Keep in Mind the Original Aspiration of Establishing Diplomatic Relations to Create a Better Future


publicerad 9 maj 2024
- Guest writer
By Mr Cui Aimin, Ambassador of China to Sweden
Mr Cui Aimin, Ambassador of China to Sweden

May 9th marks the establishment of China-Sweden diplomatic relations. 74 years ago, Sweden recognized the People’s Republic of China and became the first Western country to establish diplomatic relations with China. A new era of friendly cooperation between the two sides was ushered in.

By Mr Cui Aimin, Ambassador of China to Sweden

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, with careful nurturing and unremitting efforts by several generations in our two countries, China-Sweden relations have been growing steadily, with fruitful results yielded in exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and friendship between our two peoples deepened, writing a beautiful chapter of mutual achievement and common development between our two countries with different civilizations, different systems and different development levels.

Looking back at the history since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sweden 74 years ago, the original aspiration for independence, mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results is the historical experience and valuable asset for the continuous development of bilateral relations, and an important foundation and strong driving force for the continuous deepening of friendly cooperation between the two sides.

Only by adhering to independence can we break through the obstacles of bloc confrontation and firmly grasp the future and destiny in our own hands.

Only by adhering to mutual respect and taking concrete steps to accommodate each other’s core interests and major concerns, can we effectively manage contradictions and differences and promote the steady and sustained growth of dialogue and cooperation.

Only by adhering to mutual benefit and win-win results can we tap the huge potential of practical cooperation and continuously improve the well-being of the two peoples.

The world today has entered into a new period of turbulence and transformation. Various old and new problems and complex contradictions are converging with and compounding each other, posing unprecedented challenges for human society.

All countries, large or small, developed or developing, are members of an emerging community of shared interests, responsibility, and destiny, whose interests and security are interrelated. Whatever we may encounter on our journey ahead, the only right choice is to stand together and cooperate hand in hand.

China and Sweden should cherish the original aspiration when establishing diplomatic ties, continue to promote the traditional friendship, draw wisdom and nutrition from history, view and handle bilateral relations from a strategic and long-term perspective, and contribute to the prosperity and stability of the two countries and world peace and development.

It is normal for China and Sweden to have different opinions on some issues due to the differences in history, culture, development stage and social system. Our two countries have a profound friendship with a long history, practical cooperation with broad interests and a common aspiration for sustainable development, without harbouring geopolitical conflicts or clashing fundamental interests. There are broad prospects for deepening exchanges and cooperation.

At present, China is further comprehensively deepening reforms, steadily expanding institutional opening-up and further broadening market access, which will provide broader market space and more opportunities for win-win cooperation for Sweden and other countries in the world.

Standing at the crossroads of human development, facing the volatile changes unseen in a century, China is willing to work with Sweden to jointly uphold the original aspiration for independence, mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results when establishing diplomatic relations, enhance exchanges, mutual understanding and mutual trust, consolidate the foundation of traditional cooperation, explore new areas of cooperation, strengthen people-to-people exchanges, and endeavour to open up new prospects for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between China and Sweden, and work together to make greater contribution to maintaining world peace and common development.


By Mr Cui Aimin, Ambassador of China to Sweden


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