Fokumlah S. Nchungong: Is institutionalized racism still a norm in Sweden?

Nchungong Fokumlah (2020). Photo: own work
Fokumlah S. Nchungong (Gotland, Visby, 2020). Photo: own work

OPINION. ”Sweden is not a racist country”, this innocently naive and ignorant statement, versed by a Swedish friend of mine had my goosebumps itching. A clear indication of an institutionalized silent transfer of white supremacy ideologies to innocent docile minds, who grow up absolutely oblivious and incognizant of this unconscious mind conditioning.

By Fokumlah S. Nchungong (, updated July 31

Everything is not what it seems to be my dear friend and I`ll really appreciate it if you stop kneeling on my mental neck. It hurts! But why would you proclaim such baloney with a convincing certainty when lucid reasoning offers staggering indications of such tendencies?

Sweden never had any long term colonies and their participation in slavery and/or presence at the Berlin conference during the partition of Africa was just figurative. Holy friend of mine-are you serious? I really don’t know where to start but let’s try to place some chronology here and if you don’t mind, let me first of all acknowledge.

Some people might be kneeling on necks unconsciously

The opportunities offered in Sweden to immigrants and people of color are immeasurable. Some people come from countries and societies where they will everlastingly pray and only dream of having such amenities, possibilities, and securities, which seems to be taken for granted here. It has been a safe haven, refuge, covert to millions of people from a different ethnocultural and religious background. The Swedish societal structure is quite transparent, democratic, and free- but do we have a problem? Some people might be kneeling on necks unconsciously.

Holy friend of mine – let’s not forget the fact that it was the renowned Swedish Biologist- Carl von Linnaeus working at the Swedish state institute of biology who actually developed the pseudoscience of race Biology, which was the cradle of white supremacy- with the Sami people being his experimental laboratory guinea pigs.

Sweden had slavery

Sweden was one of the last countries in Europe to abolish slavery which was almost fourteen years after the UK. It is well known that the Swedish colony of Saint-Barthélemy facilitated the buying and selling of slaves from where the colonial economic wealth of Sweden was derived and built. This might just be a long lost history without relevance, but the generational impact has institutionalized racist tendencies which are sometimes being expressed unknowingly – if I try to avoid mentioning well established white supremacy organizations. It is not sarcastic in plain sight as compared to other countries but dehumanizing on an individualistic psychological stance. Individuals in minority groups often find themselves fighting for their lives before group ethnomethodology can try to regulate societal understanding.

But if Sweden has been providing such amazing help and assistance to immigrants of color who come here in search of greener pastures, why can’t they just accept the hospitality and stay out of crime?

People have the right to get scared of strangers. There are some neighborhoods In Sweden which has been totally hijacked by immigrants and people of color. Don’t you think we have the absolute right to first of all protect our integrity?

Holy friend of mine – we were together in a bar in Globen watching the World Cup when Jimmy Durmaz made a minimal error during the football game against Germany. He was the ape that was to be castrated by the country. Why? He never played any other game during the world cup. Why?

These neighborhoods you are talking about, were they not being allocated to them by administrators at the municipalities? Most of these immigrants come from or have gone through traumatic experiences that required immediate psychological assistance and rapid integration, but it has never been the priority of the municipalities.

The media and press are being used by white supremacists to amplify and stigmatize the criminal behaviors of these minority groups.

The immigration offices are kneeling on documents for sometimes more than four years before granting approval of residency. Even after acquiring the permit to live and work here, employers often kneel on the applications for job offers because the name on the CV was something like Fokumlah Nchungong. That is why Sweden has the most segregated labor market of people with foreign backgrounds in Europe by the OECD statistics. This is more than frustrating because even advocating on this subject matter lures anxiety.

Some years ago, I was studying a Master’s program at the University of Ostersund and some Swedish classmates of mine had to travel to Uganda for a research project on water management. On arrival, they were given police escorts, stewards, a lux hotel, and community care. The end result of their project work was a common water pumped well – which was being acclaimed by singing school pupils, dancing women farmers, three slaughtered goats by village elders for entertainment (of which they jokingly said they didn’t eat the meat because they were vegans). I did my own research at Vattenfall in Uppsala. A zero treatment was offered! Why?

