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Dr. Ryan Cole Explains What the Spike Proteins Do to Your Body

publicerad 16 december 2022
- Aga Wilson
Aga Wilson and Dr Ryan Cole, own works

MRNA VACCINES. Idaho based pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole joins Aga Wilson to talk about the post covid era and his views on the pandemic. Dr. Cole has been speaking out since the very beginning of the pandemic, risking his reputation and livelihood to save lives.

We also talk about the impact that the vaccination rollout has had on so many people and we look into the risks of the MRNa shots and the severe injuries happening globally. What are the future solutions, and where do we go from here?

Text: Aga Wilson | Video and transcript editing: T. Sassersson

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Quotes and edited transcript extracts 

Dr. Ryan Cole:

“I’m a board certified anatomic clinical pathologist. I trained at the Mayo Clinic. And so pathologist, we look through the microscope.”

“I’ve been a physician for 26 years. I’ve seen about 500,000 patients in my career, and I’ve run a large, independent medical laboratory for almost two decades.”

“I also did PhD work in immunology and virology. I did emergency medicine for four years, family medicine, dermatology.”

Aga Wilson:

“I know you spend a lot of time under the microscope during the pandemic, and you’ve seen a lot of things in regards to the mRNA and the damage that it does to the body.”

“It would be interesting to know what you have seen and concluded.”

Dr. Ryan Cole:

“So if you look at what happened the moment they said vaccine for a coronavirus, I knew we were going to have a problem, because historically, coronaviruses have always mutated ahead of any vaccine effort, and they always will.”

“And you’ve seen me joke about Dr. Fauci, we’re going to have an HIV vaccine. We’re going to do this coronavirus vaccine. The guy doesn’t understand virology. He really doesn’t. He’s a medical bureaucrat.”

“40 years later, his HIV vaccine has never come to fruition because you can’t vaccinate against something that constantly mutates. Well, if you understand virology, which I have a very good background in.

Coronaviruses do the same. So I knew when they said, oh, we can’t get out of this pandemic until everybody is vaccinated, that was completely antiscientific. Worse yet, our own Centers for Disease Control [CDC] changed the definition of a vaccine.

Vaccines usually consist of a killed protein or a killed whole organism and an adjuvant, which is injected into your arm. Your immune system hyper reacts to it, and the body starts to form antibodies and hopefully T-cell immunity, Cole explains.

This isn’t that. This is a gene. This is a gene wrapped in a lipid nanoparticle and polyethylene glycol. In order to get a gene injection approved, you have to go through rigorous years of research showing that it’s not going to cause mutation, that it’s not going to cause reproductive harm, that it’s not going to cause long-term autoimmune problems, etcetera.

The FDA has this long list. There are only about four gene-based products approved by the FDA. Those took like, ten years to get to market. Meanwhile, because of this, emergency and pandemic, they pushed forward quickly at the behest of whoever was pulling the levers behind all these agencies.

And was Fauci involved? Sure. Was the Department of Defense involved? Sure. Were there intelligence agencies involved? Sure. And they pushed forward this new technology of an mRNA sequence wrapped in these toxic lipid nanoparticles.

I mean, there are known toxicities, and they’re cumulative. So if you get one dose, the supposed advantage of a lipid nanoparticle is it goes everywhere. And so you only have to give one dose of chemotherapy, one dose of a gene for somebody with a genetic disorder.”

“That’s what these things were being developed for and they were never planned for multiple doses. So it’s a cumulative toxicity just with a lipid nanoparticle itself, let alone this gene.”

So now they hijack your body with this gene that was an emergency, rushed through without any of the required studies to be done. So our federal agencies here and a lot of agencies around the world just followed them, hey, we’re just going to waive all our own rules and we’re going to do whatever the heck we want, and then we’re going to threaten humanity and coerce them and threaten their jobs, threaten their livelihoods, threaten their travel if they don’t get an experimental shot into their body.”

“This is one of the worst crimes against humanity in history to coerce people into an experiment. And I thought we fixed this with the Helsinki Convention. I thought we fixed this with the Nuremberg.”

