Dr. Naseeba Kathrada on the Surge of the Pfizer Syndrome and the Pandemic of the ”Vaccinated”

publicerad 23 juli 2022
- Guest writer
Dr Naseeba Kathrada

PFIZER SYNDROME. ”If you feel that you have changed or your body has changed, even in a small way, you may be experiencing Pfizer Syndrome”, writes Dr. Naseeba Kathrada. A long row of side effects and strange symptoms can be attributed to Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines, many health practitioners claim.

By Dr. Naseeba Kathrada (Dr Kat) at VUKA South Africa NPC, a medical doctor, and editor of Vuka News, as well as the founder of the Caring Healthcare Workers’ Coalition | This article was previously published on Substack

In a recent article, Dr Rob Verkerk, founder, executive & scientific director, at ANH-International writes ”Go on – you may have been in two minds – but that’s only because you’ve had a bad case of cognitive dissonance no thanks to all those terrible, twisted, conspiracy theorists!

Check out the official data for England from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) – and you’ll see clear evidence of why you need to get your jabs up-to-date. You’ll be over 13 times less likely to die from a death involving COVID-19. Your all-cause mortality risks, even, will be around two and a half times lower if you’re fully jabbed – isn’t that something of a bonus?

This is about official data from the UK, a country that started its jab roll out on 8 December 2020. The vaccination rate in the UK is at 75% ”fully” vaccinated.

Here in South Africa, our ”vaccination” rate is (apparently) 32% ”fully” vaccinated. I say apparently because a recent telegram survey indicated that up to 15% of individuals have fake jab certificates. Nonetheless, South African healthcare professionals and statisticians are fast realising that we are in a new pandemic, a pandemic of the boosted.

The Pfizer Syndrome

What is also evident is that Pfizer Document Syndrome is real. Presentations post jab of old, common diseases is now presenting very differently and in odd combinations.

Newly diagnosed hypertension is difficult to manage as the blood pressure is erratic. 24hr holster monitoring reveals unusual spikes and dips in the blood pressure. Systemic, painless herpes zoster (shingles) is atypical, but now common.

Bullous pemphigous, an uncommon pustular skin disease, is now a common discussion in several of my medical groups. The combination of skin lesions, not usually seen together is adding to the confusion, making the treatment approach challenging. Sudden adult deaths, in previously healthy individuals, are now common.

A local cardiologist’s first question to his patients is ”are you vaccinated?” This is because he has realized that the presentation in his jabbed unjabbed patients, even for simple chest pain, now means something completely different.

An ICU physician is busier now than she was during the peak of the delta wave. ”Strokes and heart attacks are all I’m seeing”, she told me.

All of these, and the combinations, can be found on the list of AEFI and AESIs released by Pfizer. This is Pfizer Syndrome (as it is also called).

Although many more doctors and health professionals are seeing the light, our new battle is just beginning. Just as we had to come together on our own, to discuss our personal experiences in managing C-19 patients, as there was no direction (besides isolate and vaccinate) from authorities, we have to come together again, to learn to manage this new surge of Pfizer Syndrome.

  • Many still are in denial about the havoc that this gene therapy has unleashed. Is it really cognitive dissonance or is it guilt?
  • Was it not these very same health professionals that encouraged their patients and family members to take the jab?

They say ”The best time to plant a tree, is 20yrs ago. The second best time – is NOW”. It’s never too late.

If you feel that you have changed or your body has changed, even in a small way, you may be experiencing Pfizer Syndrome.

If you, as a health professional, are seeing odd presentations of old diseases or if you are finding that your patients are not responding to the usual treatments, they may be suffering from Pfizer Syndrome.

Treating the Pfizer Syndrome

Many groups are discussing and successfully treating Pfizer Syndrome. Join us. Together, we can go back to being healers again and proudly uphold the oath we took to ”practice two things in your dealings with disease: either help or do not harm the patient”.

The entire idea of company-mandated vaccination policies and plans are unconstitutional, but will there be consequences? The Covid-19 injection products were never traditional type vaccines as the majority thought.

Many of us suspected something was wrong with this whole ”pandemic”. We were alert to the lies being told to us. But many placed their trust in what they were told by leaders in society. Have they been abandoned now and what happens next?

Business owners and shareholders face some very serious questions that need answers.

  • Did we make a huge mistake?
  • Was the idea of mandating vaccination of our entire work force the right thing to do?
  • Have we unleashed unintended consequences on our business?
  • Did we do proper business risk evaluations?
  • Did we look at all sides of the questions around managing Covid-19 in the workplace?
  • What happens now if we got that wrong?

For months, I have emphasised that the contract of employment is between the worker and the employer. Your Government is not a party to that contract. The State sets an environment within which business is conducted. That employment relationship was under severe attack from the unlawful mandatory vaccination policies.

The enforcement of those policies led to the firing of many thousands of good, hard-working, decent, law-abiding citizens. Fallout: We are not hearing about the effects on the health of those workers who did follow unlawful instructions.

I am saddened each day to read the personal heartbreak stories of jab injuries and deaths all over the world. A horrific picture is developing. A few health practitioners, labour specialists, lawyers and ordinary concerned citizens, are standing up on our behalf.

One active Telegram Groupis ”Vaccine Adverse Effects SA”. Here we find stories of family and friends affected by the Covid-19 vaccines. Sadly, our authorities have ignored all the warning signs!

By Dr. Naseeba Kathrada (Dr Kat)

Dr. Naseeba Kathrada a general practitioner in Durban, South Africa. She specialises is weight management. She is the owner and CEO of Dr Kat’s Weight Loss & Aesthetic centre. Kathrada founded the Covid Home Management Team (Durban) during the early months of the pandemic. Her group ‘I can make a difference’ won the case for Ivermectin to be unbanned in the South African High Court. Kathrada is founder of the group Caring Healthcare Workers Coalition and Director of the Newly formed VUKA SA NPO. She is the chairperson of the Health and Humanity committee of the World Council for Health.


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