Get off my neck! Holy friend of Mine.

By Fokumlah S. Nchungong (

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Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
4 augusti 2020 kl 00:09

Sorry, I mean unite as one class. The people issue is irrelevant and is all about personal taste. I prefer european-looking women in general, just as I prefer vanilla ice cream and dark chokolate separate, and I’d rather hug women than men, but that is my own personal taste, just like I prefer paintings by Zorn. That is only a matter of esthetics or my own norm.

Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
3 augusti 2020 kl 22:21


I had a coloured manager for a couple of years. In fact he was a very good manager in many aspects. I am unemployed at the moment, not receiving any kind of social welfare. In this aspect I am not superior at all. I look for work and I work with politics in order to change the political situation, for myself and for everyone else.

The opressing criminals of our society are the short-term people who are voting for the 8 EU-positive parties, because they all create unequality and criminality and create racist feelings in a way that is devlish. They import, segregate and avoid to create integration. They also import cultures with no ability or will to integrate.

Immigrants are over-represented in cime statistics, but it has nothing to do with race or sect, but class and unemployment. Anyone living in i society who does not care about all citizens can become a criminal and be killed by a rasist cop when arrested, white or coloured.

However colour is not really the issue, but class, but the bank-mafia do not want us to see this, only create conflict between us, so that we remain asleep. It is time to wake up and put reactionary secterism and race hate aside and unite as one people!

Stanley Nchungong Fokumlah
Stanley Nchungong Fokumlah
3 augusti 2020 kl 14:17

@ Martin Gustavsson, The existence of a brutal history of slavery and its aftermath is actually the reason why l am here. It never stopped, it just became civil but the segregation and bias is still much the same. When l wrote on institutionalized Racism, it is all about a system that works unconsciously in the minds of people. We can try to twist facts or be our own judges to suit our cherished ideas but the ill remains the same. You are a good man and maybe far away from being racist but you can act in a biased manner unknowingly.

I don’t know where you work right now but just imagine me becoming your boss in a 95 percent caucasian workplace. Will it be taken with such grace by everyone? The issue of supremacy might never be fixed. From dogmatic religious impositions, imperialist languages, forced government policies imposed by the west to African nations, the system of education, and financial dependence,…it is difficult for you to consider me equal to you.

Unfortunately, we need to talk about this inequality and try to get to the root causes before attempting solutions to combat this malaise as you rightly wrote, but the problem is, – whenever l voice out my hurting heart, it is never accepted or considered.

The white unconscious superiority sets in and it seems as if l dared to question my status and want to be like you. Now, l have to go away, l become an ape, my facts are twisted, I don’t know the privileges being given to me, l should always be on my knees thanking some oppressors for kneeling on neck. Naaaa!

Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
2 augusti 2020 kl 13:33

King Gustav III of Sweden got St. Barts 1784 from France. The island had a population of 739. 281 were black slaves.” Source:

Are swedes of today guilty of slavery/inequality created by the french given to a Swedish king? – No. Are ancestors of african slave traders guilty? – No. Finally. Did not democracy abolish slavery and create more equality all over the place, until democracy was undermined by the military industrial complex and its media? Who, in reality, is in favour of dictatorship and inequality/slavery today? – Only morons watching mainstream media manure.

Football is a way to distract people from what is really important. it is mainstream media manure, but only an idiot would call anyone an “ape” or wanting to castrate him for making a mistake in this unimportant activity. If you know it is a distraction and you still watch it, then what ar you? Truth does not hurt.

Immediate psychological assistance and rapid integration was the policy of Sweden until about 1984, before “Mord i Stockholm, vem sköt Olof Palme? – Det förbjudna spåret”

Since that event another regime has taken over. It wants to bomb other races to the stone age, have other races die by drowning them in the Mideteranian sea, and have them die from low vitamine d-levels in northern countries. The people voting for it are of course immoral and criminal too, even if it is media-induced mass-psychosis.

