Germán Gorraiz López: Hamas is a Creature of Israel Serving Netanyahu

A Geopoltical Anlysis by Germán Gorraiz López

publicerad 26 oktober 2023
Benjamin Netanyahu, 2017
Benjamin Netanyahu

From the beginning, Hamas was nursed and remotely run by the Israeli Mossad, now serving Netanyahu, claims Germán Gorraiz López. Netanyahu is using the invisible dictatorship of fear of the Third Holocaust and has declared war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which will give him an increase in popularity and allow him to bypass the judicial process in which he is accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, Gorraiz López continues.

By Germán Gorraiz López, Geopolitical Analyst

The postulates of the 1993 Oslo Accords signed between Fatah leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Rabin, were the creation of ”an interim Palestinian self-government” for the West Bank and Gaza during a period of transition ”no more than five years until it leads to a permanent solution based on UN Security Council resolution 242”.

This involved ”the withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories they occupied during the 1967 war and the creation of a sovereign Palestinian State alongside Israel”.

However, these postulates were a missile in the waterline of the Zionist doctrine that aspires to resurrect the endemism of Greater Israel (Eretz Israel),  so the Israeli Mossad proceeded to the gestation of Hamas in 1987.

Thus, in 2007, following Caesar’s motto, ”divide et impera” (divide and conquer), Israel got the two Palestinian factions to openly confront each other over the struggle for power, after which the influence of Mahmoud Abbas and Al Fatah was chiselled into a West Bank turned into a mere protectorate of Israel while Hamas assumed absolute power in the Gaza Strip isolated by a Wall that has degenerated into a deep humanitarian crisis among its most of two million inhabitants, achieving Israel’s primary objective of breaking up the former Palestinian unity of action.

Hamas – a creature of Israel

The term Hamas refers to the acronym ”Islamic Resistance Movement” and emerged in 1987 led by Imam Ahmed Yassin to create an Islamic State encompassing Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank and openly confronted the leader of the PLO,  Yasser Arafat, a supporter of a secular state.

Hamas refused to be part of the newly created Palestinian National Authority, which had existed since 1994 and began a campaign of bloody attacks which led Israeli society to reject the Oslo agreements by a majority. The process ended with the assassination of Isaac Rabin by the ultra-nationalist Yigal Amir.

From the beginning, Hamas was nursed and remotely run by the Israeli Mossad while being funded by successive Israeli governments. Thus, Israeli journalist Amnon Abramovich blamed Netanyahu on television for ”turning a blind eye to Hamas in search of its own political achievements until the wave has overtaken it, now trying to counter it”.

Indeed, in 2019, the current Israeli Prime Minister told members of his party’s Knesset that ”favouring the terrorist gang was a torpedo to the creation of a potential Palestinian state in the future”.

He added that ”anyone who wants to block the creation of a Palestinian state must support the growth of Hamas and transfer money to Hamas. It is part of our strategy: isolating the Palestinians of Gaza from the Palestinians of the West Bank”, which corroborated the suspicions that Hamas was a spawn of Israel remotely directed by Mossad.

Does the Hamas offensive favour Netanyahu?

Taking advantage of the alleged security holes in the Israeli Defense caused by the schism between the reservists and Netanyahu, the armed wing of the Islamist group Hamas launched the largest military offensive since 2007 with the infiltration of dozens of its members into Israeli localities and the launching of thousands of shells against large areas, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Netanyahu would have implied that such an offensive had totally surprised him as he was celebrating his Autumn feasts. Thus, in statements to Israeli Channel 12, the former Israeli security chief Amos Yadlin said that ”when you are surprised, the price is always high”.

After the initial surprise of Hamas, we witnessed the devastating response of the Israeli Army, not to exclude that the offensive extends to the Lebanese and Syrian border with the entry on stage of Hezbollah and members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade, a Shiite militia with organic dependence on the elite of the Iranian Armed Forces or Pasdarn and a risk of extension of the conflict to the entire Middle East.

Netanyahu, using the invisible dictatorship of fear of the Third Holocaust, has taken the opportunity to declare a state of war (defence of Israel’s security) and unleash a devastating offensive in the Gaza Strip.

This will give him an increase in popularity lost to his alleged legal reform and allow him to bypass the judicial process in which he is accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. But his political myopia prevents him from intuiting that a new asymmetric punishment in Gaza will end the agreement between the US, Israel, Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for a next attack on Iran.

If we add to that, Israeli public opinion would already be holding Netanyahu responsible for the shocking Israeli security failure by belittling the Egyptian reports that ten days earlier allegedly warned Netanyahu that Hamas was preparing a major offensive.

The already significant disaffection of the Israeli people towards the Netanyahu government could be increased, and the calling of new elections and the initiation of criminal proceedings against Netanyahu would not be ruled out, the Minister of Defence and the director of Mossad, which would mean their final political demise.

By Germán Gorraiz López, Geopolitical Analyst. Read more by Gorraiz López

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