Is the World Depopulation Agenda a Fact? – Yes, says Historian Kevin Galalae

publicerad 15 april 2015
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Kevin Galalae (2018). Foto: John Rice
Kevin Galalae (2018). Foto: John Rice
Kevin Galalae (2018). Foto: John Rice

WORLD. NewsVoice asked the Canadian historian and political activist, Kevin Galalae if there is a global depopulation policy. Yes, he says and Galalae claims he can provide conclusive and incontrovertible evidence in his newest book, “Peace Without Poison”, that the international system post-World War II is based on genocide and that the vast majority of the world’s governments has cooperated with the UN to subvert their people’s fertility and, most recently, longevity in order to control population growth.

This global program of social engineering, now in its seventh decade, is the world’s best kept secret and the axis around which the international community has revolved since 1945, says  Galalae. This program seeks to artificially balance births and deaths in every country on earth and in this fashion stabilize the global population to ensure that all nations live within their means rather than outgrow their resources and cause wars of aggression.

Galalae states with certainty that the number of births is limited by interfering with the human reproductive system through endocrine disruptors deliberately inserted in food, water and beverages across the world at an incalculable price to human health.

The damage done to the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity is cumulative and more devastating from generation to generation and is the underlying cause for the so-called illnesses of affluence – heart problems, cancer, diabetes, obesity, allergies, developmental and neurological disorders – all of which have become endemic and together affect six out of ten people in the developed world and an increasingly high proportion of people in the developing world, where the program of covert depopulation began later, Kevin Galalae continues when describing a grim layout plan for human population control.

Creating infertility in combination with the increase of premature deaths

Equally, the number of deaths is increased through toxins that are delivered into the bloodstreams of an unsuspecting global populace in the developed and developing world through adulterated vaccines pushed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and administered by NGOs and the ministries of health of nearly every nation on earth. Morbidity and mortality are thus increased to accomplish the demographic, economic, and environmental objectives on which the future of humanity depends.

Early death in the developed world, for instance, has become a desirable outcome for countries where the demographic transition has reached the last stage and governments now find themselves with elder rather than young people and are unable to meet the costs of their medical and social entitlements thus driving national budgets into the red and ultimately into bankruptcy, as has happened in Greece, Italy, Spain and will soon happen elsewhere. In the developing world, on the other hand, promoting early death is intended to counteract the high birth rate in countries that lack the political will or the financial and medical capacity to subvert human fertility.

Mr. Galalae has provided demographic and statistical data for every country and territory on earth, a colossal amount of research presented in over 1000 pages of text, and has called upon every head of state and government to cease and desist all covert methods of depopulation or else face crimes against humanity in the not so distant future.

A better solution for population control

More than this, Mr. Galalae has provided an alternative solution, namely the worldwide adoption of replacement level fertility as a Planetary Security Prerogative. This will allow the world to stabilize the global population and preserve international peace, safeguard natural resources for future generations and reverse environmental degradation without having to poison humanity.

Instead, the responsibility for population control will rest on the shoulders of every man and woman on the planet, who will be free to choose their own method of contraception but not free to have more than just two children.

To accomplish this goal, Mr. Galalae has called upon the United Nations and governments around the world to speak the truth, inform the public of the facts and the dire realities we face as a civilization that faces extinction, and act openly, honestly and resolutely to change course before it is too late.

The repercussions of Mr. Galalae’s work cannot be overestimated and will be seismic for the international order, which has relied on secrecy, deception and misdirection to be able to poison humanity into sterility for the sake of maintaining international peace. That mode of operation is no longer possible due to Mr. Galalae’s efforts and sacrifices, a fact now tacitly recognized by global policymakers who, as a result, have after four years of intense censorship finally allowed Mr. Galalae’s books to be published. His work is now available worldwide through Amazon.

The downplaying and the silencing

When Mr. Galalae’s name and work will no longer be subject to a media blackout, the world will find out that the global controls instituted to commit genocide in the name of peace have been used and abused by the Canadian authorities to:

  • arrest Mr. Galalae without grounds six times and
  • keep him behind bars for nearly one year;
  • to falsify his medical record and
  • label him delusional;
  • to separate him from his children for more than four years to destroy him emotionally;
  • to impose on him a ten-year no communication order with his children without providing a reason why in order to continue to use his children as leverage until such time as he submits and conforms;
  • to confiscate his physical and intellectual property;
  • to systematically destroy his career, family, and life;
  • to falsify his court records and violate the most basic rules of jurisprudence to keep him imprisoned for as long as possible despite legal justification;
  • to bully, threaten and intimidate him with life-long imprisonment; and when all that failed,
  • to attempt to buy his silence.

Galalae prepares us for war but peace is still an option

Mr. Galalae’s, by some, called, epic struggle to expose and change a world order based on genocide redefines the notion of David against Goliath and will go down in history as the greatest battle.

In the end, Mr. Galalae assures us, there will be peace without poison and no one will be excluded from the future.

If not, the system created to preserve peace will itself become the cause of war; and this time the struggle will not be between nations but between the 99% and the 1% and all the sacrifices made in the name of peace will have been in vain.

As controversial as it can possibly get

Kevin Galalae is painting a picture of a current and future world governance that fits the perfect and complete conspiracy theory above all other conspiracies that are imaginable. Yet, he does that with a certain logic, pointing to controllable facts in a convincing manner that makes this Grand Theory hard to brush away easily. For the listening bystander, there is a remaining intellectual area that whispers; maybe there is truth in this.

Galalae continues: 

"Since no one really wants a perpetual and biochemical war on the world population, we must all prepare for a radical change in global governance; one that is based on trust between people and governments and that places responsibility for the future of the world and for peaceful cohabitation on people, not structures."

But absent such change, Mr. Galalae warns us, we must all prepare for war.

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