Who owns the media? Check it out, Fokumlah! What they have in common is narscissism, shallowness, psychopathy, not race, not culture, except economism. They feed on conflict. They create conflict, not unity between all of us, and your article is obviously trying to create conflict, and that is why I felt it was important to disagree openly with most of the things that you claim. I do however think you are mislead by americanized bad media-presstitutes, not evil.

Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
2 augusti 2020 kl 13:31

Are “Europeanus” more civilized than other “races”? I do not think so, and I am sure Linneaus would agree with me if he was alive. In my opinion far too many humans, not only “Europeanus”, are supporting mass murder, secterism and economism, instead of organizing well, creating peaceful rainbow coalitions and voting for world peace, balance with nature, equality and protecting civilization, wich would be “civilized” in the true sense of the word.

Since humans do not do the civilized thing in any large numbers, but seems willing to destroy their own rescources, countries and environment, being secteristic and short term greedy, they are clearly not civilized.

Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
2 augusti 2020 kl 13:30

Racism is often a temporary mental condition no matter the colour och nationality you rase your fist against. Having racist feelings is, in my opinion, a result of real life events combined with the fact that we all react diffrently, because of diffrent events, level of education, hormones, sun, nutrition and personalities.

I have myself experienced both racist feelings in Sweden, when mistreated by individuals with foreign heritage and I experienced “culture schock” in India and Australia, but had warm feelings for the positive Buddhists in South East Asia, and then again got culture schock coming back to the very negative Sweden, wishing to get away from it. My feelings were probably a result of events and hormones. Meditation helped me to understand my own feelings better.

We should, in my opinion, all meditate on the root cause of our problems and try to se the evident truth, in order to be motivated to solve our problems with compassion for all, because everybody’s happiness matter, at least for me.

I recommend to learn more about racist feelings from psychiatristprofessor Tara Swart on TED.

Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
2 augusti 2020 kl 13:27

Different ways of treating students in different nations does not imply racism from anyone, but do consider the feelings of the vegans knowing that animals were slaughtered because of their arrival! Horrible for them and I am sure that they did not se it at a “previlige”.

Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
2 augusti 2020 kl 13:25

When it comes to unemployment and segregated labor market, I must agree with you, Fokumlah. How did it happen? Obomba’s, Killary’s & Nato’s wars, secteristic overpopulation, massmigration away from the misery they created and EU-membership creating unequality and criminality.

The solution is to talk about, support and vote for cooperating new parties taking us out of the EU, maybe create a nordic cooperation and lower the working hours, thus sharing workload, but also denying permits for the ones not fitting in into swedish culture, of course, since that can never lead to integration, respect or happiness for anyone.

If you look down upon Swedish culture, make yourself a big favour, Fokumlah! Get out! I am considering the same if awakening from the “norm critizism” does not occur in Sweden very soon. Where to go is another issue. I have no good answer. No country is perfect in all aspects.

Martin Gustavsson - Vetenskapliga partiet
2 augusti 2020 kl 13:19

In my opinion very few swedish individuals are racists, and Linneaus was probably not a racist. I did not find evidence of any cruel sami experiments by Linneaus, but please do provide it, if you have it! I did find this:

“In an 2008 essay published by the Linnean Society of London, Marie-Christine Skuncke interpreted Linnaeus’ statements as reflecting a view that “Europeans’ superiority resides in “culture”, and that the decisive factor in Linnaeus’ taxa was “culture”, not race. Thus, regarding this topic, they consider Linnaeus’ view as merely “eurocentric”, arguing that Linnaeus never called for racist action, and did not use the word ‘race'”… Source:

