Vaccine researcher Dr Byram Bridle: All decision makers without scientific integrity must be replaced

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publicerad 30 oktober 2022
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Dr. Byram Bridle. Photo: Bright Light News

Dr. Byram Bridle, a world-renowned Canadian vaccinologist and viral immunologist feels grave concern for the future of the mRNA-injected. At the expense of his reputation and professional career, but always with the children’s future in mind, Bridle took up the fight to bring out the facts about the covid vaccines and to change the industrialized social system.

Text by Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice | Video interview by Glen Jung, Bright Light News

We get mRNA via food based on animals that are vaccinated, explains Bridle, who states that mRNA vaccines have been used for a relatively long time on animals in animal industrial production. We are now seeing an increased virulence of infections in humans and the question is whether we are getting sicker than we should.

“Virulence comes from the word virus which means poison. The term virulence refers to the degree to which a pathogenic microorganism can induce disease in a host cell” – Wikipedia

Byram Bridle regularly reports on the latest data on the dangers of the vaccines, including the detection of Messenger RNA (mRNA) in human breast milk, something Bridle wrote about on Substack. Spreading of mRNA via breast milk is an example of so-called “shedding”.

Since we now know that mRNA is precipitated from person to person via breast milk, how much precipitation occurs from animal foods such as meat, milk and eggs to humans? To know for sure, research needs to be conducted on this, says Bridle.

He says there are no safe levels of mRNA because it has never been defined. However, we know that mRNA does not have a natural stopping function once it enters human cells. It continues to mass-produce nail proteins and it is especially serious in infants who have a very active metabolism.

He also explains that a potential risk with serious consequences is that a regular intake of animal products that contain mRNA against various specific viruses can lead to the body reacting by increasing tolerance levels for the viruses that the animals were vaccinated against.

The consequence can be that the human immune system “learns” not to act against these viruses, with the result that we become more ill in case of infection because the immune system has lowered its guard.

People who are easily manipulated by the medical industry must be replaced by people with integrity

Byram Bridle was initially unaware that Health Canada, the agency that regulates and ensures the safety of food and pharmaceutical products, was controlled by Big Pharma until covid arrived. He found, like everyone else who examined authorities, health policy, and universities, that everywhere there is the active influence and control of the pharmaceutical industry through lobbying, favors, and bribes.

All health authorities must be purged and all people who blindly or knowingly follow the wishes of the industry must be replaced, says Bridle, adding that there is no room for forgiveness and forgetting about all the harm these people have caused society.

The reason is that the entire infrastructure that damaged society is already established, so there is no possibility of pretending that forgiveness and forgetting can change anything for the better at all.

What needs to go into the education and government systems are people with integrity, above all a scientific one, says Bridle. Researchers and decision-makers must be allowed to express doubts. Censorship must end. Scientific freedom and a scrutinizing dialogue must be re-established. Politicians must not be allowed to behave as if they are doctors and health experts.

Bridle says that for a year now he has been constantly attacked by some of his former colleagues, despite the fact that representatives from within the vaccine industry publicly admit that the vaccines cause damage such as myocarditis.

Despite the fact that both defective vaccine researchers and spokespersons in the vaccine industry today say that the vaccines cause damage, mRNA injections continue to be pushed in the world. All this must change.

Text by Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice | Video interview by Glen Jung, Bright Light News


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