Dr Mercola: 11 of 15 fully vaccinated got Covid-19

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publicerad 6 augusti 2021
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Dr Joseph Mercola. Pressfoto
Dr Joseph Mercola

It wasn’t supposed to happen: A fully vaccinated individual who thought they were protected from COVID-19 was diagnosed with the virus after attending a party with 14 other fully-vaccinated persons. So what happened?

In a commentary for The Baltimore Sun, epidemiologist Allan Massie describes how he expected to be immune to the virus, but came down with it anyway. He was “pretty miserable,” he said, and he didn’t wish it on anybody.

What Massie didn’t mention was that, as of July 31, 2021, at least 125,000 fully vaccinated Americans in 38 states had already come down with COVID — and 1,400 of them had died. The overall survival rate for persons getting COVID naturally is 99.74%.

By Dr. Mercola | Source: Mercola.com

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