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Swedish Freedom Convoy Against the Digital Slave ID, Fuel Prices and C-19 Jabs – Report

Torbjorn Sassersson is the founder of a news and debate channel that started in 2011. Sassersson (bachelor of science) has worked within media since 1995.
publicerad 21 februari 2022
- T. Sassersson
Johannes Haddad, Feb 19, 2022. Photo:

THE EDITOR. During the past weekend, truckers and intellectual freedom-loving people in Sweden arranged a small version of Canada’s Freedom Trucker Convoy. They protested against the proposed universal Digital ID that comes with mandatory injections and green vaccine passports. And of course, they protested against the high fuel prices. Sweden has the highest diesel fuel price in the world at 2,3 USD per liter.

The expectations of the first Swedish Freedom Convoy were great but Sweden is a half-sleeping country. The protest did not gain full force, at least this time. The socialist government has for half a century delicately fine-tuned exactly how to control people so that they won’t rise up against the socio capitalistic Wallenberg machinery. The frogs are cooked slowly with great precision.

When the covid crisis started in 2019-20 the socialist liberal government handled the people and the situation with caution. There were no lockdowns and the restrictions were moderate. All the Swedes adjusted and followed suit anyway because they generally trust the government’s assessments.

As usual, the government-friendly mass media and state-controlled public service scared the people to take the jabs as the one and only solution for covid. The government played the role of trust and security by pushing the health authority as a knowledgeable front.

The current leading experts in slow frog cooking are Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Social Minister Lena Hallengren and their side-kick Anders Tegnell from The Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Socialminister Lena Hallengren. Foto: SVT play
Social minister Lena Hallengren. Photo: SVT play

Social minister Lena Hallengren wants to map out and mop up the uninjected

Lena Hallengren is known for her statement about tracking down all uninjected people in Sweden:

“We [the government] add resources to all regions to facilitate the work. It’s about  doing the homework, try to map out who is not vaccinated, where are they living, what are they doing, how old are they?”SVT 1 Rapport, December 23, 2021

Sweden is now one of the most fully covid vaccinated countries in the world. Nobody should expect anything less. Then came the adverse side effects, and the palliative care aimed at the covid patients that looked more like a fast-forward of the old people right into their graves. We all know the story.

Beware of the Wallenbergs – A shady financial family

One of the participators of the Swedish Convoy says we have to keep an eye on the Swedish financial family Wallenberg that work by the motto, to act without being seen. Wallenberg’s close affiliation with The Social Democratic Party was scrutinized in the book “Sweden – Closed institution” (“Sverige – sluten anstalt”) by Ulf Nilsson, a well-known and now deceased Swedish journalist. The book pans out the workings of the Wallenbergs since the 1950:th behind closed doors.

“The State (read: Social Democratic Party) became a power machine, dependent on creating ever more helplessness, dependence – and thus lack of freedom.”

The convoy participant also points out the significance of the companies like Vanguard and Blackrock. He says the financial elite wants to crush all minor businesses replacing them with mega-corporations like Amazon.

One way of doing that is increasing the fuel prices. Sweden now has the world’s highest price for diesel fuel at 2,3 USD per liter.

Glenn Dormer (MD). Photo: T. Sassersson,
Glenn Dormer (MD). Photo: T. Sassersson,

The riots in Kazakhstan was about frozen bank accounts of the uninjected

Glenn Dormer a Medical Doctor, says the coming digital ID will drive us all into a bank-controlled slave society. The vaccines play an important part in enabling the digital control grid. If you are not vaccinated or have a low social credit score, for that matter, you may not be able to buy food or fuel. You may not be able to access your own digital money at all.

Dormer says the riots in Kazakhstan in early January 2022 were really not primarily about fuel prices but a government that overnight froze the bank accounts of all unvaccinated people.

The Swedish convoy ended up outside the Austrian Embassy in Stockholm on Saturday. On Sunday the demonstrators gathered outside the Embassy of Canada to show sympathy for the Canadian people and their freedom truckers.

Swedish Freedom Convoy - Johannes Haddad, Feb 19, 2022. Photo:
Johannes Haddad, Feb 19, 2022. Photo:

Change of Road Captain for the Swedish Freedom Convoy

At 7.49 in the video, there is a glimpse of Johannes Haddad who was supposed to be the road captain of the convoy but the Swedish police management threatened him with a fine of about 10.000 USD if he continued with the role as road captain.

Instead, the real estate investor Martin Zetterstedt accepted the role, leading the convoy from Västberga, an industrial area to Stockholm City, to the Austrian Embassy.

Mikael Nordfors, 19 Feb, 2022. Photo:
Mikael Nordfors (MD), 19 Feb, 2022. Photo:

40% increase in mortality of the injected workforce

Another Medical Doctor (unlicensed due to his political incorrectness) Mikael Nordfors spoke freely about the downside of the covid vaccinations in the world. He talked about the severe adverse reactions, the deadly side effects such as blood clotting, strokes, cardiac arrests.

We may conclude a 40% increase in mortality of the working population in the U.S. according to life insurance statistics, he says. There is a seven-fold increase in stomach bowel cancer, twentyfold in high blood pressure, and a ten-fold increase in neurological damages in the U.S.

Many Swedes are still unaware

There is an estimated group of 20% that refuse to take the jabs in Sweden. These people are vocal about what they think about the jabs and the digital control grid. They are in the know. There is another part of the population that understood that something is terribly wrong in society, still unaware of what is going on. They remain quiet.

The majority still believes in government-controlled public service and the breast milk provided by the State.

By Torbjorn Sassersson, editor and founder of

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