“And meanwhile, our memories are short, obviously, because people were brainwashed into thinking that, oh, no, this isn’t experimental. That’s because they used words to trick you and they used words to trick humanity.

Oh, it’s a vaccine. No, it’s not. It’s a gene-based injection. It’s an experiment so that lipid nanoparticle is toxic to the body. Now that your body gets hijacked into making a spike protein, [but] the cells of your body are meant to make human cells, your body cells.

This is a horrible idea from day one. Your cells right now are supposed to make Aga. My cells are supposed to make Ryan. My cells are not supposed to make toxic spike protein from a virus. And that’s what they’ve made your body do with this gene-based injection and it’s caused to harm to a lot of people.

And we have governments that aren’t acknowledging vaccine injury. So as a pathologist, what do I do? I look under the microscope. I like to say the cells don’t lie. The cells tell the truth. So as much as I may get criticized in the media, I don’t care.

I know what’s in front of me. A pathologist is an observer and a reporter. I observe what’s there. I report what’s there. Now I don’t get to pick what’s there, or what’s not there. If it’s there, I report it.

If it’s not, I say it’s not there. But when it’s there and you know it’s causing harm, my oath is first to do no harm. I have to report what’s there. So what are we seeing? We’re seeing a lot of inflammation in the body and a lot of inflammation of your blood vessels caused by this spike protein.

The spike protein will bind to receptors called pericytes around the blood vessels of the heart. Then it will get into the heart and then it can mess up your electrical system. Why are we seeing young people dying suddenly?

Well, it’s pretty explainable. I’ll send you some pictures to add to the presentation here of that spike protein in the heart. And then we have a control tissue. We look at the nuclei caccia protein and we know the virus isn’t there.

It’s only spike protein. And these patients that are passing on were recently vaccinated. We show that spike protein is in the brain but nothing is supposed to cross from your blood vessels into your brain tissue.

You want your brain getting that oxygen and energy and whatnot but you don’t want toxic molecules crossing the blood-brain barrier but the spike protein does that.

Also mitochondria are important. So these are the little factories inside every cell in your body that make energy they allow you to breathe. The spike protein damages that. Why are some people fatigued? Well, mitochondrial damage and then it allows other viruses to wake up.

It will mess up your ability to have a robust immune response. It’ll down-regulate a bunch of little receptors and now viruses wake up like Epstein Barr mononucleosis and other herpes family viruses. So it’s really across the board a disaster that we used something to make your own body make a spike protein.

So when we see these vaccine-injured patients, and there are a lot of them, it was interesting, a Zogby poll in the US showed that after the injections 15% of people had a new medical condition after the injections. Chronic medical condition. That’s huge. Think of how many billions have received these shots and 15% have a new medical condition, yet our governments won’t acknowledge it in many countries.

I don’t think a single penny has been paid out in the US to a vaccine-injured person yet.

And the media fluffs it over. So the spike protein is the toxic part of the virus. They put it into these mRNA shots, the DNA shot.

Here’s some hope for people. AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson are slightly different. They caused more clotting. We knew they would because we knew that in the 1980s and 1990s, doing gene therapy experiments with adenovirus, we knew those were clotting vectors. So different methods of harm.

They still have a lot of spike protein, but your body doesn’t keep producing it. This is my biggest concern, we don’t know when the body stops making spike protein.

There was a good study out of Stanford. A colleague, Dr. Roltkin, in the journal Cell, she shows they are in the lymph nodes. They did biopsies after the shot in the lymph nodes. One week later, mRNA is still there two, two weeks, five weeks, eight weeks, you know, and then they show in the lymph node, still making spikes, still making spikes up to a full two months.

And then they stopped the study so that they could publish. But what happened at 90 days and 120 days and 150, we don’t know. So that’s my bigger concern, and I’m not here to judge people. If you got one shot, don’t get a second.

If you got two, don’t get three. You’ve got three, don’t get four. It seems what we’re seeing in terms of harm, sudden deaths, cancer mechanisms, we can go into that if you want to scare people even more, but it seems it’s a cumulative dose, so don’t keep taking the toxin.

