Tommy Robinson: ”I am Back”

publicerad 16 maj 2023
Tommy Robinson at the rally in London, 2017. Credit: Roland Ravenhill, Alamy Live News
Tommy Robinson at the rally in London, 2017.

You haven’t heard from me in a while, so I am glad to be able to finally speak to you again personally. As you know, the authorities – working together with far-left extremists – have been targeting me for years.

They have thrown me in prison, dragged me through the court system, bankrupted me, targeted my family, harassed my children (remember that scruffy communist that came to my door?), censored me on social media, physically attacked me, and much more.

At times, I have had to flee the country to protect my family.

They have thrown court case after court case at me to try and de-rail my activism, leaving me bankrupt and struggling to survive.

This is how the state gets you, they crippled me financially.

My marriage ended because of the never-ending brutal, personal attacks on me, my wife, and my children.

Not even my mum and dad were safe.

To make them safe I had to walk away from a woman I loved, and a family home that I shared, to protect them.

Regardless of my politics, my beliefs, or my activism, targeting those who I love is lower than bottom-feeding pondlife.

My family should never have been brought into this.

Imagine what effect all of this torment has had on my kids.

The one thing that has got me through this living nightmare is the loyalty and support of all my followers, you guys have never let me down.

Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it all.

The establishment – and their far-left extremist cronies – have tried to break me, but they have failed.

I am still standing, and standing proud.

It’s been a terrible few years, and that’s why I haven’t been as focused and as active as I could have been.

But, all that is now due to change, I am coming back and they are not going to like it one bit.

This country is about to see the old Tommy Robinson again.

I look around me in this country and all I see is the British people suffering.

I see injustice everywhere.

Whether its rampant grooming gangs, hundreds of illegal migrant hotels, new migrant camps in local villages, drag queen story hours in primary schools, or teachers encouraging kids to get sex changes, there’s just so much happening that is not being properly exposed, reported on, or campaigned against.

We have grooming gang survivors contacting us from every town and city in this country, including concerned parents, but at the moment, we are not organised enough to cover all of the stories that are coming our way, but we need to.

That’s why ‘Urban Scoop’ was launched because the mainstream media is far too woke and PC to bring the hidden truth – and the real stories – to the British people.

Urban Scoop is going to compete against the BBC, ITV, the Sun, the Mirror, and the rest of the lamestream media.

We are going to build it into a powerful alternative media platform, and I am happy to be Chief Contributor and get immediately to work.

You all saw our ground-breaking project in Telford, giving grooming gang survivors a platform and bringing their stories to millions of people who were all shocked and horrified at what they saw.

This was just a taste of what is to come.

I want to get this movement up and running again and firing on all cylinders.

I am assembling a large group of contributors to help me cover all the workload we have in front of us, so we can get all the stories that matter out to the British people.

I will be launching my own regular podcast called ‘On The Run With Tommy Robinson’ where I will be interviewing a wide range of high-profile guests from around the world.

Some very famous people are queuing up to take part, and I cannot wait to launch it.

When we cover a suitable story, anywhere across the country, we will be holding protests to mobilise support for the issue, as we did in Telford.

I have to admit, I’m buzzing to get started again!

I have so many ideas, plans, projects, campaigns and protests that I want to get organised, but I need your help to make it all a reality, I can’t do it on my own.

If you want to see me out on the streets again, causing non-stop headaches for the establishment, then I need your personal help.

This is our dilemma:

Getting Urban Scoop up and running properly, to equip me and all of our contributors with the cameras and resources we need, is going to cost at least £10,000.

Unlike the taxpayer-funded BBC, and the rest of the lamestream media, we don’t have vast establishment resources at our disposal.

No, we have to rely on decent, honest, hard-working patriotic Brits like you.

If we are going to liberate the British people from the fake news media, we need to come together and make this happen ourselves, and, as you know, we are running out of time!

To get ‘Urban Scoop’ up and running, all I am asking you for today is a fiver, or maybe a tenner?

If enough patriots reading this email chip in today, we can smash our target, and then I can get to work asap, and I am back for good this time.

Tommy Robinson

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