Study: Big Pharma pushes doctors to overprescribe drugs


    NaturalNews. Know anyone taking prescription drugs? The odds are enormous you do. And it’s likely they are taking drugs they don’t need because their doctors are too quick to fall under the influence of Big Pharma’s aggressive drug sales reps.

    Consider these statistics: almost half of all Americans are currently diagnosed with a chronic condition and 40 percent of those older than 60 taking five or more medications. Is it really possible that many people in the U.S. have illnesses that need to be treated with multiple drugs?

    This question obviously raises issues about the nature of the relationship between the expanding definition of chronic illness and the explosion of prescription drug use in the U.S. — issues Michigan State University anthropologist Linda M. Hunt, PhD., decided to research.

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    Lars K
    Lars K
    17 september 2012 kl 18:40

    In am convinced that people taking multiple medications are doing so as a result of ignorance – they possess insufficient knowledge regarding their affliction and regarding natural remedies. And they pay for their ignorance with the loss of their lives.