Patent Proves Vaxx is an “Obedience Training Platform” – Karen Kingston

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publicerad 16 februari 2022
- T. Sassersson
Karen Kingston. Foto: eget verk

SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY. Stew Peters Show featured Dr. Carrie Madej, who showed slides of suspicious content that she found under a microscope inside the vials of mRNA vaccines. The Show also featured Dr. Zandre Botha, who said that she also found strange artifacts. In this episode, Stew Peters talked to Karen Kingston who is a Pfizer-insider och BioTech-analytic. All of them are saying that these artifacts are some sort of “injectable computing devices.”

Karen Kingston says that patents that she has uncovered are proof that this is some sort of an obedience controlling platform. Kingston claims all of it is connected showing patents to prove it.

Transcript: external source | Video: Stew Peters Show, October 11, 2021

Extract from the Interview

Karen Kingston: Yes, Stew, thanks for having me back again. I do have evidence that all of what they’re saying is true. Let’s start with the main challenge. The main issue is that Americans thought they were getting their ticket back to their liberties and freedom by being vaccinated. When actually, it is a gateway to an obedience platform and potentially an execution platform if you are not obedient based on your score.

Let’s go to the original patent I brought up with you last week, Patent No. 2021/0082583. Remember now; this patent talks about having a plurality of devices that connect to external servers, including apps.

Per this patent, Section 0378, you may be needed to download a mandatory dedicated app. What it says is that:

“…in view of the pandemic, the government may order the citizens to install a dedicated application on their smartphones to help the government with the logistics of vaccination procedures.”

It goes on to say that:

“In some embodiments, the app and/or the smart device is configured to inform on the users’ location at all times and to communicate with adjacent smart devices (via Bluetooth, for example) to assess the interactions between users, for example, vicinity between users, movement of users, etc.”

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They have algorithms for that, which we went over last week as well as how they do the scoring model. You may say, well, that sounds a bit extreme. The patent goes on to say in Section 0380 that:

“… the app will send a communication to the user to enhance his awareness to behavioral rules during the pandemic, to come and be vaccinated, to avoid certain locations, which are at high risk of contagion.”

Again, this may sound surreal, but just last week in Western Australia, they launched the G2G App. It’s called “G2G Now.” If you go to their homepage, “What is G2G now?” listen to what it is. It is an app that:

“…is a tool to help the Western Australian Police protect the community by conducting remote, virtual in-app checks on people in quarantine. The app uses facial verification technology and phone location data to ensure people in quarantine remain at their address throughout the quarantine period.”

It goes on to say that you will:

“…receive push notifications to check-in, and you have a 5-minute warning window to take a photo of yourself, and that image will be matched to your location.”

It goes on to say well:

“What if I’m sleeping, or showering, or I didn’t respond because I wasn’t near my phone?”

Well, don’t worry.

“The G2G Now is designed to make people’s lives easier, not harder. If you miss your check-in window, you’ll be sent a second check-in time. If you miss the second request, the app will prompt you to give a reason. The police will determine whether further action, if any, is required such as a physical check-in from the police.”

It goes on to say, well,

“What if I miss my check-in window multiple times? Will I get fined?”

It says, well:

“you’ll be prompted to give a reason, and if it happens too many times, this can result in a fine of up to $50,000 or imprisonment.”

It goes on to say:

“Does the app track or record my location?”

Yes, it does.

This is a great question.

“What if I’m quarantined at the same address as my partner, but I’m asked to check-in much more regularly than he is? Is there something wrong with my app?”

No, there’s nothing wrong with your app.

The randomized schedules give authorities the ability to check in on people’s requirements. It’s not unusual for people to receive check-in requests at different times a day or more than others.”

And then I really like this last question because remember you get a notification saying we want to make sure you are where you say you are and that you haven’t left the vicinity that we said you’re required to. So, you just got to take a photo. You could be sleeping, showering, in the middle of playing with your children, making dinner. So, you just got to take a photo of yourself.

The question is will my photos only be used for this app and quarantine compliance purposes, or will they will be kept on police records? It says here that it:

“…is collected through the G2G Now app for monitoring quarantine arrangements. It’s not collected for general policing purposes.”

It sounds like the app is only for policing purposes, by the way. It says the information will be stored and used only as permitted or required by law.

