Rakhmat Akilov: “I bomb Sweden because you bomb Syria” – Sweden pays for secret warfare

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publicerad 10 april 2017
- Torbjörn Sassersson
Rakhmat Akilov
Rakhmat Akilov
Rakhmat Akilov
Torbjörn Sassersson
Torbjörn Sassersson

STOCKHOLM TERROR ATTACK. The suspect – identified as Rakhmat Akilov (39) – was apprehended by Swedish security forces on Friday have confessed he drove the truck in Stockholm April 7. He says the order came directly from ISIS in Syria and the order was to kill infidels. His motive was to bomb Sweden because Sweden is bombing Syria, as reported by Swedish media outlets. 

The terrorist took control of a truck and directly started to drive very fast along the crowded street Drottninggatan in the city centre. As people throw themselves away the terrorist managed to kill or hurt 19 people (4 killed). The terrorist suspect then ran to Arlanda Express and took the express train to Arlanda Airport. He then left the airport and gave himself up at the Circle K gas station in Marsta, near Arlanda. Witnesses saw that the man had burn injuries, according to Aftonbladet.

Rakhmat Akilov flight path
Terrorist suspect Rakhmat Akilov truck and flight path – Source The Swedish Police

The suspect was hurt in the fire when the truck hit the Ahléns’ building. Inside the truck police found bomb parts. When in custody the man claimed he is muslim and was ordered by ISIS to commit the crime. According to the sources of Expressen and Aftonbladet Rakhmat Akilov said that the bombings of Syria must stop and that he bombed Sweden because Sweden is bombing Syria. On his Facebook page he has shown his interest for ISIS and have liked ISIS killings.

Sweden taking part in wars in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa

The accusations against Sweden are not without a foundation. Sweden is involved in many military actions in the Middle East, Africa and countries such as Afghanistan. The Swedish airforce helped the US to designate bomb targets in Libya. A righteous civilan tried to drag the responsible politicians to court but in vain. The attempt is summoned on the site Highcrimes.org.

NewsVoice has been in contact with Swedish military individuals claiming to have knowledge about Swedish partnerships in wars led or controlled by the US. Some wars are dirty, giving Swedish armed forces and intel personel a very bad reputation abroad.

The Swedish Newspaper DN published the revealing article “Swedens Secret Wars” in 2014. DN informs the reader about how The Special Operations Task Group (SOG) have been on missions in The Central African Republic, Tchad, Afghanistan, Kongo and many classified countries [such as Somalia].

Marcus Wallenberg
Marcus Wallenberg – Foto: SEB Group, pressfoto

The Swedish financial family Wallenberg (SAAB Group, Marcus Wallenberg) was revealed as a major player and also benefactor in the Saudi weapons scandal where the Swedish military authority FOI was commissioned to help build a weapons factory in Saudi Arabia. The scandal was uncovered by journalists and one consequence was that the defense minister Sten Tolgfors “left” his job, as reported by various outlets in the Swedish mainstream media. The complete story is told in the book: “Saudi Weapons: feigning politicians, lying officials and secret spies –  A political thriller about Swedish arms trade” 

A former defense minister Thage G Peterson in 2015 tried to trigger an investigation about the Swedish involvement in the bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan. The claim was supported by an article in New York Times: “Germany and Sweden Are Said to Help Make Afghan ‘Kill Decisions’”.

Lars-Gunnar Liljestrand who is chair of the organisation “Solidarity for Afghanistan” in 2015 claimed that Swedish armed forces was part of illegal drone attacks in Afghanistan.

The American global intelligence company Strafor which use an intel-based approach to analyze world affairs published an article in 2015 by the security expert Karl Lallerstedt, “Syria and Sweden: A distant conflict with serious consequences at home”. He warns about terror connections between Sweden and Syria.

Karl Lallerstedt -Foto: Linkedin
Karl Lallerstedt -Foto: Linkedin

“Even though Damascus lies over 3,000 kilometers away from Stockholm, the Syrian civil war arguably presents a more widespread threat to Sweden than any conflict since the Second World War.

Since the fighting began, an estimated 250-300 Swedish citizens have traveled to Syria and Iraq in order to join al-Qaida-inspired organizations. Many have died. Some of those who survive could potentially commit acts of terror upon their return”.

