Ukraine Arms Used by Hamas and Egypt Stays Neutral in Israel-Gaza Conflict

Torbjorn Sassersson is the founder of a news and debate channel that started in 2011. Sassersson (bachelor of science) has worked within media since 1995.
publicerad 11 oktober 2023
- T. Sassersson
Clayton Morris. Photo: Redacted
Clayton Morris.

”Egypt just did something unexpected in the conflict between Israel and Hamas”, reports the independent political commentator Clayton Morris who is reporting in Northern Egypt, a country bordering Gaza. Egypt intends to stay neutral in the war between Hamas and Israel. ”This is a huge middle finger to the US and Israel”.

The Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant on October 10 announced an invasion and the destruction of Gaza. Since then Israel has bombarded Gaza, flattening whole blocks of buildings in densely populated areas, retaliating against the Hamas who murdered hundreds of Israeli civilians.

Yoav Gallant:

”There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. We are fighting human animals [Hamas] and we will act accordingly”.

Clayton Morris from Redacted comments in the video below on the surfacing of US weapons – sent to Ukraine –  ending up in the hands of Hamas. Several commentators say that now the serial numbers of the weapons taken by Israel from Hamas must be checked to see if they come from US shipments to Ukraine.

What makes the whole situation both complicated and explosive are the actions of surrounding states and the fact that voices high up in the US administration want Israel to attack Iran, a country that has taken sides with Hamas.

It is reported that Hezbollah, a Shia militia group in Lebanon, has admitted to supplying Hamas in Gaza with weapons and the militia has warned Israel against entering Gaza. New reports say that Hezbollah has already fired missiles at Israeli targets.

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