Well, we live in a tyrannical fascist state now. That means the government now owns everything about you, including your images, where you live, what you do, and your time. Apparently, your time, what you do with your time, is now owned by the government.

Stew Peters: I want everybody to understand that this isn’t just something Karen Kingston is making up, dreaming up. She’s not wearing a tinfoil hat. This is no conspiracy theory. This is actually proven, publicly discoverable. She brought the receipts. We are showing them on the screen. This is a patent.

Now, we’ve also reported previously, Karen, on the fact that Australia is already implementing this behavior or obedience controlling manipulating platform by already enforcing this. Take a picture, take a selfie, be where you are supposed to be, or the police will come and check on your type of process. I mean, this is not something to play around with. This is not some wild, fictional novel here. This is reality; this is happening. It’s happening in Australia right now, and it is coming here.

Now, think about the military. The military is now subjected to the same obedience training. Oftentimes, things are developed for good and then hijacked for evil. Imagine a military being able to, by remote control, be turned on its own citizens.

Karen Kingston. Foto: eget verk
Karen Kingston. Foto: eget verk

Karen Kingston: That’s exactly the point, Stew. For those saying, well, this is an external app, and last week, Karen said, the device could be a smart device inside you. There is no evidence that it has anything to do with the COVID-19 vaccines.

Let’s go back to the patent. If you go to Section 0352, it says:

“…vaccines are all compounds as disclosed in the website of the World Health Organization.”

Then you go to the World Health Organization link, it says “COVID-19-candidate-vaccines” right here, in the patent. Then it goes on to say:

“…which are all incorporated herein by reference, which is optionally provided, for example, as a kit with software such as described herein and/or provided with instructions for use targeting potential super spreaders detected.”

You’re like, well, I didn’t get a kit, and I didn’t get instructions. Keep in mind on December 13th in 2016, under the Obama Care Act Section 3024; it was passed that:

“during a EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] and under clinical research, informed consent was waived if informed consent is not in the best interest of a human subject to know.”

So, if our government decided we shouldn’t know we were injected with a smart device, it’s not in our best interest, then that would not be disclosed to us.

If you go on to the patent, they might not want us to know because Section 0400 it goes over how the vaccine potency is based on your behavior. Again, this is an obedience device.

“…the system is used to identify which individuals will receive which types of vaccines in relation to their potency. For example, individuals that received and/or were identified as a high super spreader score would be vaccinated with a more potent vaccine.”

So, if you’re not obedient, you will get a more potent vaccine.

It goes on to Section 0408, where you’re like, well, if I know I’m not being obedient, or I’m going to get a more potent vaccine, then I’m not going to show up for my check-in. But the reason why you may not know is that they want to ensure your healthcare privacy. It’s so private that you may not even be informed that your health is at risk.

So, 0408 verbatim:

“In some embodiments, the notification for getting treatment may or may not contain information regarding the results of the calculations. For example, an individual that was identified as a super spreader may or may not receive information about the fact that he was identified as such. The potential advantage of not providing such information is to further enhance the privacy protection of the user.”

Now, again, if you still believe that this is for our health and that we are at risk for a cold, Section 0004 explains why we need a smart device inside of us and for our government to determine whether or not we need to be injected with biological agents. Let’s be clear these are biological weapons. Because of the pandemic:

“is most contagious during the first three days after the onset of symptoms, although the spread is possible before symptoms appear after they disappear, and from people who show very mild symptoms or do not show symptoms at all.”

So, you could be very sick, not know it, have no symptoms, feel perfectly healthy, be identified as a super spreader. Still, because they are concerned about your safety and your personal privacy, the government isn’t going to tell you that you’re at high risk and inject you with a potent vaccine.

But don’t worry, if you go to Section 0409, you may be eligible to be put on warning or get a Coupon Code. Verbatim from this patent:

“…dedicated codes, for example, in the form of coupons, will be provided to all individuals having important or relevant professions like doctors and police.”

“…insertion of the codes into their personal electronic devices will inform the system that the encrypted/anonymized user needs correction in their score.”

“…the correction can be either increasing the score or decreasing the score.”

