The successful covid doctor Dr. Zelenko is worried about his life

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publicerad 10 januari 2022
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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Photo:

Dr. Zelenko, who has successfully treated thousands of patients with his model protocol used by many front-line doctors— is now worried about his life.


Hi, this is Dr. Zelenko. I’m requesting of my followers a call to action. The government now is desperate. The tyrants know that their end is coming. They are dug in. They are going to go now to full totalitarian tyranny trying to suppress voices like myself.

First of all, I’m not suicidal. Second, I’m doing much better. My health is fine. If I die or disappear, it has nothing to do with any of that, and you know what the source of it is. It’s an assassination attempt on the truth by suppressing my voice and voices like me.

If you look at the article attached to this video, you’ll see that there is going to be an attempt to sanction doctors like myself, take away our licenses, vilify, and so on. My request for fellow physicians and my request for anyone who is listening is to go in the exact opposite direction.

Rise up as this is a civil war for freedom, hopefully, in a nonviolent way. We need civil disobedience. We need to say no to the demented puppet in the White House and all these tyrannical lies from people like Fauci, NIH, CDC, and FDA. All these organizations are nothing more than prostitutes and whorehouses.

It’s time to rise up now if you want your children to live free and have an opportunity to thrive with God-consciousness. It is now time to rise up and sacrifice because the freedom of our children is dependent on what we do right now.

I am not advocating for violence. I’m advocating for civil disobedience. Rise up and say, “No to the poison death shot.” Completely reject today’s government, which is nothing more than the enemy of the people, the enemy of humanity, and the enemy of God.

Source: Dr Zelenko på Twitter

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