it’s not something we hear about media, and it’s not something that’s talked about anywhere except in the more media channels like this one.

What do you think is the solution to all of this? This is happening super-fast. We’re totally just upgrading everywhere. I think a lot of people are worried. Is there any way we can stop this? What do you see as a solution to all of this in the future?

[BR] It seems to me that everyone wants 5G. It’s more about machine-to-machine communication. It’s going to give us maybe ten times faster internet. That sounds like a good thing. There are definitely exposure issues that will affect our health even beyond COVID, as we’re saying with electrosensitivity.

Possibly more people will become electro hypersensitive to wireless radiation as they expand the number of bands. But there’s a lot that we can do in our immediate environment to clean it up, so to speak, from wireless radiation. We can return to wired. It’s available. There are wired modems out there that you can install.

By the way, it’s much more stable to work with wires than it is wireless. I, myself, am almost completely wired outside of the cell phone. I get very good internet. It’s very quick. I’m sure that’s available in most cities.

So why don’t we return to wires? That should be our mantra: “We want wires whenever possible.” Use wireless as a last resort when you’re out in the field. But most people are sitting at a desktop computer. They want good quality internet that’s stable, not fluctuating, and that’s what wire delivers.

I get in a lot of these types of interviews because I have wired, my internet is not breaking up all the time like wireless may. So that’s a concern that people with wireless have to go through. “Return to wires whenever possible” should be our mantra.

We can prevent some of the electro hypersensitivity if we don’t over-expose ourselves. Those people I’ve interviewed who suffer from symptoms from the wireless are often people who spend hours on their cell phone a day or sit next to a wireless modem, wireless router. Eventually, it took its toll and started giving them symptoms. If we start removing these sources and using them sensibly, then that’s the best way to operate.

I think we all want 5G. It will give us certain enhancements. I’m not sure that self-driving cars are something that we all want. But it gives us faster internet. It will give us more capabilities between some of our devices, but we want it safely. I don’t know how good it is to have the internet of things. Everything wired to the internet sounds like more of a surveillance operation by technocracy than useful to the average person. We should pick and choose carefully because our immediate environment is mostly exposing us.

If you were to get a hand-held meter and start measuring the 4G, there’s no meter yet for 5G; that’s hand-held. But if you start measuring the 4G in your environment, you’ll see that most of your sources are local, are your own router, your own tablets, your own cell phone, your smart meter that may be hanging up in your house or apartment. These are something you can do something about.

Yes, we should be concerned about 5G antennas placed right outside our homes. But there’s a lot that we can do to electromagnetically work in a clean environment inside our homes and offices. Let’s do that whenever possible to reduce our exposure to stay healthy.

[AW] Yes, that’s absolutely necessary and very good advice. I’m also thinking about the bigger picture. When we talk about the telecom companies, I understand that we are putting up a lot of satellites to cover every part of this earth. So, there is basically in the future not going to be any place you can be without 5G exposure.

Is there anything we can do to change that, stop that, or protect ourselves from that particular world?

[BR] There has been a lot of activism worldwide on this. I can say what’s going on in the United States. I’ve seen local communities try to make ordinances to control the proliferation of 5G antennas and base stations. Then California came down with a law overruling these more limiting ordinances saying, well, we need 5G, we need to be on the fast track. That’s how it is. Every state here has its own laws, etc.

But by and large, it seems 5G will be rolled out, and what will we do about it? Well, we want to make it wired as much as possible. We could have fiber optics bringing it into the home, which will be completely wired and safe. It will deliver the frequencies on a beam of light, which is not harmful and encased in fiber and a cable. We could bring that into the home and choose to have wires in our homes. It’s a little bit inconvenient, but why not? And then we could have 5G. I don’t see how we could get self-driving cars. There are some things that just wouldn’t work.

But we could do a lot with wires to bring in 5G. I encourage people to use a wired mouse and a wired keyboard instead of the usual wireless devices that frequently need batteries. This way, you don’t have that exposure to your vital organs because you’re handling the mouse and the keyboard, and it’s right up close. You want to stick to wires whenever possible in your immediate environment.

You have a lot of control over what you can do to reduce your exposure because exposure to wireless is cumulative. We have to think of it like X-rays. Do you know when we go in for dental x rays? They often put a cape of iron to block your thyroid and lungs so that your lungs are protected from the X-rays. We should be thinking that way.

