Ron Paul launches new website to promote an ‘epidemic of truth-telling’


ron paulNATURAL NEWS. Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has launched a new website that he says aims to promote more whistleblowing by government employees and serve as a sounding board that grabs the attention of politicians and policymakers.

I tell you what has helped us a whole lot and that is something that we can encourage, and that is to get more whistleblowers, ” the libertarian-leaning Paul, also a three-time presidential candidate, said. “Think of Edward Snowden, what he has done for revealing the truth. Think of what Daniel Ellsberg did in a much more difficult time and he narrowly escaped going to prison for this.

Snowden, the former NSA contractor who divulged top-secret information showing how his former agency spied on millions of Americans and citizens of allied countries, is currently a fugitive in Russia; Ellsberg famously revealed the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s, which revealed secret U.S. operations in Vietnam and the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia.

The new site: Voices of Liberty

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1 augusti 2014 kl 22:08

it seems to me there is a real BIG difference between these two – Ellsberg as an investigative reporter did his job, while Snowden betrayed the trust put in him and broke his oath ( I take it you do not get a job in CIA or related units without this), he was part of a military entity. So while I can understand Ellsberg, there is no way I can condone Snowdens action, he is a traitor in my view.