If your child’s sitting at the dinner table, you’re not going to sprinkle a little cyanide on their food and say, here’s some cyanide for poisoning. And the next night, okay, your body fought that off and cleared it. Let’s double up on the cyanide tonight. Let’s triple up.

And you wouldn’t do that, obviously. And I give a hyperbolic example because that’s how bad this is, what our medical authorities are trying to do to people.”

Aga Wilson:

“And my follow-up question to that is because I do work a lot with the vaccine injured. We’re seeing so extremely many different symptoms and injuries from just one vaccine, or, of course, the different bands.

But what is it that makes it so broad? There’s, like, side effect after side effect, and they’re listed by Pfizer and Moderna. Probably not all of them yet, but there are so many.”

Dr. Ryan Cole:

“There are, and here’s why. Because that lipid nanoparticle was originally designed to go take chemotherapy to the brain to cross that barrier I mentioned, but it also goes to the bone marrow, so now it can attack your stem cells.

And there was a good stem cell study showing how the cord blood stem cells were wiped out in the umbilical cord of babies after their mom got the shot. How long is that damage? Is it permanent? I hope not.

But it goes to the bone marrow, it goes to the brain, it goes to the heart, to the liver, it goes to the spleen. Everywhere that lipid nanoparticle does not stay in your arm. So now, wherever it lands and fuses with one of your cells, now it takes over that cell.

Well, your cells make a bunch of different proteins all day long. Those are part of you. Now they’re making a foreign protein. Your immune system says, wait a minute. And Dr. Hoggerman out of Germany in the European Journal of Immunology published this, and it was a good paper.

And he showed that your own immune cells now look at the cells that were making that spike as foreign. And so now you have an autoimmune attack. We know one of the dominant ones is nerve damage. So if you have an electrical wire, you don’t touch a bare electrical wire with a current.

They have a casing around them. They have protective insulation. That’s the myelin on your nerves. That’s the analogy. It starts eating away at the myelin. So we know this spike can cause you to form autoantibodies that will attack your own myelin.

We know with the clotting conditions, it can make antibodies that make your own platelets clump. We know there are about 27-28 matching tissues in the human body which have overlapping sequences with this bike protein.

And so it acts as a mimic of self with parts that are foreign, meaning, okay, your immune system scratches its head going: okay, this looks foreign, an invader, I better attack.

And so now autoimmunity is probably one of the biggest problems, problems that we’re seeing now. And I think we’re going to see a lot more of this long term in a lot of the vaccine injuried.

Why are there many different conditions? It’s because the spike mimics us. Our body starts to see parts of us as foreign. And that lipid nanoparticle trained so much. So many cells in your body to make a foreign approach and it’s the platform that never made sense from day one, and now we’re unfortunately seeing in humanity so many people that have been harmed by this approach.”

The blood clots and rubbery

Aga Wilson:

“We’ve seen the videos and the footage and long things coming out. Where are they coming from and what is it?”

Dr. Ryan Cole:

“People say, oh, these aren’t normal clots, these are alien things, these aren’t real, they’re only happening in the dead.

Now, I’ve done hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of autopsies in my life. They’re jelly like, you can break them down. These are something different and new.”

[Reference: Dr. Rasa Pretorius, South Africa]

“Yes, they’re stringy, rubbery, elastic, long. They don’t break down again. Normally, a post mortem clot, you could just dissolve it with your fingers. So these are unusual in terms of the protein content.”

Cole explains that hey are normal blood clots in the sense that they they have trapped red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells, the normal clot elements. They have those in them, but then a kind of attachments on to them because of the spike protein. It causes other proteins to clump toghether.

Dr. Pretorius shows that spike protein just draws them together. And they start to fold into a really tight clumps, forming bonds that makes it very difficult to break apart.

Dr. Cole explains that normally your body can break down a clot since your body eventually is growing some new tiny blood vessels. Your body is programmed to break down clots.