How can we protect ourselves from wireless 5G frequencies and 4G? We should be thinking about reducing your wireless exposure. Use wires whenever possible, including wires to your cell phone. It’s quite possible to work with a cell phone near a computer with wires. There’s a lot of things we can do for ourselves to reduce our exposure and stay healthy.

But I do see that 5G will be rolled out. I see a race going on between the United States and China, trying to do this faster. It reminds me of the old cold war between the former Soviet Union and the US, where we fought to be preeminent in our space travel. Now it seems to be who’s going to do 5G first and bigger and stronger, and we see that between the various countries.

I think it’s going to happen, and it’s a matter of time. Many people have been activists trying to stop it with no recourse, really, sadly. So, it seems we need to choose wires and use them wisely in our own environment.

[AW] Yes, thank you for that, and I agree. The important thing for the future is choosing the government and people in charge that will care for our health enough to start using technology and different and safer ways, of course.

Hopefully, that’s something that we can all change, be part of that change, and put pressure on the telecom companies and our own governments. They are right now not really doing what they’re supposed to be doing, I believe, since this conversation cannot even happen on the most public or mainstream channels. So, that’s definitely a very important part of it.

Where can people find your work, more about you, and what you currently do?

[BR] I have a couple of websites. One is brubik.com. Simply my first initial, last name: B-R-U-B-I-K.com. The other is for my nonprofit laboratory, frontiersciences.org.

[AW] Thank you. Also, we will put links to all of that for sure and your study because I truly enjoyed reading it. It’s a very important one, so we’re going to add that too.

I just wanted to end with something positive. I wanted to ask you what inspires you to do this work regardless of how many push-backs you get with the censorship and everything.

[BR] I’m an advocate of what I call frontier science. That’s the name of my institute. I’m looking at science at the cutting edge to make a difference in our health. I had to say that when I looked at the 5G frequencies, my immediate concerns were health and wellness. The bandwidths are enormous. We’re not throwing out 4G or 3G. We’re adding on.

We’re terraforming earth to a place where it becomes questionable whether it’s safe for life on this planet. We are terraforming it. We have to wonder why the powers are moving to such great numbers of bandwidths and frequencies. It carries more information. This will give us the internet of things and a lot of surveillance on this planet that many of us would prefer not.

But on the other hand, what can we do to stop it? It seems very difficult. In lieu of that, we must carefully try to protect our health. I wanted to make people aware that this pandemic, which is still with us after a couple of years, is almost exacerbated by these frequencies. Things are not getting much better. It seems that we go through periods where the pandemic surges up again, and of course, we have this 5G rollout upon us.

What really is that relationship? We should look carefully at this. We should consider the role of these frequencies and any health and illness because they’re not healthy. These are not natural frequencies. We’re changing the earth’s environment with them, which very much concerns me and others who are also biophysicists.

We must be very concerned before implementing these things broadly throughout the world, in the open air, in our homes and offices. But at least we can have control over what’s in our homes and offices. Let’s learn about that, be armed, and be very careful with wireless moving forward.

[AW] Thank you, Beverly, for joining us today. Thank you for keeping this conversation open and transparent. I think it’s super-needed in these times for all of us, including doctors and scientists, to really just respect each other’s work because we will never get to the truth if we don’t summon all of our thoughts and put our brains together and try to figure things out.

It’s amazing to have people like you out there that go against the main narrative and really work for our planet. Thank you for that. I hope you continue doing great studies, that you will come back and tell us more about your findings.

[BR] Thank you very much. It’s been my pleasure, Aga.


Aga Wilson
Aga Wilson
Agnieszka "Aga" Wilson is a humanitarian, human rights advocate, and social entrepreneur. Her experience involves working as a global consultant on human rights, policy development, and international training, for non-profits, NGOs, and the United Nations in New York. Wilson holds a Master's of Political Science. She also worked as an adjunct professor at St. John's University teaching on media, communication, and international relations.


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Fredrik Eriksson
19 december 2021 kl 12:45

En annan fråga som nu kräver lite intellektuell spänst är frågan om 5G verkligen förstör människors DNA via radioaktiva mikrovågor.

Eller kan det vara tvärtom?

Kan 5G lindra och bota Covid-19?
Kan 5G tom bota cancer med rätt sorts radiovåg?
Kommer vaccinen också bota cancer med nästa booster-dos?
2 i ett funktionellt va?


Ett tips!
Vänd 180 grader på sanningshalten i Aftonbladets artikel så framgår sanningen.

Principen kallas enligt Bibeln för laglöshet.

Enligt de vita och svarta hattarna polarisering via underbyggd skräck.

