Germán Gorraiz López: Soros and the Colour Revolution Against Netanyahu

“Consequently, the Soros globalists are pulling the strings to implement a Colour Revolution against Netanyahu.”

publicerad 28 mars 2023
- Guest writer
Germán López Gorraiz, press photo

Netanyahu’s return to power in coalition with several ultra-right and ultra-orthodox parties would be a missile in the waterline of the Oslo Accords as he plans to continue with the systematic campaign of illegal settlements.

This would be the announcement of the creation of the new settlements of Asif and Matar with the confessed aim of ”doubling the population of the Golan Heights” as well as a threat to Israel’s sui generis democracy by attempting to liquidate the current separation of powers.

The threat to the separation of powers in Israel’s liberal democracy would be marked by the announcement by several members of the new government to approve the so-called ”nullification clause” that will allow the new Jewish parliament to implement laws that contradict the Magna Carta and remove the Supreme Court’s ability to override it.

This would mean the end of the separation of powers of liberal democracy and the emergence of an autocratic government with clear theocratic overtones, and the US administration has condemned such intentions, warning that ”Israeli democracy would be endangered by such an initiative”.

Color revolution against Netanyahu?

Following the initiative of the Club of Islands led by George Soros against Donald Trump, Netanyahu is said to have come to his aid and declared Soros an ”enemy of Israel” in response to the alleged hostility of Soros (a Hungarian Jew who became a naturalized American citizen) towards the Jewish state.

The Soros globalists have reportedly identified Netanyahu as ”public enemy number one” and ”contrary to their interests”, who aspire to establish the coexistence of the Jewish and Palestinian states because they are aware that a new and bloody intifada would derail the US-Israeli-Arab Emirates-Saudi Arabia entente for a forthcoming attack on Iran.

”Consequently, the Soros globalists are pulling the strings to implement a Colour Revolution against Netanyahu.”

Thus, by means of massive street protests, and the call for a general strike by the majority trade union to paralyze the country to achieve the internal division in Likud and put an end to the current coalition government and, finally, call early elections that would facilitate the formation of a new coalition government.

This new government would have the blessings of AIPAC and Joe Biden and would have the unavoidable task of renewing the Oslo Accords in order to make the utopia of ”Two peoples, two states” possible It will then focus on the design of the new mapping of the Middle East.

By Germán Gorraiz López, Political analyst

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