Maybe you’re a police officer, or perhaps you are a…

Stew Peters: If you are a cop and you are willing to enforce this tyranny, your score will drop. Therefore, you won’t need to be controlled with a more potent dose. If you are a doctor and are willing to participate in the hospitals’ “killing fields” or the new “ovens” and prescribe this controlling obedience platform, your score will go down because you are compliant.

Karen Kingston: Exactly, Stew, that’s what it is. But if they want to read the full patent, that’s true; they are safe for a while, maybe weeks, months, or years; who knows.

But if you go into Section 006, this came out of a publication called Prioritization strategies for pandemic influenza vaccine in 27 countries of the European Union and Global Health Security Action Group, which is now 38 nations, 38 members – the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This patent, strategies for vaccination; overall, they are saying that what is best for these developed countries is this vaccination strategy.

They prioritize the strategies during pandemic times, but its conclusions are limited to the critical groups. For example, health care providers, doctors, nurses, laboratories, hospitals, essential service providers such as police and firefighters, public secretary personnel, government personnel, and high-risk individuals such as pregnant women and children. So, at some point, you will be prioritized to be vaccinated.

Let me explain why because there is a reason. Blinken, our Secretary of State, has made a commitment to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to roll out an artificial intelligence organization to be integrated across these global communities.

Lynne Parker, Director of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative at the White House, called into the OECD Meeting on October 4th. She said:

“We must prepare the future and the present US workforce for integration of AI systems across all sectors of the economy and society.”

She goes on to say; this is on October 4th. Keep in mind this was just a few weeks ago_

“Our goal is to fill the AI talent gap…”

As if AI is another group of human beings. There is an AI talent gap:

“…and prepare US workers for jobs of the future by implementing policies that ensure a diverse, inclusive, and knowledgeable workforce. We would like to see the integration of AI-related concepts of schooling from kindergarten and even pre-kindergarten through doctoral positions, including community colleges…”

They are committed to replacing the American people with artificial intelligence. If you google Reuters, our favorite publication [sarcasm], beginning in January this year, there are numerous articles from a company in Hong Kong that is ready to deploy an AI Healthcare Workforce – right now. It was Sophia; “she” is evolved to Grace. You can find that information online. It’s very easy to find.

Stew Peters: Unbelievable. This is horrific, and this is exactly what we have been warning about. We speculated this; we knew that this was coming. We said this. We were blasted all over the mainstream media by these arbiters of lies, so-called fact-checkers owned by the government and paid for by the globalists who want you dead.

And they mislabeled us, didn’t they because we were “conspiracy theorists” yesterday, “truth-tellers” today. All of this is all coming to light. How can they get away with this? How can they get away from this now that it’s exposed? What are you recommending that people do? I only have a couple of minutes left here. I could talk to you all day.

Karen Kingston: I recommend that people look at the facts, look at the evidence and understand that when someone has malicious intentions and sociopathy, they do not tell you they’re going to harm and violate you. They tell you whatever it is you need to hear in order for them to accomplish their goal.

And I want to say, I am sorry. I am sorry to the American people, I am sorry to healthcare workers, and I am sorry to the US Military. You have been betrayed by General Milley. You have been betrayed by Lloyd Austin. You’ve been betrayed by Biden and many, many other leaders.

Transcript: external source | Video: Stew Peters Show

Who is Karen Kingston?

“Karen Kingston is a pharmaceutical and medical device business analyst. She has over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, sales, public speaking, and strategic consulting. As an executive strategist, her clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 leaders, including Allergan, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. She has developed key messaging, business plans, pricing strategies, global campaigns, go-to-market strategies, and other core marketing assets for inline products and blockbuster launches.

She began her career as a top-performing Pfizer sales representative in NYC and was quickly recruited to the marketing side of the business. She played an integral role in the re-launch of VIAGRA shifting the focus to younger men and empowering patients to speak to their doctors about Viagra. She has led sales training, marketing, and communication workshops and has appeared on FOX, MSNBC, and CBS as the spokeswoman and Director of US Marketing for InnoVision Labs.

In 2007, Karen founded Varitage. She specializes in improving lead generation, nurturing, and conversion for B2B and B2C customers. Karen works closely with her clients and team to provide actionable insights to make real-time, well-informed strategic decisions that result in significant improvements across critical marketing KPI’s.”

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