President Nayib Bukele on how El Salvador Curbed Gang Violence

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publicerad 12 juni 2024
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President Nayib Bukele
President Nayib Bukele.

In a compelling interview with Tucker Carlson, President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador shared the remarkable journey of transforming the country from the ”murder capital of the world” to the safest country in the Western Hemisphere. The transformation, achieved in just three years, has garnered international attention and praise.

Bukele emphasized the critical need for peace as a foundation for any societal progress. ”You cannot do anything if you don’t have peace,” Bukele stated. ”You need to be able to move freely and have your basic rights respected, starting with the right to live, the right to move, and the property right.”

When Bukele took office, El Salvador was plagued by rampant gang violence, making it one of the most dangerous places globally.

The president detailed a strategic plan that involved strengthening the police force and doubling the army’s size to combat crime effectively. ”We equipped them with useful guns, vehicles, drones—basic things that an operation of that magnitude would need,” Bukele explained.

The new leadership of El Salvador:

  • Arrested criminals and gangs
  • Removed corrupt judges
  • Removed corrupt prosecutors
  • Incapacitated the parallel government

The results were swift and dramatic. In a matter of weeks, the country saw a significant reduction in gang violence. Bukele attributed this success to a combination of well-executed strategies and divine intervention. ”It’s a miracle,” he said, recounting how his team prayed for wisdom and guidance during the crisis.

Tucker Carlson highlighted the stark contrast between El Salvador’s capital and Washington, D.C., noting that San Salvador is now safer than the U.S. capital. Bukele proudly shared that El Salvador’s murder rate has dropped to two per 100,000 inhabitants, making it safer than countries like Canada, Chile, and Uruguay.

The interview also delved into the dark history of gangs like MS-13. Bukele described the gang’s evolution from a group of drug dealers in Los Angeles to an international criminal organization engaged in satanic rituals.

He shared chilling anecdotes of gang members committing murders, including the killing of babies as part of their rituals. ”They became a satanic organization,” Bukele stated, noting that such revelations often go unreported in Western media.

Bukele’s approach to combating gang violence also included addressing the spiritual aspect of the war. ”There’s a spiritual war, and there’s a physical war,” he said. ”If you win the spiritual war, it will reflect in the physical war.” He credited the rapid success in reducing violence to winning the spiritual battle against the gangs.

Looking ahead, Bukele plans to focus on economic development, building on the newfound peace and safety. He underscored the importance of seeking divine wisdom in all endeavors, stating, ”The first point of my plan is to seek God’s wisdom.”

The interview concluded with Carlson and Bukele discussing the broader implications of El Salvador’s success. Carlson noted, ”The real battle is between people who are lying on purpose and people who are trying to tell you the truth. It’s between good and evil, between honesty and falsehood.”

Bukele’s leadership exemplifies the triumph of truth and righteousness, offering valuable lessons for the rest of the world.


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