Analysis: Why Did Barack Obama Start a Ukrainian War of Aggression Against Russia?

publicerad 24 maj 2023
Barack Obama

The former president of the USA, Barack Obama, is probably the person who was the fastest to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, which happened in 2009. He needed just 10 months to convince the world that he was the most worthy of such an award. But then things went awry and when his presidential term ended in 2017, there were many who wanted to title him as, “The War President”.

By Jan West, Historically Correct (

And it is a title that carries a lot of weight in a country which, according to its own statement, has started the most wars and military interventions in modern times, 251 since 1992 according to the US Congress’s own survey which was reported in 2022 in the month of March.

In 2009, Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and already after two years of planning, he as the person in charge of US foreign policy was ready to slaughter both Libya and Syria, two states that had previously escaped US death squads.

At this stage, Obama was supported by Zbigniew Brzezinski. He is the man who has had an enormous influence on American politics since Jimmy Carter’s time, and who has made hatred of Russia a Western elixir of life.

As you know, Brzezinski got Jimmy Carter’s permission to use drug cartels controlled by the CIA to pay Afghan Mujahedeen fighters with the task of drawing the Soviet Union into a border war that in 1980 caused the Soviet Union to bleed to death and surrender.

It was something that Brzezinski liked to brag about and which eventually convinced him that in the same way, the Ukrainian Nazis could be used to complete the eastern dance of death by becoming a tool for the annihilation of Russia.

The fact that 1.5 million Afghans and an equal number of Russian soldiers died in the Afghan-Soviet war in order for Brezinsky’s idea to be realized was nothing that worried him

Brzeinskiy is known for an unreasonable hatred of Russia. His quote; “Whether you’re a jihadist or a Nazi doesn’t matter, as long as you hate Russia,” is the quote most associated with his memory. He gladly transferred the statesmanlike Russophobia, which is a cornerstone of Nazism, to the visibly confused Obama.

But being the president that he was, he soon realized that if the hatred was just clouded enough, it might as well be applied with force in both Libya and Syria.

This also happened under his supervision where the hatred was not only directed against the people but also with force against the history and culture of the countries, everything would be broken down.

It had succeeded well for Obama-Brzezinsky to destroy, kill, annihilate, and fragment, among other things, with unprecedented violence provided by various NATO states. both Libya and Syria, so why not continue on the beaten track? Uncle Sam had been preparing for a coup d’état in Ukraine for a long time (the mid-1950s).

It would then be carried out with the help of the powerful Nazism, which was supported by US billions, but where also hundreds of EU millions helped to keep the murderousness up within the “Higher Sector”.

Ukrainian Nazism was and is most entrenched in the western parts of the country. During many parades in Kyiv, people could shamelessly shout out their hatred of Russia.

The marchers, they thought, would go to Moscow and they liked to chant their hatred: “Russians are so idiotic that they don’t understand why we want to kill them”? Hatred of this kind was nurtured by the regime that the US’s Europe representative Victoria Nuland installed and which received Carl Bildt’s blessing.

John Kerry och Victoria Nuland i möte med Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk och Klitschko. Foto: US Department of State. Licens: Public Domain
John Kerry and Victoria Nuland in a meeting with Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk och Klitschko. Photo: US Department of State. License: Public Domain

Note that it was not the Ukrainian people who appointed the new government with strong elements of Nazis, but an American official named Viktoria Nuland.

The intention was, through an offensive war, with the Azov battalion in the lead, against the Russian-dominated eastern parts of the country, the Donbas, to draw Russia into a defensive war, for which the intention was that the Russian population would be protected.

Such a war, where the Ukrainian army with strong support from NATO countries would hopefully crush the Russian army. Once this was done, a war of aggression, supported by the US/NATO, would open the way for a fragmentation, destruction, and massacre of the Russian Federation.

Don’t forget Carl Gershman’s words six months after the coup in Kyiv. Gersman was then head of the US’s subversive activities in other countries.

He then described Ukraine as: “The biggest trophy and an important step on the way to the greatest Putin”.

It was crystal clear that the reason for the entire US/NATO destruction of Ukraine was the need to clear the way to Moscow free, all in accordance with Brzezinský’s murderous plan. That’s how psychopaths lay out the course.

This is emphasized because the term “offensive war” was never used to describe the hundreds of wars that the US launched against different countries. But when Russia militarily responds to the aggression directed at the country, this is described as a war of aggression by incited politicians and propagandists.

Fantasies! Ok then read the Pentagon-bound Rand-Cooperation document: “How to destroy Russia”?  Or study the Wolfovitch Doctrine from 1992, which is still valid and which says:

“Henceforth, no state or union of states shall be allowed to become so powerful that it can challenge the United States or its foreign policy.”

Russia had become so powerful that it would be wiped out. Poor Brzezinski, never got to experience the realization of his great dream, namely the annihilation of Russia. But before he left the earthly life, he had time to give the Ukrainian generals the advice to drag the war into the cities. Destroyed residential buildings give the heaviest mass media effect.

We must be grateful that there are people who are convinced that love and tolerance are more effective than hate when it comes to relations between people, between groups, and between states. And that dialogue has a completely different effect than threats.

Notice here that the US/NATO has always been careful to avoid dialogue with the states it has designated as hot tex. Russia. Donald Trump wanted to have a dialogue with Putin. That led to him quickly being labeled a traitor and a Putin friend, he had to be silenced at all costs.

But if Trump had been elected president in 2014, a war in Ukraine would probably never have happened. During his presidency and as a peace prize winner, Obama managed to start six wars and a number of military interventions. During Trump’s time as president, the United States did not start a war.

By Jan West, Historically Correct (

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