But what won’t happen when this amyloid like material, this thick protein, gets deposited Your body the has get trouble breaking that down.

Cole complains that some pathologists saying, well, we’ve never seen these clots at autopsies, but Cole says they’re not doing a lot of autopsies and it’s because they’re not looking in the arms and the legs.

“When we do an autopsy, we don’t go into every vessel of the body. We usually look at the main part of the body, the organs, and determine cause of death. So the morticians were finding this, and the pathologists, they say, oh, no, it’s not real. We’re not seeing it. They’re not looking. The last person to see the body is the mortician that’s preserving the body.”

“And then they started pulling these out. Well, these are happening in the living as well. So I worked with a couple of surgeons around the country here that have extracted these because the patient had pain, had symptoms, had a firm cord of the vein, and they’ll go in interventional radiologically and pull these out.”

“They’re normal body elements, but with proteins folded and gathered in an abnormal physiologic way, basically.”

Thera are foreign contents in the vials but probably not hydras or graphene oxide

Dr. Coles says he has done thousands of examinations with microscopes and to him some people that claim they have evidence of alleged foreign advanced technology most probably are misinterpretations.

” I see tiny clumps of lipid, and there’s some salt crystals. There are some sugar crystals.” 

“And, yes, there’s lipid in them. There’s cholesterol cholesterine. There is polyethylene glycol, and, yes, there are mRNA nucleotide materials.”

“There’s no graphene oxide peak in those.”

“These [people] are not professionals, and they don’t know what the hell they’re looking at.” … “What they are seeing are cholesterol crystals forming. Moderna has more sugars in it than salts. Pfizer has more salt than sugars. Look at these little plates floating around. I’m like, that is a salt crystal. That is a cholesterol crystal. That is a sugar crystal.”

“Is there debris in some of them? You bet. Is there bad manufacturing? Absolutely. Did Japan reject 2 million vials because there was glass debris, heavy metal debris, gasket debris? You bet. These were ramped up so quickly, they were poorly manufactured.”

“There was no quality control. The FDA here didn’t inspect any of our facilities, so they were ramped up willy nilly. Just put this in a jar and get it out into [the] arms. So is there debris? You bet.

Are there little floating hydras? No, that’s the bottom of an oak leaf. The individual that showed that little tentacle thing and everyone was like, oh, there’s hydros and parasites. No, there aren’t. And they’ll say, look at this little worm.

Like you’ve have a cat or a dog, because you’re sitting in your family room doing this with your medical microscope, because I can tell that’s your cat hair. It’s not a parasite under that slide. So I can tell what kind of environment they’re doing these in.”

“But what does matter is there is a lipid nanoparticle and a gene sequence that make your body a toxin factory. Those two things are the nuclear bomb that are necessary and sufficient to cause harm. Now, here’s what I really want to educate people on.”

“They’re working now on this technology of a lipid nanoparticle and a gene sequence. They don’t have permission to do this. They bypassed all the rules under the name of an emergency.”

“Remember, your body was meant to make you to make human cells. Your body was not meant to have that gene inside of it to make foreign cells and toxic proteins. And they want to use this technology. And this must be stopped across the world.

This is the big message is, sure, they harmed a lot of people with this one, but guess what they’re going to do going forward. And there was an interesting study out recently. Jean Quinn so they took a lipid plus a flu sequence, injected it in little mice.

It altered the immune state of the mom. It gene imprinted her. But when she had a litter of pups, guess what? All those pups had that new gene imprint because mom got the shot.”

“They have altered her immune system, and not in a good way. And so this lipid nanoparticle plus an RNA sequence is the dangerous platform that must be stopped across the world.”

“…we have only seen long term harm from these and no benefit. Yes. And I can also tell people that when your job tries to make you get a shot and then you get injured, like some of these people who can never go back to work again, it’s just not worth it.”

“Maybe you should consider not having your job anymore because these people are in terrible situations with no livelihood. Sometimes couples that have families and no support system. And your boss at work isn’t a medical provider.

They’re practicing medicine without a license. Why should your employer be able to mandate something that they know nothing about before your employer ever does it?”

