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Ben Swann joins Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Blockbuster Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Corporate Media Conspirators

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publicerad 13 januari 2023
- News@NewsVoice
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Ben Swann. Image provided by Sovren Media press release

Sovren Founder and CEO Ben Swann has joined a first-of-its-kind antitrust action, filed today against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The Washington Post, Reuters, and Associated Press.

The suit is seeking $ Millions in damages based on the collusive censorship of online health and political news publishers who dared to question the narrative relating to vital matters such as Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine mandates.

The lawsuit reveals that by March 2020, a partnership was created called the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) between Big Tech and legacy media (the BBC, The Washington Post, Reuters, Financial Times, Associated Press, Meta/Facebook, Microsoft/LinkedIn and Google/YouTube) to exclude and de-platform rival publishers from the dominant internet platforms.

“Americans deserved the truth about covid, its origins and the rushed vaccines, but these tech and media giants schemed to block the truth from the public, in favor of a Government-approved narrative”, said co-plaintiff Ben Swann.

“Instead, what they were fed through 90% of the social media and search engine market by Big Tech and Big Media were months and years dangerous, untrue information that may well have led to bad medical outcomes,” Swann continued.

In addition to Ben Swann and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Ben Tapper, Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, independent journalist Erin Elizabeth Finn, independent news outlets TrialSite News and Creative Destruction Media and health-freedom activists Ty and Charlene Bollinger join Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) as plaintiffs.

Ben Swann added, regarding the revelations found in the lawsuit:

“Internal documents from the BBC show that not only was the trusted news initiative or TNI acting in a way that deceived the American public but they did so for profit.” Swann continued, “they appear to have done so for the purpose of crushing competition rising from independent news sources. And that appears to be the heart of this antitrust action by members of TNI.”

Ben Swann is available to discuss the lawsuit as well as any other aspect of online and corporate media censorship in the U.S. and around the world.

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