Hundreds of Athletes Globally Keep Collapsing from Cardiac Arrest – SADS

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publicerad 4 januari 2023
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Ben Swann, 2023. Photo: Truuth in Media, Sovren Media

SADS. Ben Swann reported in November of 2021 about the sudden and new phenomenon of athletes collapsing from cardiac arrest on the field of play.

“In light of the collapse of Damar Hamlin’s collapse during Monday Night Football on live television, it is vitally important that we ask the question: why are so many athletes collapsing from cardiac arrest?” – Ben Swann

SADS stands for Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome which was first identified in 1977. There are claims that SADS is connected to vaccine injuries and mRNA-injection side effects.

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  • En undring? Var står man som renblodig i en situation som tarvar en blodtransfusion? Man kan ju bli inducerad bakvägen s.a.s.?

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