Moving forward

“And moving forward, I was also thinking we both work with finding solutions for the vaccine injured at the moment. And it’s probably like one of the most important things, at least for me. And I know for you as well, right now it’s a priority because there’s a lot of people getting sick out there. So in terms of science and research, what are like the biggest gaps we’re missing now in order to be able to move forward?

The first big gap is funding. I know you and I have talked about this. A lot of the techniques exist to identify what’s going wrong in certain cells. How long is that spike circulating? Well, a couple of universities have done it, but then they didn’t do any follow up studies because I think their funding was threatened.

So that’s one of the impediments we have is private research funding.”

“I’ve found a way to detect spike in the serum and body fluids…”

“So he’s been putting together the protocols.”

“It’s understanding what other viruses have woken up, what’s gone wrong with their physiology.

And if we can identify the problem, then we can go down the pathway for repair, and I don’t want them to lose hope.”

Ryan Cole is mentioning cooperations with people like:  Dr. Merrick, Dr. Corey, Dr. Bean and Senator Johnson.

“And so we’ll have, again, some of the greatest minds in the movement together, working on solutions. And that’s what I’m looking forward to as well, is when we get together, each of us go down different pathways in the literature and research and science, and I just don’t want people to give up hope because we’re coming together with different ideas every time we meet.”

The group is investigating symptoms like brain fog and other neurologic symptoms.

“So we’re finding the studies, we’re synergistically, finding solutions. There’s going to be some lab testing that we have to do to find, again, where’s the spike protein deposited in the tissues. Can we clear that?

Spike protein protein. How many people have the gene permanently in the wrong position? How do we inactivate it? We’re working on that. So don’t give up hope.”

Aga Wilson:

“And I agree with you. We always find solutions. And I believe I have that much trust in humanity. And we did before for vaccine injuries, so we’re going to do it again. And it just takes time, of course.

And again, like you mentioned, since there is no funding, the governments are not helping us with this, which is their job, really, so it needs to come from other sources, which is why it’s difficult to kind of do all of this.”

“Are you going to listen to those pushy, controlling voices, or are you going to listen to the common sense? It’s an opportunity. There the pushy mainstream voices. I mean, just that when I interview you and so many other people and what I have found in this movement and what also made me feel with my gut that this is the right way is just because there is like people are humbled.”

Ryan Cole’s personal advice for a more meaningful life

Aga Wilson:

“Since we began with with talking about talents, I wanted to end with talents, too. But I wanted to ask you, what do you do when you’re not trying to save the world or sit under the microscope and you try to relax or do something creative?”

Ryan Cole:

“Well, I run an organic farm, for one. I’ve got 21 acres. I raised cows and lambs and ducks and chickens and fruit trees and about nine acres of vegetables.

And then I like to saw mill. I have about 500 logs in my log yard of maple and walnut and cherry, and I mill them. And then I got a man cave. So I go out to my shop and I make wooden boats and guitars and custom design tables, and I belong to one art gallery over by the National Park, Yellowstone.

And so I’ll try to build a piece every year to take over and put in the gallery. So I like to create, so I do life and death by day. But at the end of the day, and you heard me say this in a recent talk, earth, E-A-R-T-H without art, is just you don’t want to live in a life, find a creative part of self.

And so we’re given a life and a brain. Everybody on this planet has something to contribute. And everything that’s ever out there, ever was, ever will be, is buzzing above you right now. And it’s up to you to tap into that creativity.

I love music. I love playing guitar. I love singing. Find something. If you have stress in your life in one area, find something to yin Yang. It find something yin yang, however you want to pronounce it.

Find something to balance. If you’ve got stress, find beauty. If you have darkness, find light. If you have something that’s just tedious and necessary that you have to do, find something playful. And I think your life becomes more fulfilling.

There’s certain things yeah, that we have to do in life, but finding the counterbalance to that at, I think, makes you more well rounded and it’s good for your soul. So I like to balance it. Life and death by day, art and farming by night.”

Ryan Cole online

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