Youtube Director Anna Wikland Should not Support an Authoritarian Government Committing Crimes Against Humanity

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publicerad 25 november 2021
- Torbjörn Sassersson
Anna Wiklandand an aboriginal

MEDIA & OPINION. The thought surveillance organization Youtube, in Sweden under the lead of Anna Wikland, threaten the news organization NewsVoice for publishing a video by people assaulted by the Australian government forces.

Anna Wikland, Google’s Country Director for Sweden, has the responsibility to make sure the public domain is well informed about crimes against humanity.

NewsVoice published a video with tribes members in distress in order to raise awareness about an ongoing genocide of native people in Australia.

There is an unconfirmed report that in just one community 27 elders died within hours of receiving the mRNA vaccine while their families are not allowed to collect the bodies.

The deployment of a door-to-door vaccination campaign in the Pilbara was announced by Chris Dawson Vaccine Commander in Western Australia on November 20, 2021. He was flanked by WA Premier Mark McGowan and Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel.

”Rather than expect people to come to places such as this health campus, we know that some groups are staying in their homes. So that means we’ll be going door-to-door, and engaging with people.
And if they don’t take it up the first time, because they’ve got some doubts or a lack of information, we’ll sit down and engage with them. And that’s going to be intensive” – Chris Dawson



Military personnel reveals crimes against aboriginal communities

First-hand reports convey that the military in Australia is ordered to deploy in Australia to surround aboriginal communities and prevent tribes members from escaping.

Information is leaking out to the public. Christopher Gilfoyle from Brisbane writes that the efforts to inform the public is banned by Facebook. One leak states that the military feel sick about the ongoing crimes.

”They said a lot of colleagues, were disgusted as they had to watch the indigenous being forced down and held and jabbed by the medical military. A lot of them were disgusted at the orders given to them. I ask why didn’t you stand down. The military are supposed to protect the people not harm them against their will.”

”This is treason. So angry. This person is suffering PTSD” … ”They have been warned that if they disobey, ramifications will be implemented. Some military is breaking down.”

”They said because they are going to start with indigenous first and it will be covered up and silenced.”

”They can get themself in a lot of trouble now for telling me this. I am sick to the stomach. If they are doing this to indigenous by force what the hell are they going to do with suburbians?” – Christopher Gilfoyle

Youtube decided to take down the NewsVoice video produced by the natives of Australia, threatening NewsVoice for committing a ”Youtube crime” and Youtube is also preventing NewsVoice from publishing additional videos for 7 days. The video in question was embedded in a NewsVoice-article.

NewsVoice has republished the banned video on the free platform Odysee:

This is NewsVoice’ appeal to Youtube and Anna Wikland:

”This is a video from local Australian tribes members who express their concerns about being medicated with experimental injections even though they are not proven ill. They have observed how tribes members have gotten sick and died from the injections.

That is the main message, not any certain medical opinions that are also expressed within their rights to freely tell their thoughts and feelings.

Is it really Youtube’s role to threaten a news organization for publishing a video with people who have medical concerns and fears that they are wrongfully medicated by government forces?

Taking down this video will help an authoritarian government commit crimes against humanity.”

Anna Wiklandand an aboriginal
Anna Wikland and an Australian aboriginal. Photo: Google and

Anna Wikland must change Google’s policy

Anna Wikland, Google’s Country Director for Sweden, has the responsibility to change the company’s community guidelines. Anna Wikland has a key position to prevent crimes against humanity by letting news organizations freely inform the public about ongoing assaults.

We expect Anna Wikland to take adequate actions, restore the video on our NewsVoice channel on Youtube, and ensure the public domain that she does not silently comply with authoritarian governments committing crimes against humanity.

By Torbjorn Sassersson, editor and founder of NewsVoice


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