Still the question remains why Sweden would be targeted by a terrorist. If Rakhmat Akilov is a terrorist, and the man behind the terror attack in Stockholm, and since he has said he bombs Sweden because Sweden bombs Syria, what exactly what has Sweden done in Syria?

The Swedish news magazine Proletaren gives us a clue:

“Sweden was supposed to promote democracy and human rights in Syria. But the money has gone to movements crying for more weapons and perpetrating terror against the people.” – “Examination of Sweden’s involvement in Syria”

Rakhmat Akilov

Swedish media writes that Rakhmat Akilov was applying for a residence permit in 2014. In 2016 he was not granted a permit by the Swedish Migrations authority. Akilov was ordered to leave the country at the latest in mid January 2017. He didn’t.  He was fired from the last job and left without notice from another job as late as March or February. He has a wife and kids. Expressen claims he is an expert in bomb making.

Swisha Sassersson valfri summaAccording to SVT a Swedish police chief Rakhmat Akilov will be imprisoned for the rest of his life. But who will imprison the people in Sweden responsible for war crimes abroad?

Text: Torbjorn Sassersson, editor

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  • Burned himself (?), that’s what one of the two alleged “terrorists” succeeded in when trying to set fire on Mr Vilks house.. Not much of a terrorist there either but a lot of money make the stupid come true..

    Jihad Jane did not get an Oscar and would have ruined it by a speech…

    “Ägaren till en sajt som sägs ha koppling till chatten tillbakavisar dock innehållet i en intervju med med DN. ” Translated to “The owner of the chatsite rejects/refute the substance in an interview with DN.

    Well no the story begins.. A chatsite forbidden in Russia left open to Jihadists from f.ex. Chechnya – Chechen Republic and run by a finnish owner is a story..! This chat publish statements from the Beslan Terrorist Basajev after Beslan..

    Do the translation word for word by yourself and do your conclusions yourself why this chat comes up the wall here…

    “Den kontroversiella sajten Kavkazcenter skriver om den muslimska världen i Ryssland och Kaukasus. I Ryssland är den förbjuden, bland annat för sina kontakter med tjetjenska rebelledare. Efter gisslandramat i Beslan publicerade sajten ett öppet brev från den tjetjenske rebelledaren Shamil Basajev där han tog på sig dådet. Basajev dödades senare av ryska styrkor.”

    Which terrorists is getting support in Chechnya? To do what? Blow highrises in Moscow and blame Putin… Chechnya aso reminds me of Libya, Syria and the same blamegame that can’t hide its obvious pattern..

    So how did they stop Gorbatjov from getting to popular and to peaceful? Don’t forget how Yeltsin’s sellout & Catastroika was applauded by the west..

  • The Swedish morning paper Svenska Dagbladet cites a Swedish police who says:

    “We have received several positive reactions from those who we usually try to sue. A really influential person in criminal context came up to me in connection with an intervention and said that we are doing a really good job. Of course that is an awesome feeling”, says district chief of police Erik Åkerlund to the newspaper Södra Sidan.”

    I find that pathetic, a police in chief who gets excited over credit from a heavily criminal person.

  • It’s a destinctive difference between “a bomb maker” and “an expert of explosives”…!!!

    Sorry! 😉

  • Expressen: “Misstänkte terroristen Rakhmat Akilov kallar sig sprängexpert”

    Expressen: “Stort polistillslag mot Akilov-kopplat företag”
    “I samband med att Rakhmat Akilov sökte jobb hos en annan företagare i branschen sa han själv att han var sprängexpert.”

    Expressen: “39-åringens eget intyg visar: Är sprängexpert”

  • Expressen does not claim “he is an expert in bomb making”.

    The information tells us instead that Rakhmat Akilov has experience about explosives, in mening of construction working capabilities!

  • Om man har ett problem med Sveriges utrikespolitik är det väl dom ansvariga för den man skulle ge sig på? Det hela stinker skit

  • “”I bomb Sweden because you bomb Syria”
    He is not from Syria, so why a terror attack if hes not on the loosing side.. Assad is winning and this attack is in the same manner as the alleged Sarin attack and the blamegame to target Assad..