Enligt de vita magikerna reversibel informations-process.

Samt det svenska kynnets väl där dolda hemlighet, avdelningsbarheten.
Denna underbara hemlighet är till för att bedra och lura alla människor genom att bara ge dem lite sanning i taget och balansera en eventuell verklighetskonflikt via 2 axlar.
Verkligheten och lögnen!

Vaccin plus cancer-medicin kombinerad?
Kan vaccinen tom hindra åldrande och död?

Detta är den viktigaste mekanismen att förstå.
Att bara sanningen kan göra DIG FRI.
Detta vill de som bestämmer undvika till varje pris som helst.
Att du kommer till insikt men aldrig till förståelse!

16 december 2021 kl 21:07

Aga vill nog väl(?) men resonemanget om Covid och 5G som kausalt relaterade är orimligt.
Eliterna är nog tacksamma för att hon omedvetet agerar kontrollerad opposition

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  petergrfstrm
16 december 2021 kl 22:07

“Kontrollerad opposition”?

Ibland är du bra rolig du…..

Mona Nilsson på Strålskyddsstiftelsen också kanske?


Och Magda Havas vid Trent university?


Finns väl inte så mycket forskning på stålning och just corona än. Men någon studie kan du väl läsa i alla fall innan du ser det som helt “orimligt”.


Som jag sagt så får jag ofta “coronasymptom” vid hög exponering i 5G miljöer.
Skulle nog snarare säga att det är du som är okontrollerad opposition. Men det fyller väl sin funktion det också?

Reply to  Josef Persson
18 december 2021 kl 20:53

Mona Nilsson på Strålskyddsstiftelsen också kanske?
Ja när hon påverkas av orimliga rykten om att 5G minskar människans fortplantningsförmåga men inte nämner att det finns etablerade kemiska förklaringar.
Men hon hänvisar ofta till mer konventionell forskning. Och misstror man den forskningen ska man inte klandra Mona.

Magda Havas
Eftersom det inte existerar ngn accepterad förklaring till hur mikrovågorna skulle ha med saken att göra krävs det att man eliminerar alla andra orsaker.
Hon nämner befolkningstäthet och luftkvalitet förutom mikrovågorna.
Om man skulle korrellera dödsfallen med individernas ursprungliga metabola tillstånd skulle nog överensstämmelsen bli exemplarisk utan att för den skull bevisa vad Covid beror på.

Övrigt om 5G och covid
Jag har kollat andra såna artiklar och funnit det vara strunt. Men inte i första hand pga av avsiktlig desinfo utan pga dåligt underbyggda spekulationer.
Jag anser att sånt ges större spridning för att bromsa Kinas teknologiska bidrag.
Som du vet kan storebror påverka hur mkt artiklar sprids.
Och som du även vet kallar dom sann info för fake-news och minskar dess spridning.

Är du inte själv förvånad över hur lätt det går att föra ut 5G-skrämsel?

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  petergrfstrm
19 december 2021 kl 21:01

Är du inte själv förvånad över hur lätt det går att föra ut 5G-skrämsel?”

Inte det minsta faktiskt!

Ju mer upptagna människor är i den oändliga ekokammaren internet, ju ytligare ju bättre, och ju mer bortkopplade de är från vanliga livet, ju bättre.

En helg på soffan


Därefter skulle ju människor inte kunna göra uttalande som dig.

Eftersom det inte existerar ngn accepterad förklaring till hur mikrovågorna skulle ha med saken att gör”.

Om de inte är efterblivna?

Är gravt involverade i industrin själva så de vägrar se?

Bara trollar på internet för att hålla människor upptagna?

Eller möjligtvis är i besittning av någon kunskap som jag inte lyckats tillgodogöra mig efter att ha läst kanske 40-50 böcker på ämnet?

Hur det är i ditt fall vet jag inte? Men finns ju en orsak till att alla de bästa föreläsningarna med forskarna själva försvinner från youtube tex. Eller trollas bort i algoritmerna så inte nya på ämnet hittar dem. Eller varför youtube trycker på en Devra Davis föreläsning om och om igen, där inget nytt finns för den som är invigd i ämnet.


En föreläsning där hon för övrigt slår fast att alla forskare vet att strålning gör en steril. Ännu en “kontrollerad oppositionell” kanske? Hur någon som uppenbarligen är okontrollerad skulle vara “kontrollerad” övergår mitt förstånd.

Men vem som är den nyttiga idioten återstår väl att se?

