Neo-cannibalism “promoted” by Swedish State Television

Neo-cannibalism - Montage:
SVT Fråga Lund 3 sep 2019 – Montage:

SVT the government-funded Swedish public service TV and Swedish Channel 4 promotes neo-cannibalism as the solution to the climate threat, sustainability, and atmospheric carbon dioxide issues. The basic idea has a typical limitless, liberal and socialistic touch some critics complain. 

SVT aired on September 3 a TV show called “Fråga Lund” where distinguished academics and professors answer scientific questions. The question of cannibalism was brought up, and a reporter asked people on the street what part of the body they would prefer to eat if they had to.

The Swedish people with an international reputation of always being nice and loyal to their government, answered politely that they would gladly eat an arm or a leg, and some more fastidious Swedes answered they would start light with a finger or a nail. The whole approach to the subject of neo-cannibalism is snappy and humorous.

Magnus Söderström discusses Neo-cannibalism, 3 Sep 2019
Magnus Söderström discusses neo-cannibalism, 3 Sep 2019. Photo: TV4 Efter fem. Montage:

Neo-cannibalism raise many questions

On the same day, Swedish Channel 4 (TV4, After five) interviewed Magnus Söderlund a behavioral scientist and professor in marketing about eating human flesh. Söderlund claims the importance of seriously looking into the possibility for humans to eat dead humans. He addresses the taboos.

“The first thing is that this human that is to be eaten has to be dead. It’s kind of normal when one eats humans, and dead humans already is a taboo in itself even though that notion is tampered with, in the sense that people kill each other pretty wildly…”

Magnus Söderlund goes on saying these problems could hinder people that want to break into the human flesh market. At the end of the interview, he maintains the seriousness of human flesh-eating since this could be the solution for sustainability and climate issues.

In Sweden, the National Board of Health and Welfare is the authority that records the Swedish individuals that wish to donate their organs. This should be the authority that people need to give approval to in case human flesh-eating becomes a reality.

Many ethical, economical and practical questions emerge in the wake of this move by flesh-eating predecessors. Who may eat whom? Can family members eat their own? What would be the price for human flesh? Will there be price differences depending on the quality and age of the body donator? Would the dead body of a Swedish prime minister be available on the open flesh market? And what about the kids?

By Torbjörn Sassersson, NewsVoice

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Clas Kling
Clas Kling(@claskling)
6 september 2019 kl 12:18

Totalt jävla sinnessjukt!
Hur långt får vansinnet gå?

Peter Johansson
Peter Johansson
6 september 2019 kl 12:35

We have closed our mental institutions and now days the politicians and other lunatics are roaming free. All foreign tourists are welcome to Sweden, where “eat me” has a new and tasty meaning.

6 september 2019 kl 16:14

Could this be a desperate attempt to normalize dipoloid lung fibroblasts (DNA from aborted fetuses) in vaccines? Sick world we live in anyway.

Birgit Sjölander
Birgit Sjölander(@birgit)
6 september 2019 kl 21:16

Om Svenskarna lyder dessa anbefallningar kanske det uppstår en ny sjukdom ” Mad Swed desease” i stället för mad cow desease.
Hela den diskussionen talar för att man har numera inget vettig att tänka på. Det syns redan i MSN nyheter som i bästa fall är polisrapporter men inget som händer ute i världen.

Pece Makedonski
Pece Makedonski
7 september 2019 kl 09:39

”The world is ruled by madness with totally mad politicians and mad scientist”
Vad är Sverige på väg?? Vad är Svenska folkets tolerans för sinnessjukdom?

Tant Pia
Tant Pia(@pia-hopkins)
7 september 2019 kl 17:24
En sinnessjukdom som kan leda till hål i huvudet. Betydligt billigare än vapen och ammunition.

12 september 2019 kl 00:52

Perhaps a medical doctor should be consulted rather than a behavioral (marketing) psychologist. Due to ‘Prions’ contracted from eating meat of too similar an animal… ritualistic cannibalism was abolished in south east Asia in the ’50s. People were contracting the human version of mad cow disease.
This is a rather dangerous way to solve climate change (for the diners) and is not a practical solution for sustainability.

