Luke Rudkowski: “The dam holding the official narrative keeps breaking”

publicerad 13 januari 2022
- Guest writer
Luke Rudkowski (2017). Foto: We Are Change, eget arbete.

OPINION. In the video above, I break down that message via Rand Paul, who is continuing to expose Dr. Fauci for the liar and hypocrite that he is. Fortunately, we now have an American public that is more distrustful of Dr. Fauci than ever.

According to a News Nation poll, only 31% of Americans trust Fauci’s advice.

Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with the president is almost at an all-time high.

And even Bloomberg and the New York Times are running stories questioning the effectiveness of Fauci and Biden’s be-all, end-all solution, the procedure.

Additionally, in today’s video, I cover Prince Andrew being stripped of royal titles and patronages as his civil case moves forward,

Boris Johnson is being called out for partying it up during his lockdowns

And German police using restaurant contract tracing data to hunt down witnesses in a death investigation.

By Luke Rudkowski, We Are Change

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