US Submarine Detector Found in South China Sea

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publicerad 28 juni 2024
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US Navy deploys submarine detection device
US Navy deploys submarine detection device.

China has reported the discovery of a US military aircraft’s submarine detector in the South China Sea, as shown in a video released Wednesday by Yuyuantantian, a social media account affiliated with China Media Group.

During a recent patrol, the China Coast Guard (CCG) observed a US military aircraft circling above the South China Sea and repeatedly dropping unidentified items. Upon retrieval and inspection, these items were identified as electronic devices.

According to Yuyuantantian, the underwater detection device bears the marking ”Ultra Electronics,” a company known for specializing in submarine detection services and providing comprehensive solutions to the US Navy. This detector is designed to identify signals from Chinese submarines and engage in signal countermeasures underwater.

The US military deployed the device near Ren’ai Reef. Experts warn that the sonar emitted by the device can interfere with the echolocation systems of dolphins and other marine life, potentially causing disorientation or stranding.

”Aiming to gather more hydrological data, the US intends to develop digital ocean maps for military purposes and analyze information related to Chinese submarines, posing a serious threat to China’s national and military security,” a Chinese military expert and TV commentator told the Global Times on Wednesday.

”These underwater detectors pose significant harm. No matter how many are deployed, we will identify and seize them all, and implement necessary countermeasures,” the expert added.



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