David Sorensen: Shocking Report about the Agenda to Normalize Pedophilia

publicerad 16 april 2023
- Guest writer
David Sorensen

For the past two months, I have been working non-stop on a devastating evidence report that reveals the most horrendous agenda being rolled out in our world today: using the school system to sexualize little children and normalize pedophilia in every nation of the world.

Recently issued education guidelines for schools worldwide literally tell little children to masturbate, use online pornography, have sexual partners, and engage in homosexual relationships with their classmates.

I have gathered conclusive evidence, consisting of government documents, curriculums, video testimonies, eyewitness reports, school publications, and much more that show how this is a direct agenda to normalize pedophilia worldwide.

The vast amount of evidence will soon be revealed in one comprehensive report, that will be available in many languages. This is one of the most important investigations I have ever done. I ask all good people to pray for me, while I finish this crucial research.

This report will be so powerful, that it will be an effective tool to wake up parents, school directors, and teachers worldwide, and will be effective in taking down the evil organizations who are behind this agenda.

By David Sorensen

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