Dr. Jessica Rose: The harms of covid vaccines may be monumental

publicerad 16 juni 2021
- Aga Wilson
Dr Jessica Rose

COVID VACCINES ANALYZED. Dr. Jessica Rose is studying the damage caused by the mass vaccinations with mRNA injections against Covid-19. She has found that the damage became visible early in the vaccine campaign, but that the world community has still only seen a fraction of the actual damage caused by the injections.

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Dr. Jessica Rose, who is normally positive about vaccines, says that VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), the US database for vaccine injuries, has only managed to collect an estimated 1% of the total number of serious side effects from mRNA injections. VAERS is, unfortunately, a weak system when it comes to how side effect data is handled, says Rose. She, therefore, divided adverse reactions and side effects into several categories such as neurology, immunology, reproductive organs, and cardiovascular. In this way, she has created a warning system where it should be easier to see if and in that case how side effects can be linked to the mRNA vaccines.

Rose says that the so-called ”covid vaccines” are not actual vaccines but rather injections of genetic material. Several studies have been published, despite attempts to censor these, which show that the spike proteins themselves are very toxic to the body. These spike proteins are foreign proteins.

Rose hypothetically explains in the video why so many people who have received mRNA injections suffer from bleeding, blood clots, and immunological reactions.

Jessica Rose: The spike proteins are toxic and foreign to the body

Rose mentions a recent Japanese study that shows that the spike proteins do not stop at all locally at the injection site, ie in the muscle of one upper arm where the injection normally takes place. Instead, the proteins have been found in, among other things, the brain and ovaries, where they are most likely to cause damage. It is the protruding spike proteins that the virus uses to attach to human cells.

Indications that the spike proteins damage the female reproductive capacity are 10,000s of witnesses around the world where women tell about a disrupted menstrual cycle, children, and very old women who start menstruating (bleeding from the reproductive organs). Strangely enough, this phenomenon applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated women, which has led to the hypothesis that vaccinated people passively spread the spike proteins in society.

The fact that millions of people have been injected with these so-called ”mRNA vaccines” is to be considered a crime against humanity, Dr. Jessica Rose believes.

Vaccine researcher Byram Bridle also warned that spike proteins are spiked in the body far beyond the injection site. NewsVoice writes about it in the article (in Swedish): Study: mRNA vaccines are toxic and can cause blood clots, brain damage, and infertility.

SARS CoV-2. Foto: Dr Fred Murphy och Sylvia Whitfield, CDC.gov
Spike proteins as seen on the coronavirus, SARS CoV-2. Photo: Dr. Fred Murphy och Sylvia Whitfield, CDC

Dr. Jessica Rose asks the same question as many other academics, doctors, and laypeople, why do no authorities talk about the need for a strong natural immune system? Instead, all rules and recommendations are unanimously focused on mouth protection, lockdown, ”stay at home”, vaccines and social distancing say.

Israel is an example of horror – shaping a new society instead

Rose explains why the rules are so extremely strict in Israel in particular. She believes this is because Israel is already a controlled closed society with strong police and military infrastructure. It is easy to study and perform an mRNA experiment in Israel. In addition, Israel’s recently launched VAERS-like system does not work. Rather, they are used to obscure the damage of the mRNA injections, Rose says.

What scares Jessica Rose the most is that very many women have no doubt that their children will be vaccinated. They do everything to get their normal lives back, after a year of lockdown. Rose calls the approach extremely malicious. Children in Israel are now dying of myocarditis after being vaccinated. It is a disease that in principle never affects children.

The way out of the establishment’s malicious grip on people is about shaping a new society by building new communities based on new values, facts, good science, compassion, and joy of life, says Jessica Rose.

Interview: Aga Wilson | Text and video editing by Torbjörn Sassersson


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