    There is no logic in the the statement that Assad would try to loose the war by using Sarin.

    This terrorist claim that “he was arrested and tortured” in Uzbekistan. Well that is the music all attenders play during false revolutions. F.ex. in Libya. They did it in Syria too.

    “Tidningen skriver att Akilov nämner en “order” om attentatet på Drottninggatan, och att den ska ha kommit från IS i Syrien.” Transpation. “Akilov says he acted on orders from IS in Syria”.

    “Akilov sagt att han “bombar Sverige för att vi bombar hans land”.” Translation. “Akilov says he is bombing Sweden because we (Sweden) is bombing his country”. ???? I suppose his meaning is that Sweden is not criticizing Russia and Syria enough.

    All terrorists seems stupid…

    “Still the question remains why Sweden would be targeted by a terrorist. If Rakhmat Akilov is a terrorist, and the man behind the terror attack in Stockholm, and since he has said he bombs Sweden because Sweden bombs Syria, what exactly what has Sweden done in Syria?”

    Cecilia Uddén a quite heavy name among journalists wrote about growing doubts the day before the Attack https://twitter.com/UlfPersson13/status/849886247678087169
    A MSM media windchange is what most of all would have threatened the narrative of Assad as a terrorist.. If MSM had change course on the Accusations that all White Helmets propaganda was fake, hell would have broke loose.. Is that not a reason for making people get something else to think about. It is all about priorities. Real threats and attacks work that way..

    Wonder when Uddén will read this.. Partly in English. http://jinge.se/allmant/mer-bevis-for-white-helmets-falska-livraddande-insatser-pa-barn-och-for-farliga-atgarder.htm

    Stratfor has been engaged in so much suspicious events that their credibility is null. Their strategic purpose of moving the public is nothing but..their job.. most useful lies or not..

  • thank you for the summary. I’m afraid the story doesn’t make much sense to me though (which makes me think we are not being told critical information). who would benefit from such an indiscriminate act of terror?

  • This Rakhmat Akilov will stand trial and will probably be sentenced to life – say 12 years. According To svd.se (https://www.svd.se/europas-fangelser) costs a Swedish prison place around 621 euros a day. If he is sentenced to 12 years, it will be: 12 x 365 x 621 EUR = 2,719,980 € = 26,101,744 SEK.
    (Rate: Ten euro = 976 Swedish kronor).

    26 million! And then the cost to send him abroad. Add an additional million for the chartered flight to the security police personnel and all associated costs:

    27 million SEK

  • Alongside this story, every time the Swedish Migration Authority denies any citizenship and the person is asked to leave the country, but instead commit crimes; why not just simply kick out the person? Why waste money on a prison?

    One day in prison costs over 4,000 Swedish kronor each day, for the Swedish taxpayer. I mean the person is already sentenced to deportation anyway? Why bother?

  • Jag har två frågor:

    Varför skulle en usbekisk man hämnas för Syrien? Det känns väldigt märkligt. Även sjuka människors hjärnor fungerar inte så.

    Jag såg bilderna på lastbilen. Ingen människa som krockar i en sådan bil kan komma ut oskadat och bara dra iväg. Så lastbilen måste varit fjärdtyrd.

    Jag undrar också varför måste vi lita på Expressens och Aftonbladets källor och rapportering då de har spridit så många lödner och desinformation?

  • Det enklaste svaret, eftersom han åkte dit, var att han ville åka dit, få stanna i Sverige på livstid och försvaga vår demokrati genom att bli en livstidsbelastning för den. Samtidigt kommer han nu slippa få svälta (under EU/Nato-sanktioner mot Syrien) ej heller behöva dö i krig i Syrien på någon sida.

    Lösningen är uppenbar.
    1. Häkta alla utländska lösdrivare, ev. avvisa vid bevakad gräns eller deportera.
    2. Häkta allt IS-folk, deportera till Syrien för vidare straff där.
    3. Bojkotta de allierade CIA-terrorstaterna: IS, Israel, Turkiet, Saudiarabien och USA tills kriget upphör.
    4. Bygga upp Syrien genom bistånd tillsammans med Kina, Iran och Ryssland .
    5. Återföra syrierna till ett Syrien i fred.

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