Why do NewsVoice Publish Unedited Press Releases from Companies, Political Parties or Agencies?

We sometimes re-publish communications completely unedited. These texts are then 100% representative of these parties. It is THEIR word, and the sender is clear.

Compare this clear and impeccable arrangement with how many mass media outlets publish fake articles as if they were editorially written or authored by neutral journalists, even though they have been written by PR agencies or by press departments of companies or authorities, texts that fake journalists then put their names on.

The latter procedure is one of how fake news is created.

And remember, the comments section of NewsVoice is always open. There is also room for debate in the form of separate opinion pieces.

I believe that independent media should be able to publish texts whose message contradicts another message. When an outlet takes a position in a battle for a single party, it is no longer independent.

The only thing that should drive a media is the search for facts, and, as far as possible, truth and truth is simply the same as facts.

The problem for many readers who have taken a position on an issue or debate is if, for example, an analysis manages to reveal facts. These facts may appear to take a stand in a debate or struggle between two parties, but they are just facts that fall in favour of a single party.

The Editor