Reply to  Josef Persson
20 december 2021 kl 02:20

Det finns bara ovederhäftiga teorier som kopplar ihop covid med 5G. Jag har tidigare kommenterat några här förut.
Din utläggning saknar relevans för den avgränsade problematiken så jag gissar att du syftar på annat också.

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  petergrfstrm
20 december 2021 kl 02:42

Ja du pratar ju bland annat om “fortplantningsförmåga”.

Skulle dina “ovederhäftiga åsikter” och spekulationer utgöra ett motbevis tycker du?

Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren
Reply to  Josef Persson
20 december 2021 kl 03:34

Exempel på den ny ohälsan “POTS” när den pulsade tekniken GSM infördes på -90 talet. (samma besvär kallas numer postkovid)

Posturalt ortostatiskt takykardisyndrom, POTS
Posturalt ortostatiskt takykardisyndrom (POTS) är ett förhållandevis nytt begrepp som introducerats under 1990-talet. En dysfunktion i det autonoma nervsystemet ger blodtrycksfall och sinustakykardi, framför allt vid uppresning.
Besvären utgörs av:

  • Palpitationer
  • Dimsyn
  • Illamående
  • Huvudvärk
  • Konditionsnedsättning
  • Trötthet”


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Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  Magnus Lindgren
21 december 2021 kl 03:36

Många av mina elöverkänsliga vänner hade “pre-covid”. Dvs exakt samma symptom, fast innan “propaganda viruset” spreds.

POTS, intressant. Ska kolla mer. Hade samma symptombild själv innan jag flydde civilisationen. Nu är inte symptomen lika uttalade.

Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren
Reply to  Josef Persson
25 december 2021 kl 17:40

Hallå Josef!
Kika gärna på denna länk!


Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson
Reply to  petergrfstrm
20 december 2021 kl 03:24

Här är en grej från La Quinta Columna som skulle kunna vara relevant. Handlar bl.a. om hur en mobiltelefon fungerar som gateway för den injicerade nanotekniken.

Intra-body nano-network

Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson
Reply to  Anders Johansson
20 december 2021 kl 03:28

Pdf:en är från den här artikeln eftersom La Quinta Columna är på spanska.

Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson
Reply to  Anders Johansson
20 december 2021 kl 03:32

Och det där med mobilen diskuterade du och jag för flera månader sedan.

Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren
Reply to  petergrfstrm
16 december 2021 kl 22:34

“Covid symptom” som inte kan ju förklaras med den vanliga säsongsinfluensan
bör ju rimligen ses som vållade av 5g utbyggnaden som stämmer tidsmässigt.

Känt 1969

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Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren
Reply to  Magnus Lindgren
17 december 2021 kl 21:01

Inflammation och försämrat immunförsvar I flera undersökningar har forskare visat att mikrovågsstrålning som sänds ut från modern trådlös teknik orsakar inflammatoriska effekter samt försämrar immunförsvaret.

Dessa effekter visar ännu en gång vikten av att reducera exponeringen för pulsad mikrovågsstrålning så mycket som det är möjlig i linje med vad många forskare rekommenderar, liksom Europarådets parlamentariska församling år 2011 i resolution 1815.

Många människor som vi kommer i kontakt med har berättat om att när de exponeras för förhöjd strålning resulterar det i influensaliknande symptom. Läs mer

Reply to  Magnus Lindgren
18 december 2021 kl 21:02

Ditt sätt att använda begreppet rimligen skiljer sig kraftigt från mitt.
Du riktar bort uppmärksamheten från allt som rör detta av många kunniga människor hårt kritiserade storskaliga medicinska experiment för profit.
Eftersom västimperiet vill vinna tid för att teknologiskt hinna ifatt Kina så är det rimligare att se denna debatt som förstärkt ryktesspridning i den kampanjen.

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  petergrfstrm
18 december 2021 kl 21:35