Åke i Sörmland
Åke i Sörmland
15 september 2019 kl 07:05

How about all the Big Pharma poison?

Reply to  Åke i Sörmland
16 september 2019 kl 05:23

That’s why I don’t invest in “bio-tech”… it’s unethical.

16 september 2019 kl 08:20

Overton window 9/12/2019, 3:29:18 PM “A professor at the Stockholm Higher School of Economics, Magnus Soderlund, speaking on Swedish television as a guest expert on the future food, said eating human meat would help combat the effects of global climate change. Because cows and pigs produce too much methane, and feed requires too much land and water. Well, then – you yourself know. No, the professor does not call for eating living people, God forbid! But now the dead – why not? Moreover, for their burial, again, too much land is required. “I specifically named the column in such a way that, firstly, to anticipate possible comments, and secondly, so as not to return to the question. Overton’s window, along with Occam’s razor, is Rockefeller and Rothschild of contemporary sofa discourse. The concepts are captured, greasy and blurred to such an extent that as soon as you see their use – you want to immediately stop any discussion. For nothing. Because in the story with the Swedish professor, who suggested there are people in order to feed humanity, the most interesting is not at all in the breadth of the discussion. There can be no framework in scientific and natural discussions. And if such a framework existed, then mankind would not have nuclear weapons. True, perhaps it seems to some that this would be good. Well, OK. Ok, let’s add context. So, a professor at the Stockholm Higher School of Economics Magnus Soderlund, speaking on Swedish television as a visiting expert on the future food, said eating human meat would help fight the effects of global climate change. Because cows and pigs produce too much methane, and feed requires too much land and water. Well, then – you yourself know. No, the professor does not call for eating living people, God forbid! But now the dead – why not? Moreover, for their burial, again, too much land is required. To the question: “And you yourself, professor, will you eat people?” – the professor replied that he was open to suggestions. And while compatriot Greta Thunberg hasn’t spoken on the issue (and after all, one of the journalists must ask her what she thinks about this), let’s try to ignore the scope of the discussions, from the discussions themselves, from the Swedish cultural model as such to our plebeian sources. For example, to Wikipedia. So, in Wikipedia it is said that… Read more »

Perra J
24 september 2019 kl 09:24

A preparation for Communism? This is an article from China where cannibalism was indeed practiced, according to a research from Zgeng Yi, a Chinese dissident and writer. Not long time ago (1968)!
This is absoutely horrifying and I must warn you before reading this. See “Cannibalism In Guangxi Province” at the end of the article.

Carina Agrell
Carina Agrell
24 september 2019 kl 11:07

I can´t help believing that this is a test for checking the mental state of the Swedish population, comparable to H&M´s introduction of sexy underwear for three year old girls some years ago. That ended in massive protests from parents, and I think the conclusion was that the population was not yet mature for feeding pedophilia – “some more years are needed for controversial products like that”.

Some years ago I stated a concept – “the internalized blame for everything”, meaning that people accept and embrace guilt laid upon them because they are brainwashed to think that the state can´t be wrong. So if the “climate change” is due to man, the need for cannibalism the Swedish people themselves are to blame. Let us not forget that Sweden is a laboratory for the globalists because of the weak souls identifying with the collective mass and globalist controlled government. An idea like this could not have been introduced in any other state.

Italo Vernazza
Italo Vernazza
30 september 2019 kl 22:28

The first reflex is of course to take it as a hoax in order to expose the gulibility of conspiracists dealing with realtiy. But then again in such a degenerate world… anything and everything is possible. My suggestion, dear normal (?) Swedes… if it comes down to this… start by eating your global warming pest.

Italo Vernazza
Italo Vernazza
1 oktober 2019 kl 01:14

I will. But I must say that I was shortly in Sweden in Olof Palme’s times (beginning of the seventies) and that by my understanding the country was already on a collision course.
That your people took the Barbara Lerner Spectre and her ilk for granted says a lot about their vulnerability. And the rest of Neurope is’nt far behing unless it wakes up FAST. Mark my world.