Brittany Galvin was Injured by the Moderna Covid Shot and Ended Up in a Detox Clinic

publicerad 15 juli 2022
- av Aga Wilson
Brittany Galvin (photo handout) and Aga Wilson (photo: Perspektiv TV)

VACCINE INJURIES. In this episode, Brittany Galvin joins me, sharing her true story about her Covid-19 vaccine injury and how that has affected her life. We get in to how difficult it is to receive help when the doctors aren’t sure about what is happening to the vaccine injured and have a hard time determining the diagnosis.

Interview and text by Aga Wilson, Aga Wilson Show | Photo: Solar Seven

We talk about her journey to a healthier life and how she has been able to heal through natural and holistic protocols. Brittany tells me how she got censored on social media and attacked by hundreds of people for speaking out about her experience and gives great advice on how people can deal with that.

Interview and text by Aga Wilson, Aga Wilson Show | is an Independent News and Debate Channel

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Brittany Galvin (, 36 year old mother and wife to a US first responder. Vice president of sales to a national PEO. Got the Moderna vaccines in march and may 2021 in order to get back to work. (We we’re on a stay at home order at the time and my income depended on me getting back to work). After 4 hospital trips, 23 doctors and more than 25 out of hospital appointments, I was diagnosed with vaccine induced Guillain barre syndrome, neuropathic pots, gastroparesis, memory loss, pericarditis, and much more.

I have blogged my daily life through this journey on social media, and in turn I was threatened, gaslit, deleted from Instagram and Facebook, belittled and attacked. The journey has been traumatic but at the same time it has been incredibly eye opening. I have transitioned from feeling and (being) injured, to sharing my healing journey with the world. Thus, not broken. Hoping I can help those who need it.

When I first became injured, there was nobody like me out there. Nobody to watch, talk to or ask for help. Therefore I decided I would always be that person for whoever needed it. I started a campaign called “just a buck” where I raise awareness and (funds) for the injured. I’ve helped 19 individuals and raised over $40,000 so far and every penny went directly to the recipients.

I’m grateful every day I’m still alive, but I am still suffering daily, and I’m hoping I can raise enough awareness to help make massive changes in how people like me are treated, both by the medical community and the general population.