Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening – Global Premiere June 3, 2023 – Teaser

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publicerad 23 mars 2023
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Plandemic 3 Teaser - A Documentary by Mikki Willis

Mikki Willis is back with another ground-shaking documentary, “Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening”, which will have a Global Premiere on June 3, 2023. In this film, he will reveal all the dirty tricks in the psychological operations that took place in order to make as many people as possible take the experimental covid injections.

They used all the tricks in the playbook, and they will do it again and again if we don’t learn how they manipulate you, me, and the masses, Mikki Willis, says.

We will very shortly publish an interview with Mikki Willis by Aga Wilson and Glen Jung. Come back to NewsVoice later today.

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