This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren – Elizabeth Fraser

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publicerad 22 februari 2023
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MUSIK. En cover av Tim Buckley-låten med Robin Guthries gitarr och Elizabeth Frasers röst. Den släpptes först som singel och togs sedan med på This Mortal Coils debutalbum It’ll End In Tears.

Kommentarer på Youtube om denna sång:

”This is not a song, it’s a spell and it’s haunted me for years.” -Daniel Taylor

”I played this song while my mom was dying. And then we played it again today at her funeral I’ll forever love you Mom and Dad watch over me.” – Lisa Corey

”This is simply a track of pure beauty. If it isn’t played at my funeral, then I’m not going”. – Christopher Adderley

”Liz Fraser’s vocals are absolutely amazing. Her vocal range is incredible. She’s probably the most underrated female singer in the history of music only because of the music genre she sings in which can be classified as dream pop.” – Perry B

”As a fan of the Cocteau’s and Liz I was blown away when I discovered this collaboration. She was amazing in her band and then with her guest appearance with Massive Attack. She is one of the most beautiful female vocalists of all time, that is not recognised for her contribution to music.
A true genius and a great singer that stirs the emotions and was a true innovator in the music industry in the 80’s. Thank you Liz for your unique voice and talent.” – Paul Smith

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Long afloat on shipless oceansI did all my best to smile’Til your singing eyes and fingersDrew me loving to your isle
And you sangSail to me, sail to meLet me enfold youHere I am, here I amWaiting to hold you
Did I dream, you dreamed about me?Were you here when I was full sail?Now my foolish boat is leaningBroken lovelorn on your rocksFor you singTouch me not, touch me notCome back tomorrow
Oh, my heartOh, my heart shies from the sorrowWell I’m as puzzled as the newborn childI’m as riddled as the tideShould I stand amid the breakers?Or should I lie with death my bride?
Hear me singSwim to me, swim to meLet me enfold youHere I am, here I amWaiting to hold you

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