The Duran: Sweden Focuses on NATO as Economy, Law and Order Declines

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publicerad 12 februari 2023
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Ulf Kristersson. Foto: Sten-Åke Stenberg. Licens: Mostphotos.

DULY NOTED. The Telegraph published an article titled: “Sweden has become a gangster’s paradise – and a case study in how not to integrate migrants”. A popular podcast channel named The Duran comments on the article written by Fraser Nelson. The prime minister fo Sweden Ulf Christersson is being investigated.

The Telegraph article starts:

“When my wife first moved over from Stockholm, she took a while to adjust to the crime. Yellow police signs appealing for witnesses after a stabbing would terrify her. She’d tool up when venturing out of an evening as if readying for battle. How times have changed. In London, a city with about the same population as Sweden, no one was shot dead in the six months leading up to spring last year. In the next six months, four were shot dead in Södertälje, a city half an hour’s drive southwest of Stockholm.” – The Telegraph


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