The Swedish Social Democrats’ election film promises nonsense and delivers thinly

    Stefan Löfven köper varmkorv i Socialdemokraternas valfilm 2018. Källa: Socialdemokraterna
    The current Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven. Source: Social Democrats on YouTube

    DEBATE. One can choose to go into the grave with a certain measure of pride, or blatantly naked present ones way to betray the Swedish people. The Social Democrats’ election film features an ex-welder buying hot dogs. For your information, the welder is the current Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven.

    By Öystein Rönne | Translation and editing: Liz Bryman, Florida | Original article: “Socialdemokraternas valfilm lovar strunt och håller tunt”

    Truly an exceedingly painful election film. My tip to the social democrats will be: Whatever you choose to do, don’t spread it around abroad! It would be the most comical production in Swedish political history and expose sossarna‘s opinion of their people’s ability to draw their own conclusions.

    The Promises:

    “The Social Democrats go to elections on a stronger community with more resources for schools and care [health], raised pensions and a compromise-free fight against crime and its sources. Thus we build a safer Sweden. and for us this goes far ahead of tax reductions for those who already have the most. Vote for the Social Democrats on September 9th!” – Social Democrats channel on You Tube, August 2018

    From Expressen‘s (a major national daily newspaper) article about the social demokrats election film:

    “A journalist in the audience asks why the boy in the hot dog stand was not allowed to explain his own vision of society, which was ignored by Zanchi — who maintains that Löfven’s counter question proves that one [they] does listen to the voters and that the film could not be made longer.”

    My comment to the Social Democrats’ election film

    No, the film couldn’t become longer, since there was nothing else convincing to come up with!

    I actually believed that the Social Democrats’ election film would have a little more concrete to present. Instead they delivered the same old clichés that return in election after election. It can’t be fun to be a Social Democrat these days.

    These clichés do not point to any one submitted bill in the parliament during this latest mandate period that could illustrate that they are serious about fulfilling their, in the film, strained visions.

    And just this fact is ever so typical, and does not only apply to sossarna but often even the other parties in the so-called political grouping 7-clover.

    But this is about the Social Democrats’ election film. They have had 4 years to put forth bills in parliament that would underscore their insinuated “promises” and visions in the film  which never did happen.

    What reason is it therefore to believe that they after just this election would actively have a process to drive forth/through their so called visions. Why haven’t they been driven forth by now?

    In summary the conclusion will be that this election film is nothing but a simple joke, produced by a desperate party that’s just been forced down the slippery slope to drown in the abyss losing all credibility.

    By Öystein Rönne | Translation and editing: Liz Bryman, Florida | Original article: “Socialdemokraternas valfilm lovar strunt och håller tunt”

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