Documentary Series: “Headwind” First Episode with Dr. Robert Malone

publicerad 7 april 2022
- av NewsVoice
Dr. Robert Malone. Photo: Epoch Times

FILM. "In the first episode of Headwind, exclusively broadcast by EpochTV, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA gene transfer technology on which the new generation of COVID-19 vaccines is based, is interviewed by Jakobien Huisman at Finca Don Carmelo, a small homestead farm in Andalusia.

Dr. Malone, being a farmer himself, feels clearly in his element in this rural setting, prompting him to be more personal than usual."

Watch the trailer on Epoch Times | Premiere April 9, 8:30 PM ET

"His wife, Jill Glasspool, who always accompanies her husband on his travels, is introduced when the crew takes Dr. Malone on a mini trip to the city of Ronda, where the dramatic and spectacular gorge spanned by a 19th-century bridge—which, during the Spanish Civil War, was used to “deplatform” adversaries—creates the ideal backdrop for an insightful interview with the two scientists."

Mark Sanders, director
Alain Grootaers, journalist
Jakobien Huisman, journalist

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