The Greater Reset and How To Exit the Old and Build the New

publicerad 1 oktober 2022
- av Aga Wilson
John Bush and Aga Wilson (photo: Perspective TV)

In this episode I interview John Bush who is a radical activist and entrepreneur from Texas, USA. John and I discuss “The Greater Reset”, an annual event that he founded so that people can come together and learn about how to live in a parallel system. We also talk about crypto currency and the pros and cons of it. Is it a good investment?

Interview: Aga Wilson Show | Text by Aga Wilson and Torbjorn Sassersson

John Bush is a radical activist and entrepreneur who lives in a ten-acre community in central Texas with his two kids and his fiancé and business partner Rebecca.

John talks about future communities and about the world he would like to build for future generations. According to him we are heading toward a technocratic society and there are definitely ways we can avoid getting there. He feels that the Covid-19 crisis revealed a lot and more people are seeing the truth and what is really going on. He shares his insights on what we can all do, to get out of the matrix.

Bush founded Live Free Academy. He co-founded Freedom Cells, and co-host The Greater Reset. John was inspired by libertarianism and Ron Paul and subsequently, became involved in politics founding a political action committee to help pass local and state liberty legislations.

In time, John realized that all his efforts were merely slowing the growth of tyranny, but not making anybody free. Therefore John switched his focus to agorism and the creation of parallel systems like alternative currencies, local food production systems, and mutual aid networks.

In 2005 John laid out his vision for Freedom Cells, peer-to-peer groups that work cooperatively to opt out of coercive systems. With the help of other activists and liberty lovers the Freedom Cell Network has now grown into a global community of over 33.000 “solutionaries”.

Live Free Academy seeks to educate and empower free people in their exit and build efforts. His ultimate goal is to the creation of sovereign communities of self-governing liberty lovers that are no longer dependent on the state to freely live their lives in peace and harmony with one another and the earth.

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Interview: Aga Wilson Show | Text by Aga Wilson and Torbjorn Sassersson

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