Facebook suppress free speech, defends deboosting and degrades insider – O’Keefe fires back

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publicerad 28 februari 2019
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James OKeefe, 2019. Foto: Project Veritas

Immediately after James O’Keefe and Project Veritas revealed how Facebook suppress free speech, Facebook reacts as expected by degrading the insider and claiming everybody’s right to free speech. The tech giant then goes on to defend their deboosting tag “ActionDeboostLiveDistribution” as something good. O’Keefe responds: “You and I have Facebook on their heels”

Facebook released their comment in an article in The Verge saying:

“We fired this person a year ago for breaking multiple employment policies and using her contractor role at Facebook to perform a stunt for Project Veritas.  Unsurprisingly, the claims she is making validate her agenda and ignore the processes we have in place to ensure Facebook remains a platform to give people a voice, regardless of their political ideology.”

James O’Keefe asks:

“A stunt? Exposing the truth is never a “stunt”. “

Facebook goes on in defending the deboost tag by selecting One example where the tagging is relevant, in the same time distracting the attention away from all other implementations which are not so relevant. The Verge:

“Starting in 2016, Facebook gave a significant News Feed boost to live videos as a way of encouraging users to broadcast live. Some pages tried to game that system by uploading pre-recorded videos through the live API, a violation of Facebook’s policies. If moderators found such a video, the “ActionDeboostLiveDistribution” tag would be applied to undo the News Feed boost otherwise applied to Live videos.”

Facebook suppress free speech

O’Keefe responds that Facebook in fact doesn’t deny any of the findings of Veritas’ investigation:

  • “Facebook verifies the existence of “deboosting” conservative pages.  Veritas reached out to one of the “deboosted” page owners, Steven Crowder, who told Veritas that Facebook’s claims were “ridiculous” and he does not upload pre-recorded videos through the live API.”
  • “Facebook does not deny censoring political comments for users.”
  • “Facebook does not deny the existence of their efforts to “Coordinate Trolling on Facebook.””
  • “Facebook does not deny suppressing conservative pages.” 

O’Keefe points out that Facebook prefer to discredit Veritas’ insider and sadly The Verge promotes the “manufactured comments” of Facebook over the firsthand account of a whistle blower, and he finalize his comment by ascertaining:

“Veritas just exposed them for their calculated bias and censorship against conservatives. In fact, our documents show how Facebook triggers “special features” before an election. I knew they would need a scapegoat.  You see, they can’t contend with their own documents which is why they are trying to discredit our insider.”

Text and summary: Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice.se 


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