Finland Fear that Explosive Swedish Gang Wars Will Come

Basra, Iraq? No, this is the scene from a small Swedish suburb plagued by serious gang wars.

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publicerad 9 oktober 2023
- T. Sassersson
Bombattentat mot Rädisvägen 84 i Hässelby den 2:a okt 2023. Foto: T. Sassersson, NewsVoice
Basra, Iraq? Bomb attack on Radisvagen 84 in Hasselby a suburb fof Stockholm on October 2, 2023.

NewsVoice revisited the site of a recent attack with a powerful explosive device in Hasselby, a Swedish suburb of Stockholm. We filmed the devastation and interviewed Tony who guided a Finnish reporter and photographer to the scene. Finland fears the same development as Sweden.

Tony lives in the town of Sodertalje west of Stockholm and works with young people who want to leave crime behind. Finland risks experiencing the same crime trend as Sweden if it is not stopped. The trends already exist in Finland, but the neighbouring country is lagging behind in gang violence development, says Tony.

NewsVoice was at the scene on October 2, hours after the attack on a townhouse apartment that was completely destroyed by the explosion and subsequent fire. Today, eight apartments have been evacuated, according to a local resident. The terraced house in question consists of 8 apartments and 6 of them are evacuated plus two more in a neighboring komplex.

The target of the attack was the apartment at Radisvagen 84, where an alleged far-right activist from ”Nordic Force” was registered. No one died in the explosion because the apartment was empty and it is unclear to NewsVoice whether anyone was injured in the neighboring homes.

”Nordic Force” is a militant offshoot of the Nordic Resistance Movement. The group of Swedish right extremists is a new player in the violence between gangs from the first and second-generation migrants to Sweden. This makes the already difficult situation even more complicated.

NewsVoice called the residents of the closest neighbouring apartments, but they were so upset by the event that they declined to answer any questions. They already knew they quickly would have to find new accommodation for months to come.

Report, text and video by T. Sassersson, editor. NewsVoice is a Swedish Independent News and Debate Channel based in the Stockholm area.

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