CNN insider Cary Poarch wants an army of Veritas Insiders with hidden cameras

CNN insider Cary Poarch. Foto Project Veritas
CNN insider Cary Poarch. Foto Project Veritas

The CNN insider Cary Poarch explains in his own words why he came forward to tell the truth about the media giant’s biased news. The channel is surely biased and it is very bad for all people, he explains. “All I want is for people to have the facts and to make up their own minds.”

By Cary Poarch

I am the Insider that exposed CNN. Why did I do it? Simple… Two and a half years ago, I started working [as a contractor] at CNN. I quickly realized that my dream job had become a nightmare. They pretend to be center of the road.

But in reality, CNN is driving a political narrative.

I don’t care which way you lean… opinion is not news. All I want is for people to have the facts and to make up their own minds. That’s the beauty of America! That’s why I did this.

I never wanted my name in the news. I made a sacrifice because it is vital for people to be informed. When people are informed, they can make their own decisions.

The media should report news. Is that too much to ask?

I lost so much sleep while working at CNN and I was about to quit. I wrestled with the decision long and hard. But, soon, everything became clear.

When I saw the story of the Facebook insider, I decided to approach Project Veritas.

I realized that I was in a very unique position to do something to protect the republic. I could shine sunlight on the problem and let the cards fall where they may.

The media is broken, and I decided to do something about it.

After many sleepless nights, I decided to wear a camera and expose CNN!

Read more (in Swedish): Insidern Cary Poarch avslöjar att CNN leder Trump-hat-narrativet

If you think I’m alone, I’m not. Plenty of other people at CNN told me on hidden camera about the old days at CNN.

One of my colleagues told me:

“We Used to Cover News. We Used to Go Out and Do Stories.”

If CNN would simply be honest, I wouldn’t have had to wear a camera and record hundreds of hours inside the newsroom.

I need you to understand that this is bigger than one network. This is a chance to hold all of the media accountable. And the best way to do this is through Project Veritas. Imagine 5, 10, or 100 people — just like me — wearing cameras inside newsrooms.

Project Veritas has unleashed a movement of insiders and it has the potential to change everything.

Please don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Project Veritas had my back. They helped me to create my GoFundMe and I reached my goal in just three days! Now, it’s time to help them equip MORE insiders.

I don’t want my sacrifice to lose momentum. Now, is the time to strike. I’m asking you to please click here and donate to Project Veritas right now.

It’s time to inspire even more insiders.

More white-papers and editorials aren’t going to change our country.

But you know what will? An army of Veritas Insiders wearing hidden cameras.

Cary Poarch, CNN Insider

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Erik Forsman
22 oktober 2019 kl 09:50

“I realized that I was in a very unique position to do something to protect the republic. I could shine sunlight on the problem and let the cards fall where they may”.

I wish Swedish journalists would be that brave.

Carina Agrell
Carina Agrell
22 oktober 2019 kl 08:33

I agree. There are two major obstacles generally on the issue of awakening; first there’s the ignorance, but also most peoples state of not knowing that there is something more to know. Then there’s the psychological problem of realizing the truth though it’s in your face. As Mark Twain stated; “It is easier to fool people again, than get them to see that they have been fooled”.
Personally I have tried to make doctors aware of and accepting the diagnose of Multiple Chemical Senceivity, and have been very bad treated in these contacts. Now several states acknowledge the diagnoses, and the EU parliament recommend their provinces to accept it too. I often thought that a hidden camera would have been great, recording how I was treated in the health care system though I presented supporting reserch material. The gate keepers need to know that they could be observed!