-Design by proxy to mislead people by not telling them truth.
5G är farligt och kalcifixerar hudbarriären och förvandlar hud och svett till små antenner. Denna livsfarliga kombination är det som accentuerar och förvärrar symtom och sjukdomsbilden gällande Covid-19.
För hög Mikrowatt per kvadrat är indirekt skadligt.
Då strålningsfysik inte är inbillning utan data så uppvisar bla 5G-drabbade många samma neurologiska symptom som Covid-19. Trötthetssyndrom, svaghet,irritabilitet och svårigheter att tänka klart. Ta med dig en mikropulsmätare och voltmeter eller mikrowatt-dito och ställ dig ett par timmar på Drottninggatan så ska du få se att det hånder grejor.
Du kommer bada i spänning.
Det är alltså inte bara humlor, nyckelpigor och skalbaggar som dör av volten.Kina har för övrigt inte ett dugg med teknologi att göra utan används som en proxy-nation av EU och som en buffer av den djupa Staten globalt för att hindra en senarelagd Rysk invasion av EU.
Där Kina,Japan,Singapore mfl länder senare kan invadera Ryssland och intervenera.
Det handlar bara om pengar.
5G=Pengar för att göra folk sjuka.
Vaccinen=Pengar för att göra folk “friska”.
Geoengineering=Förmodade aerosoler som kan luftsättas under perioder.av låg strålning alternativt Covid-19 för att höja vaccineringen.
Dessa 3 bildar en fasansfull korsfrukt.

Det handlar bara om pengar på att tjäna på föräldrar ,barnens lidande sjukdom och död.
De kan alltså manipulera både volt och watt.

Reply to  Fredrik Eriksson
20 december 2021 kl 02:41

För många vilda spekulationer från din sida för att det ska vara värt att bemöta.
Men din inriktning är sån att du motverkar kunskap om skador från kemi i och utanför kroppen
Även när det gäller insekterna desinformerar du till kemins fördel.

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  petergrfstrm
20 december 2021 kl 08:46

Bara att läsa Flouride The Aging Factor.
Sen kan du alltid krydda med The Hidden Rainbow.
Efter den smällkaramellen är ju fältet öppet för Scott Hensler och Richard Lighthouse som båda har utbildning inom elektro-akustisk teknik dvs mikrovågor.
De båda har Nasa-kompetens.
Steve Quyale, Tom Horn och Rob Skiba är av det mer exegetiska slaget men är nog så intressanta. Elana Freelands böcker under an Ionized Sky rekommenderas också.
Det som de alla har gemensamt är att de anser att ojordad ström inte ska vistas bland allmänheten som en okopplad varg.
Vare sig i vågform eller knutna till ojordade kraftnät.
Då har du lite att plugga igen och fylla kunskapsluckorna med massa.
The Bad War av Ms King är grädden på julelaxen. En utmärkt exempel på hur man kan manipulera sanningen utifrån ekonomiska intressen och motiv.
Vilket allting egentligen handlar om.
Oavsett om du heter Elana,Steve,Scott eller Peter.

Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren
Reply to  petergrfstrm
20 december 2021 kl 15:06

Nejdå Peter!

Här får du ett boktips (skrivet av Pia Helletz)

Innan bubblan brister…

– En bok om våra myndigheters ovilja att fastställa orsaken till den snabbt vittrande folkhälsan i Sverige och i de andra nordiska länderna sedan hösten 1997

Av Örjan Hallberg (2015) Pia Hellertz – juni 2016

Jag hade förmånen att få lyssna på en föreläsning av Örjan Hallberg i Örebro våren 2015 då han berättade om sina rön när det gällde samband mellan utbyggnaden av dels FM-systemet 1955 och ökningen av hudcancer samt dels utbyggnaden av det trådlösa telenätet med mera år 1997 och ökningen av flera olika sjukdomssymtom.

I samband med föreläsningen köpte jag den lilla, lättlästa och pedagogiska boken Innan bubblan brister… med den långa men talande undertiteln. Örjan Hallberg var miljökoordinator på Ericsson. Han hade blivit utnämnd till expert inom området Reliability Engineering (”tillförlitlighetsingenjör”) år 1996. Dessutom hade han utsetts till miljöchef för affärsområdet ”Fasta Nät” och var från år 2002 miljöchef för det nya sammanslagna affärsområdet Systems, ”som gav jobb åt cirka 40 000 personer inom Ericsson för både fasta och mobila nät” (sid. 23).

Han var således inte en person som man utan vidare kunde negligera när det gällde vetenskaplig kompetens. Jag skulle nog också beskriva honom som statistiknörd.


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Reply to  Magnus Lindgren
15 februari 2022 kl 19:37

Djärvt att påstå att det ger hudcancer. Vid den tiden började folk semestra mer i solen.
UV kan bevisligen ge cancer.
Tage Danielson som oroade sig för Harrisburg fick själv malign hudcancer därför att han har den sortens UV-genomsläppliga hudtyp.

Hans Dahl
Hans Dahl
Reply to  petergrfstrm
15 februari 2022 kl 19:51

En obesvarad fråga är hur många som drabbas av cancer på grund av brist på sol.

