Aga Wilson interviews Polly Tommey Producer of Vaxxed Documentary

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publicerad 22 september 2021
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Aga Wilson and Polly Tommy

Polly Tommey is one of the producers of the documentary Vaxxed. She was interviewed by Aga Wilson in Free Voice, a NewsVoice show. Tommey says the most impacting thing is to listen to the vaccine-stricken families and she has her own story to tell.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice a NewsVoice show | Text by Torbjorn Sassersson

It’s especially evident when parents see how the vaccinated kids get sick while the non-vaccinated remain healthy. One of Polly Tommey’s own children became extremely sick right after an MMR vaccination and was later diagnosed with autism. The kid turned from completely healthy to handicapped. The MMR vaccine is a scam industry, according to Polly Tommey.

She says that the documentary Vaxxed (the first documentary of two) was brushed away by the skeptics. They called the participating researchers and doctors quacks but with Vaxxed 2 they could not easily dismiss the documentary since it was based on the stories of the vaccine victims.

Polly Tommey suggests that more people should boycott all commercial activities and companies dealing with operations that are harmful to health.

The interview also discusses a Swedish documentary produced by the Swedish state television channel aired in three parts in Sweden. It was a hit piece that painted the vaccine skeptics and the vaccine victims as emotionally driven and marginalized individuals in society.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice a NewsVoice show | Text by Torbjorn Sassersson

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  • Just a few weeks before the mass vaccination began early this year, the Swedish Television, SVT, broadcast a series of so-called documentaries about vaccine opponents.

    It was a pure slander campaign.

    The victim was Linda Karlström who gave lectures on how dangerous vaccines can be and which toxic substances are normally included in vaccines, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde.

    Like Polly Tommey, she has a child who is seriously injured by vaccines.

    The journalists who had made these propaganda series had pretended being friends with Linda in order to gain her trust. They filmed everything and then they cut together film clips so that as negative a picture as possible would appear.

    These treacherous journalists began their dirty work several years before Corona hit the world. 

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