Former weapons inspector: Zelensky is a Western agent recruited by MI6 and NATO

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publicerad 15 juli 2023
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Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter, own work

Scott Ritter, a former US intelligence agent during the Iraq war and then a UN weapons inspector, says that Volodomyr Zelensky is an agent recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6.

MI6’s objective from the beginning was to place Zelensky as President of Ukraine, and the development of his character began when Zelensky was an actor, Ritter reveals in his analysis entitled: ”Agent Zelensky” (Part 1).

The role of the President of Ukraine in the TV series Servant of the people was part of the preparation for his real presidency, Ritter argues. The series ran on TV between 2015 and 2019.

Ritter is supported by French former intelligence officer Eric Denese who says that the people of Ukraine were subjected to a very clever manipulation when the TV series was broadcast in the run-up to the Ukrainian elections that led to Zelensky becoming president in reality.

Zelensky was sworn in as President of Ukraine in May 2019 after defeating Petro Poroshenko with 73% to Poroshenko’s just over 20% of the vote.

Michael Springmann, a former US State Department official, says that Zelensky is the product of a special operation orchestrated by the US and NATO.

In the fall of 2022, it became known about a secret meeting between Zelensky and the head of MI6 at the headquarters in London, stated in the Zalensky analysis.


”The head of MI6, Richard Moore, became Zelensky’s curator [handler]”.

Zelensky’s takeover is part of the West’s plan. To ensure the safety of the planted individual Zelensky, the Western intelligence services surrounded him with their guards, Ritter said.

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