The Wildfires in Canada have a Huge Impact on Climate Change Policies

publicerad 13 juni 2023

The wildfires in Canada’s western provinces happen every year, but this year the eastern provinces of Nova Scotia, Quebec, and parts of Ontario have also been hit by uncontrollable forest fires that have produced so much smoke that authorities in New York have issued health warnings.

Reuters reports that Canada is experiencing its worst forest fire season on record, with about 3.3 million hectares of area burned. The fires in Canada last week, therefore, have a huge leverage effect of pushing climate change policies to new targets.

In New York, flights, sports, and cultural events were canceled. People were asked to wear masks. School students and citizens were told to stay indoors in lockdown.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams:

“This may be the first time we’ve experienced something like this of this magnitude,” and “Climate change is accelerating these conditions.

During and after the devastating fires in Canada that shut down New York, people on social media debated how the fires became so extreme this year. Satellite images show that a large number of fires in Canada started on the same day under clear skies. Authorities and the media attribute the fires to lightning strikes, careless campers, and arsonists.

Are there also reasons to suspect that arsonists conspired in Canada to push the climate agenda, which includes the same elements as the COVID-19 crisis, i.e. lockdown, face masks, and tighter restrictions? Psychological operations may have been used. Many seem to think so.

For that reason, NewsVoice put together this emotional video report based on clips from social media, satellite data, and mass media. By editing the report both emotionally and politically, we illustrate how contemporary climate policy is driven equally emotionally and politically. The result is up to you to judge.

Text och video: T.  Sassersson, editor


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