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Dr. Michael Yeadon: The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written


OPINION. Dear everyone, who is nervously looking around and is asking “What the hell is going on?”

By: Dr. Michael Yeadon (Telegram, robinmg) | This text was first posted on Substack

I hope this isn’t too controversial. It’s certainly frightening, but I believe we are still on the right side of disaster & if enough of us become aware of what is happening here & everywhere in the democratic world, we can recover the situation. We really don’t have long. I believe it’s likely things will change irretrievably over this coming winter. Hence this urgent and unusual request.

Everything that’s happened and is happening becomes much simpler and it all makes sense, only when you force yourself to think the impossible.

If you experimentally adopt the position that our government is actively working to harm us, to dismantle modern society, and enslave all people in a digitally controlled totalitarian world, it all fits. Nothing is surplus.

Even if your immediate response is that this is absurd, please try it for a day or so.

I ask you further to adopt the experimental position that the media, controlled by just six global corporations, all allied to a single global organization you’ve all heard of, is relentlessly lying to you and has been doing so for over 2.5 years. Same for the internet, controlled by fewer global corporations, also all allied to that same global organization.

Because I am certain it’s true. I am certain because this all started with a scientific fraud relating to a virus, augmented it with a relentless campaign of fear, imposed measures known to be useless, which wrecked the economy and smashed civil society, then coerced most to accept useless, unnecessary, ineffective and deliberately dangerous injections. Obviously, this is an odious crime. Nothing like it has ever happened.

I’ve been 41 years in life sciences from training to successful biotech CEO and was worldwide research head and Vice President of Pfizer’s respiratory unit (1995-2011).

I have absolutely no incentive to say any of this if I wasn’t certain.

I am certain. This all took place “in my wheelhouse”, my domain of expertise.

Please consider what I’ve said.

’’I’ve given over 70 interviews, all censored. I’ve been fully smeared. It’s propaganda. It tells you what they’re capable of.

Here’s what Pfizer’s former board member wrote about my accomplishments:

Forbes: Turning Pfizer Discards Into Novartis Gold: The Story Of Ziarco

Do I sound like a fool?

Many have asked why people didn’t resist tyrants in the past. Partly it is fear. But it’s more than that. It’s those normal people, like you and me, who simply cannot imagine being so evil. We trust in humanity. And so we should. Most people are good. Few are truly terrifyingly horrible. But some are. It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stopped people objecting when they should, when the evidence was unmistakable but had not yet quite reached their door, their family.

They are coming for you and your children. It is happening again. There’s ample evidence emerging of long-term, patient planning. I’m so sorry.

It’s now up to you. I genuinely don’t see what else I can do.

By: Dr. Michael Yeadon (Telegram, robinmg) | This text was first posted on Substack

Yeadon: Please repost [this text] EVERYWHERE.

Guest writer
Guest writer
NewsVoice welcomes knowledgeable guest writers who wish to share facts, information, and opinions that will enrich our content and the truth-seeking community.


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Rita Ekholm
Rita Ekholm
9 september 2022 kl 14:20

Tyvärr är jag i dagsläget säker att Dr. Michael Yeadon har rätt, frågan blir, hur väcka det sovande folket som fortfarande köar för nya gratissprutor.
Vi kommer snart få se många barn ställa frågan till sina föräldrar, ”hur kunde ni låta det ske.”
Vi kämpade själv in i kaklet med vår 19 åring för att stoppa sprutan efter alla påtryckningar från skolan, pappan fick bara svar från skolan att grabben bestämmer själv, han hotade med polisanmälan om någon rör grabben med PCR tester eller sprutor.  
Slutligen fick vi honom själv o lova att vänta, idag skullen han inte i några omständigheter längre ta sprutan
Uppvaknandet går alldeles för långsamt, tiden tar snart slut   

1 september 2022 kl 17:32

Tack Dr. Michael Yeadon för att du finns och för allt du gjort.
Jag och min fru är ovaccinerade och det mycket tack vare dig.
Har skickat all din information till många av mina vänner och som tur är det en del som lyssnat och inte brytt sig om att vaccinera sig.
Vi mår alla bra idag så att inte vaccinera sig var helt rätt beslut.

1 september 2022 kl 16:49

Lite läsvärt om dagen situation av Peter Krabbe med titeln “Förräderiet”: https://peterkrabbe.wordpress.com/2022/08/12/forraderiet/

Kommer mest att sakna det stora varuutbudet i våra livsmedelsbutiker, snart slut på festen enligt WEF, nu skall hundratals miljoner människor plågas och svältas ihjäl.

1 september 2022 kl 15:12

Ja det lär kunna bli helvetets höga nivåer på jorden

1 september 2022 kl 14:21

Faantastisk artikel fr en faantastisk Människa, en äkta inkännande människa. F ö, Vaken.se har en artikel om Palme som underrättelseagent..Det är inte den som är intresserant, jo i sig men det är skåpmat att alla som når dom ‘positionerna’ måste ingå i wshington/city of ‘london’ ‘ gänget.

Palme, Boman, Erlander, Feldt och flera andra försökte hålla sig på armlängds avstånd fr dessa banditer som idag, än mer härjar världens alla befolkningar. Vad som är bra med artikeln är, länken till White tv som gör intervjun. Där finns ytterligare länkar bl a till David Icke och hans långvariga forskning kring vad i h….e det är som sker i vår tillvaro

Guest writer
Guest writer
NewsVoice welcomes knowledgeable guest writers who wish to share facts, information, and opinions that will enrich our content and the truth-seeking community.