30 juli 2020 kl 21:02

[Thanks for this comment but the commentator needs to sign with his/her correct first and last name or else it will be removed. We have this rule since May 2020. / Editor] I do agree that many Swedes believe themselves to be far less racist than they really are. That includes me. But please note that Carl Linnaeus did not invent the theory of races. He did, however, repeat what at the time was widespread misconceptions about race and supposed intrinsic qualities, which of course was bad and unscientific, especially considering his otherwise strict methodology. He did travel to Sapmi and wrote about the Sami people, mostly admiringly, in his book Diaeta Naturalis but he did not keep them as guinea pigs. The institute of racial biology also opened around 145 years after his death, which means he could not have worked there. That institute was indeed responsible for the terrible humiliation inflicted on the Samis you mention in your most interesting article. Ultimately, that institute closed after reaching the conclusion that the idea of races is unscientific. (This might be said to have been influenced by the kind of systematic thinking of how we draw dividing lines between groups of creatures that Linnaeus made popular. ) Blatantly racist, pseudoscientific research was also carried out at Karolinska Institutet in the same era and later. Many years ago, I read the St Barthelemy files in the National Archive and related printed material, such as the parliament debate transcriptions. It is clear that the whole enterprise was a bad economic deal for Sweden from the very start, not a source of wealth, as was hoped. The upkeep costs a lot, industrialization proved more profitable than production with slave labor and reduced the importance of places such as St Barths. At emancipation in the 1860s, the Swedish taxpayers had to pay the local slaveowners for the enslaved persons to be released. Many of the MP:s complained for years before emancipation about the cost and the upsetting fact that slave keeping was allowed in this part of the kingdom while it was abolished in mainland Sweden more than 600 years ago. One MP was particularly upset that “foreigners” ( almost all inhabitants of St Barths were from other countries) were allowed first to keep people as property, and then demand that Sweden compensate them for the loss of the enslaved persons. One way of… Read more »

Ulf ClaréusD
30 juli 2020 kl 14:04

This native of Cameroon, herr Fokumlah S. Nchungong, that is portrayed kneeling in the photo at the top of his article in a victorious “BLM” pose, raising and clenching his right arm and hand in a communist manner, signaling his landing and conquest of the Island of Gotland like an old colononialist and then has the audacity to ask: “Is institutionalized racism still a norm in Sweden?” A general answer, in my opinoin would be: Yes, we are all racists. From the day we were born, until doomsday come. But, for a Political Correct person, that is not so. He or she has learnt from early on not to be a “racist” and thus believes it’s only to claim the opposite. Yes, it is a norm in Sweden to think so, otherwise you may have a rough day, every day. I can assure you, that most of the immigrants we have been obliged to provide for, they are also racists, big time! At least a clear majority. Reportedly, most also have a very relaxed attitude towards truth, when being interrogated at arrival at our shores. This man from Cameroon dislikes not being treated here, as he says, the way some of his Swedish classmates at Östersunds Universitet were treated, when they had to travel to Uganda for a research project on water management. “On arrival, they were given police escorts, stewards, a lux hotel, and community care.” “I did my own research at Vattenfall in Uppsala. A zero treatment was offered! Why?”, he asks. OK, Mr Nchungong! But do you really think that most Swedes agree with the socialist authorities, media and corporate Elite, that for more than fifty years has acted as traitors against their own people by importing aliens, preferably from as far away as possible and of an ethnicity and religion that guaranties problems, not to speak of costs and high criminality. Some 30 percent of all people living here nowadays, were not born here, or of Swedish nordic stock, as was the case earlier in my childhood. Gallups show, at least 65 to 70 % do not endorse this multicultural mode that we now are heading into. And we have never been asked in a public referendum of any sort, if we really agree with media, socialist politicians and Useful Idiots. We now clearly discern a genocide of the Swedish people on the horizon. Thus, we… Read more »

Birgitta Palén
Reply to  Ulf Claréus
30 juli 2020 kl 17:14

Thank you❣️

Stanley Nchungong Fokumlah
Stanley Nchungong Fokumlah
Reply to  Ulf Claréus
30 juli 2020 kl 23:35

Your rethoric is full of fear and understanding at the same time. But you don’t have to be. The subject matter was on institutionalized Racism and bias which is a fact when intergration is concerned. Colonialism/ imperialism was not our desired destiny but it became a factual reality. The aftermath of those dehumanising and segregative actions are what we are trying to normalise based on the principles of human equality. I do appreciate and understand your stance. You have the absolute right to question my assertions, but lucid considerations could permit you to reflect on the “why” is this guy from Cameroun advocating on equality. Your providence and probability of birth gives you a dominant posture in dictating my fate in life. Put yourself in my shoes. Wouldn’t you adhere to fairness given the fact that we all have a clause in the declaration of human rights which gives us the notion of equality? Your answer will be as good as mine.