Tom Lausen and Aga Wilson Discuss the Explosion of Sudden Deaths in 2021 in Germany

publicerad 30 december 2022
- av Aga Wilson
Aga Wilson and Tom Lausen, own works

Data analyst Tom Lausen joins Aga Wilson to discuss the gold standard of data, including his recent findings in the German Health Insurance database representing 72 million insured German people. They discuss the explosion of sudden deaths in 2021 in Germany

His discovery showed the explosion of sudden deaths in 2021, right when the COVID-19 vaccination rollout began. He also shows us the rise in so many other diseases, including myocarditis which has been said to be a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Tom Lausen has been a programmer since 1987, initially in Basic and Turbo Pascal, later in languages like PHP or Python.

“I have seen quite a few houses of cards fall. Especially in the Corona time, I realized that we humans lived and still live in a knowledge crisis. For me, it is a calling to pass on numbers and data about the pandemic to frightened people or even to save people’s lives with them.

The worst crisis in human history is when knowledge becomes belief, and certainty becomes corrupted by ideology. Data analysts and programmers, statisticians, and mathematicians will bring this crisis back from the realm of belief to that of certainty. I am convinced of that.”

Source: Childrens Health Defense Europe | Interview by Aga Wilson, Aga Wilson Show