Naturligtvis ska vi vara försiktiga med att sola oss – lite undan för undan.

Och det finns de som har blivit överkänsliga för solljus, de måste ju vara försiktiga.

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  Hans Dahl
15 februari 2022 kl 22:48

Har själv läst några av de studier som gjorts på solljus och cancer, de är mest patetiska. Man kan alltså ta råttor, gnagare som lever under jord mestadels. Raka av dem pälsen, ja det var väl så naturen ville ha det? Och sen placera dem i solarier. Sist jag titta så var väl lysrör inte det samma som solen?

Och voila, så fick de hudcancer. Eller hudcancer inducerad av starka elektromagnetiska fält?

Placerar man världens solkänsligaste individer i världens solrikaste land, britter i australien. Så visst. Och vissa är känsligare.

Men jag säger som dig Hans. Hur många får cancer av brist på sol?

Hudcacer av sol är till större delen ett bedrägeri, då blir inte EMF boven, och man kan kränga gift att smeta in sig i.

Hans Dahl
Hans Dahl
Reply to  Josef Persson
16 februari 2022 kl 04:37

Ja, milda tider vilka fruktansvärt
vidriga djurförsök
som människor tänker ut!

Vi ska visa omtanke och respekt för hela skapelsen.

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Magnus Lindgren
18 december 2021 kl 21:40

Någon som tänker klart.
Frågan är om det sker försent?
Någon borde ju rimligtvis granska elbolagens kostnader för 5G nätverken kontra stigande sjukdomstal.
Nu är det ju iofs vaccinerna som i högre grad bidrar till spikproteiner än aerosoler med Sars-Cov men det vore spännande att ringa kraft och telekom-bolag för att se vilken frekvens de ligger på.
Skulle inte Försvarsmakten och Polisen licensiera 5G i Mars nästa år?
Det skulle ju korrekt korrelera med en Rysk invasion.
Såna frågor måste Svensken definitivt börja arbeta lite med.
Lite intellektuell spänst.

Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren
Reply to  Fredrik Eriksson
20 december 2021 kl 15:30

Tack Fredrik!


Den dyra likgiltigheten
Publicerad den 5 november, 2017
Likgiltigheten hos våra myndigheter, våra politiker kan bli dyr, försämrad folkhälsa hos flera generationer och allt större kostnad för sjuka människor som inte kan arbeta


Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Fredrik Eriksson
15 februari 2022 kl 20:43

Bumpar upp tråden nu inför stundande regerings-kris,corona-kris,
skuldmättnads-kris och energi-kris.

Allt i den stora mammons-namn…

Conny LundbergD
Reply to  petergrfstrm
23 december 2021 kl 22:51

Arthur Firstenbergs bok: “The Invisible Rainbow” tar upp strålningens effekter på människors hälsa långt innan någon Covididé fanns och påpekar att alla större teknikgenombrott som innebär utökad strålning har framkallat symtom som kopplats till allehanda epidemiutbrott. Att det var virus som utlöste alla dessa epidemier verkar väldigt underligt när man ser kopplingen mellan 1.större strålningskällor och 2. epidemier.

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Conny Lundberg
15 februari 2022 kl 20:42

Oerhört viktig bok!

Tillsammans med The Bad War av Ms King tillhör den faktiskt
stapelvaran en kunskapsretoriker bör erhålla.

Givetvis Fluoride The Aging Factor också men det är som
Trafikmagasinets redaktör brukade säga, lite lull-lull.

Reply to  petergrfstrm
18 februari 2022 kl 22:21

inte mycket till kunskap. Studera gärna mer så kanske du upptäcker lite mer? Kanske även hur strålning typ 5G dvs mikrovågor, påverkar oss. Detta är känt sedan 1950-talet, långt innan du var född.

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
16 december 2021 kl 20:14

Mycket bra som vanligt.

Tyvärr hamnar väl det mesta i skuggan av kung krona.
Men utan sitt vapensystem (5G) för kontroll, övervakning och styrning så skulle ju plandemin fallera.

Aga Wilson
Aga Wilson
Agnieszka "Aga" Wilson is a humanitarian, human rights advocate, and social entrepreneur. Her experience involves working as a global consultant on human rights, policy development, and international training, for non-profits, NGOs, and the United Nations in New York. Wilson holds a Master's of Political Science. She also worked as an adjunct professor at St. John's University teaching on media, communication, and international relations.