Canadian Doctors: The Vaccinated Deserves Justice for their Injuries

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publicerad 3 oktober 2022
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Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Dr. Charles Hoffe and Dr. Cris Vleck. Photo: own work. Source: Bright Light News

COVID JABS. Charles Hoffe and Stephen Malthouse, Canadian doctors vilified for daring to uphold their oath and share the truth about Covid-19 “vaccines,” join co-founder Cris Vleck at, to give a voice and support to those who did what they were asked: get “vaccinated” to protect themselves and others to stop the “pandemic.”

Instead, they suffered injuries and were then ignored and ridiculed for making such claims. The U.S. OPENVAERS system reporting over 1.4 million adverse events and 31,000 deaths is a small testament to the incontrovertible fact that something seriously dangerous and unjust is afoot.

Join Drs. Hoffe and Malthouse and Vleck, as they discuss the 10-day touring campaign to bring Justice for the Vaccinated and visit if you or somebody you know has been injured to make a report and/or to receive support or to make a donation.

By Gord Parks at Bright Light News | Published October 2, 2022 | Republished with permission | Hashtags: #vaccineadverseevents, #vaccineinjuries

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