Jimmy Dore: Big Media Hides US’ Desire to Stop a Gas Pipeline, Stimulate Weapons Sales and Get Ukraine into NATO

publicerad 7 mars 2022
- Guest writer
Jimmy Dore Show, March 6,2022

“While the mainstream US media chant with one voice for war and to place full responsibility for the Ukraine crisis on Russia, a cursory investigation of NATO’s meddling in Ukraine’s affairs for more than a decade reveals how economic interests of weapons manufacturers and the fossil fuel industry have led to the military conflict we’re experiencing today.” Jimmy Dore.

Jimmy Dore mentioned the commercial benefits of NATO in Europe. NATO means more weapons sales and to sell more weapons NATO needs an enemy i.e. Russia. Also, the U.S. backed up the coup in Ukraine in 2014 to oust the Russian friendly government that the US later replace with a NATO friendly leadership. The coup used neo nazis to be successful, says Dore. A third reason behind the current war in Ukraine is that the US didn’t want the Russians to build a gas pipeline through Ukraine to Germany.

Source: The Jimmy Dore Show on YouTube


  • Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté (Mate.substack.com) discuss western and NATO complicity in the war between Russia and Ukraine

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